We Are the Champions!

After 3 seasons together, we finally did it!  First time playing together, we lost in the Semis.  Second time, we lost in the Finals.  Third times a charm!!!!  It was a bit of a rough victory though.  The team we played in the Semis thought they were playing USVA ball.  It was very annoying.  I am a stickler for rules, but I do understand the difference between competitive ball and recreational sport.  This is a recreational league.  I try to do my best to call out our team mistakes and not be the guys that “get away with shit”.  Well, this team wasn’t having anything but perfection on every ball.  You are suppose to call your own fouls in this league, so I take real offense to an opponent stopping the play because they think what you did was illegal.

Long story short, there was trash talking by a few players on both teams and I wasn’t having any of it.  I’m not here for this bullshit.  I’m here to play, to win, but most to have fun.  This wasn’t fun.  I told a complete stranger, with a hand in his face, to “Shut the fuck up and play volleyball.”  I told this same thing to my teammate.  It was just ugly.  Words were flying and I heard “your mama would be proud of that mouth…” WHATEVER.  Grow up.  Luckily, we used the aggression and beat that team.  We took on a new team in the Finals and beat them in 2 games.  VICTORY!!  Abe, Jenny, Tim, Chris and Adam – Nice work Team!  Sounding like a 4th grade soccer Mom, I’m so proud of you! 

Then the best spoiler… We don’t win anything!?  We payed over $200 to play in this league and not even a $5 coupon to McDonald’s?  CCA will be getting an email from me.