I Know a RockStar

I met Jennifer Rene about 2 years ago through my friend Amanda.  They worked together for a few years.  Jenny was an everyday-office-worker.  Answered phones, made copies.  But she had a secret… she was a RockStar by night.  I had the pleasure of watching her spin at Vision in Chicago a year ago.  It was my first introduction to groupies.  We would walk by a group of people and they’d whisper “I think that’s Jennifer Rene?!”  I was like “WHAT? I’m with a celebrity“.  Here’s Jenny, Amanda, Me and her friend Jordan.


Here’s Jennifer Rene doing her thang!


Since then she’s played Amsterdam, Melbourne, China, Poland, Mexico… everywhere!  And she also sings!!  I have yet to see her sing, but I’ve seen a few performances from her trips.  Here’s her latest music video.

You can check her out on Facebook and iTunes too.  I know she’ll make it real big one day and take us all on the road with her!  Amanda can be your personal assistant and trainer.  I’ll be…. your chef and maid!
Lookin good Miss Jennifer Rene!!  I think we should have a video launch party at La Hacienda!

Sandy Gyners 1-0

We started outdoor volleyball last night.  I had our team spot held under Team Fuller.  That name wouldn’t do in this league.  With other names like “O Face”, “Schweaty Ballz Deep” and “Phockers”, we had to come up with something good. Leave it up to Tim.  So was born… Sandy Gyners.  Everytime I dove last night, I announced a “Sandy Gyner” alert.  I don’t think this one is going to get old.  Or maybe Tim and I are just that juvenile…

Anyway, we were victorious!  The other team wasn’t great, so it was a good first game for us to get used to playing in sand.  You are like a stick in the mud compared to indoor.  We only have one more round of games for indoor this week.  After that, we’ll focus on honing our outdoor skills and actually hitting the ball in the court!