A Peacock and a Turkey

I dusted off the Peacock and went bowling with Kyle and his friends this week.  The Peacock is my bowling ball.  Yes I have my own ball custom made for my hand.  One thing to know about me… If I am going to try any sport, I have to have my own gear… even if I’m not very good at it.  I usually get one good game and the rest suck.  Well, that held true for this outing and it happened to be my first game.  I was steadily getting spares in the begining and that was fine with me.  I never think I can strike anyway.  I wasn’t paying attention to anyone elses scores because the guys he bowls with usually strike thru most of their frames.  I got to the 10 frame and rolled a strike.  Sweet, I get 2 more balls.  Tossed one down the lane… strike again!  WTF?!  Could I really do this.  Ball #3 – STRIKE!!!!  TURKEY BABY! 


I had never had a turkey before!  This was my highest game I have ever bowled.  Before this it was in the 160 range against my dad in high school.  I beat him by 1 pin and it was a very proud day for me.  The icing on this cake was that I kicked Kyle’s ass!  We won’t talk about the scores of my other games.  I will say they were all over 100, but nothing close to this again.  I might have to retire now.