Fantasy Golf

Fantasy baseball, fantasy football… I have fantasy golf.  I was asked to join the group back in 2004 when a spot opened up.  Exit Simpson, Enter Fuller.  (insert joke here, Hickner)  There are just 4 of us and at one point we all used to work together at Golden Rule.  When GR sold off their Life insurance division to OneAmerica, Scott and Nate moved, while David and I stayed.  Then as luck would have it, I needed a job last year, and my boys came through for me and that’s how I ended up at OneAmerica.  Now David is all alone.  Don’t worry David, I’ll start sending you monthly job postings like they did to me for 4 years.

Here’s how the fantasy golf works.  First, it’s only for the 4 majors and we have to draw to see who goes first for each one.  Here’s our sophisticated random selection process.  Notice the small numbers in the corners.


Whoever gets #1 picks what tournament they want to select first for, then we each take our turn at our Major selection.  I was third and picked the PGA tournament to select first…  My chance at having Tiger as a pick will have to wait.

After that, we start picking golfers for the Major for that week.  This week is the Masters.  I’m sure there is a name for our selection method, but basically we go 1-4, then reverse and go 4-1 until we all have 5 golfers.  It’s a very selective process and no one shares their “prospectus” top 25 with each other.  We used to do it over email, but recently have been doing the live draft.  Today’s selection process was live at Hooters, hence the wetnaps in the photo. 

Here’s the crew that I got.  Mr. Phil Mickelson, Ernie “Whitey from South Africa” Els, Sergio “I hope I don’t blow up in round 2” Garcia, Luke “I sucked last year, but not again”, and Fred “I made 23 cuts and missed last year, so not again” Couples.  Basically, whichever of us has the lowest overall strokes by Sunday wins the event.  There are some special rules if your guy misses the cut or withdrawals… that usually leads to your guy getting +20 or something.  So if that happens to you, you pray it happens to everyone else so the scores aren’t drastically different.  I haven’t done too bad in my 4 year term.  Last year I finished 2nd for the season and had a finish place in each 1 through 4 spots.  I’m also 2nd place overall, so I need to step up my game this year…