Stop Reminding Me!

Since I work at the company that supports and helps run the Indy Mini Marathon, everyday I walk in I get to see this sign.


Seriously, I don’t need to see that.  I know it’s coming!   I don’t train for my races.  I don’t have that much desire to I guess.  I usually just add a mile or 2 to my normal running schedule and seem to do ok.  I used my brother as my one-day trainer last year to make my goal of under 2 hours.  You can read his story here. We did it and I don’t need to be that fast again for quite some time.

I haven’t set my goal for this year yet.  I think I need to set a pre-goal of starting to run again!  I’ve been slacking lately and maybe have been running once a week.  I manage to find other productive things that take up my time, but I think I’m about out of excuses.  The Komen race this weekend should get me back on track.  Let’s hope the rain holds off.