The Weekend of Timmy

My buddy Tim’s birthday was this week.  Since his lady friend was planning a surprise party for him on Friday, I had to keep the secret and go along with the other plans he was making.   Our birthday celebration started Thursday night with drinks after volleyball since neither of us had to work on Good Friday.  Our fellow volleyball teammates and some other friends showed up too.  We all did a good job keeping Tim thinking he was going to Hairbangers ball on Friday.  Good thing none of us slipped up because Tim didn’t have a clue!  Here’s the birthday boy.


Tim invited us all to go to the Pacer game with them Saturday night.  We met at Coaches downtown for some pre-game pops then headed over to some awesome lower level seats.  Thanks for the tickets Tim! 


I think I’ve spent more time with Tim in these 3 days than I have in the whole 8 months I’ve known him!  Still luvya buddy but I really don’t need to see you until Thursday now 🙂  Happy Birthday Tim!  Welcome to the 31 Club!