A Window to the World

I took a week break from the manual labor scene, but decide my next home improvement project was going to be my front door.  Living in a condo, you have little options, but i’ve surveyed the community and found a few I liked.  I’ve been waiting for some Sunday sales and Lowe’s finally had a decent looking storm door in the paper for $100.  Sweet.  I went over to check it out.  Once I got there, I quickly realized this was low end in the product line and could practically pick it up with one hand.  Crap.  I’m in the mood, ready to buy, alright, give the deluxe model.  The Lowe’s guy and I got it to my car to realize it barely fit.  I literally had to sit under it while driving home.

I called up Papa Rick to see if he some time this week to help me out.  Just like a good friend, he gave up a few hours last night to help out.  I did my homework the night before by taking off the old door.  Once I took it off, I realized I didn’t take a picture!  Doah!  Here it is in the trash.


Rick came over and the box says “6 easy steps”.  Not sure who did the advertising on that because the directions clearly had over 20 steps.  It took us about 2 hours, 10 shims, 1 broken drill bit, but we got it.  Here’s the final product.


I love it!  Thank you so much Rick for helping me!  I realized I lived with the other one for so long because I never had to look at it.  All my neighbors did but not me.  While Rick and I were admiring our work, I said “It’s so pretty!” and my neighbor happened to be outside and she agreed.  I told her I did it all for her.

P.S. Yes, I blurred out my address.  Didn’t want to invite any unneeded stalkers to my doorstep.

EDIT:  Forgot to mention my dream connected to this story.  Kyle and I were on vacation and ready to pack up the car to go home.  No clue where we were, but I told him to go get the car and I’d get the luggage down the stairs.  Instead of carrying it down, I went to a different hotel room door, took it off the hinges, and started carrying it out.  I didn’t notice that people were in there sleeping until Matthew Lillard (a.k.a. Shaggy or creepy Scream movie dude) started chasing me down the hallway in his boxers while I’m running with the door over my head.  I woke up before he could get me.