I Know a RockStar

I met Jennifer Rene about 2 years ago through my friend Amanda.  They worked together for a few years.  Jenny was an everyday-office-worker.  Answered phones, made copies.  But she had a secret… she was a RockStar by night.  I had the pleasure of watching her spin at Vision in Chicago a year ago.  It was my first introduction to groupies.  We would walk by a group of people and they’d whisper “I think that’s Jennifer Rene?!”  I was like “WHAT? I’m with a celebrity“.  Here’s Jenny, Amanda, Me and her friend Jordan.


Here’s Jennifer Rene doing her thang!


Since then she’s played Amsterdam, Melbourne, China, Poland, Mexico… everywhere!  And she also sings!!  I have yet to see her sing, but I’ve seen a few performances from her trips.  Here’s her latest music video.

You can check her out on Facebook and iTunes too.  I know she’ll make it real big one day and take us all on the road with her!  Amanda can be your personal assistant and trainer.  I’ll be…. your chef and maid!
Lookin good Miss Jennifer Rene!!  I think we should have a video launch party at La Hacienda!

Sandy Gyners 1-0

We started outdoor volleyball last night.  I had our team spot held under Team Fuller.  That name wouldn’t do in this league.  With other names like “O Face”, “Schweaty Ballz Deep” and “Phockers”, we had to come up with something good. Leave it up to Tim.  So was born… Sandy Gyners.  Everytime I dove last night, I announced a “Sandy Gyner” alert.  I don’t think this one is going to get old.  Or maybe Tim and I are just that juvenile…

Anyway, we were victorious!  The other team wasn’t great, so it was a good first game for us to get used to playing in sand.  You are like a stick in the mud compared to indoor.  We only have one more round of games for indoor this week.  After that, we’ll focus on honing our outdoor skills and actually hitting the ball in the court! 

Baby, Will You Rub My Belly? I Ate Too Much Chicken.

Aren’t those the words every girl wants to hear?  My friend Tim made the mistake of telling Kyle that there is an all-you-can-eat wing buffet at a restaurant near where I live.  As luck would have it, it’s $5 pitcher night too.  We went last night and I had a nice wrap with broccoli on the side.  Here’s Kyle with his trophy.


Boys, take note…  Metabolism slows with age.  If you aren’t careful, you could end up like one of these guys.



Cockroach Feces

Ever since I high school, I get a sinus infection every spring and fall.  I blame it on the seasons changing but have never had a clue what really caused it.  It always coincided with my running season too.  Never got me off to a good start.  I’ve also had this “tapeworm” issue, as Kyle likes to call it.  I’ve had this for quite some time too.  I’ll scratch my arm or back and after 5 minutes, it looks like I came over on the boat Amistad.  With seasons changing and summer coming up, I want all of this under control.

I did some self-diagnosing on the internet and quickly found my “tapeworms” to actually be called Dermatographia.  It said it was allergen related so I found a dermatologist.  Derma – Derma, thought I was at the right place.  Wrong.  They gave me a patch test that covered about 29 household chemicals.  I had to wear 3 big patches on my back for 2 days then wait 2 more for the results.  I had zero reactions.  Off to an Allergist.

The Allergist gave me the prick test.  Get your minds out of the gutter. I’m referring to shots.  I went through a list of medical history, foods I eat, family allergans, name of my first dog… it was extensive.  After 40 shots in my back, we moved on to shooting the 15 that did react into my arm.  Drum roll please… I am allergic to cats, dogs, pollen, mold, dust mites, every tree known to man, ragweed and cockroach feces.  Yes.  I said it.  Who knows where that comes from, but it’s a good thing I don’t have an intense love for cockroach feces.

So, the recommendation is to get on Zyrtec everyday.  My doctor said everything is histamine related.  I’m not keen on taking synthetic medication as a daily routine, but I agreed to try it for 1 month, along with some homeopathic remedies of a nettie pot and hypo-allergenic pillows.  If you’re lucky, I’ll take a video of the nettie pot.  It’s like a weird magic trick.

Stop Reminding Me!

Since I work at the company that supports and helps run the Indy Mini Marathon, everyday I walk in I get to see this sign.


Seriously, I don’t need to see that.  I know it’s coming!   I don’t train for my races.  I don’t have that much desire to I guess.  I usually just add a mile or 2 to my normal running schedule and seem to do ok.  I used my brother as my one-day trainer last year to make my goal of under 2 hours.  You can read his story here. We did it and I don’t need to be that fast again for quite some time.

I haven’t set my goal for this year yet.  I think I need to set a pre-goal of starting to run again!  I’ve been slacking lately and maybe have been running once a week.  I manage to find other productive things that take up my time, but I think I’m about out of excuses.  The Komen race this weekend should get me back on track.  Let’s hope the rain holds off.

The Weekend of Timmy

My buddy Tim’s birthday was this week.  Since his lady friend was planning a surprise party for him on Friday, I had to keep the secret and go along with the other plans he was making.   Our birthday celebration started Thursday night with drinks after volleyball since neither of us had to work on Good Friday.  Our fellow volleyball teammates and some other friends showed up too.  We all did a good job keeping Tim thinking he was going to Hairbangers ball on Friday.  Good thing none of us slipped up because Tim didn’t have a clue!  Here’s the birthday boy.


Tim invited us all to go to the Pacer game with them Saturday night.  We met at Coaches downtown for some pre-game pops then headed over to some awesome lower level seats.  Thanks for the tickets Tim! 


I think I’ve spent more time with Tim in these 3 days than I have in the whole 8 months I’ve known him!  Still luvya buddy but I really don’t need to see you until Thursday now 🙂  Happy Birthday Tim!  Welcome to the 31 Club!


A Peacock and a Turkey

I dusted off the Peacock and went bowling with Kyle and his friends this week.  The Peacock is my bowling ball.  Yes I have my own ball custom made for my hand.  One thing to know about me… If I am going to try any sport, I have to have my own gear… even if I’m not very good at it.  I usually get one good game and the rest suck.  Well, that held true for this outing and it happened to be my first game.  I was steadily getting spares in the begining and that was fine with me.  I never think I can strike anyway.  I wasn’t paying attention to anyone elses scores because the guys he bowls with usually strike thru most of their frames.  I got to the 10 frame and rolled a strike.  Sweet, I get 2 more balls.  Tossed one down the lane… strike again!  WTF?!  Could I really do this.  Ball #3 – STRIKE!!!!  TURKEY BABY! 


I had never had a turkey before!  This was my highest game I have ever bowled.  Before this it was in the 160 range against my dad in high school.  I beat him by 1 pin and it was a very proud day for me.  The icing on this cake was that I kicked Kyle’s ass!  We won’t talk about the scores of my other games.  I will say they were all over 100, but nothing close to this again.  I might have to retire now.


Vagina, Vagina, Vagina

Varsity Blues said it best.  “Penis Penis Penis, Vagina Vagina Vagina”  Except in this case, it’s 0 penis and 3 va-jj’s.  My brother and his wife are expecting their 3rd child this summer.  Yesterday they got to find out the sex of kid #3.  Here’s his blog post quote “GIRL. Apparently, having a penis doesn’t automatically qualify you to make a penis.”  I told him to name her Mark and see if “something” starts growing.

I’m in denial over another niece.  I’m going to buy Kim all sorts of blue baby gifts and penis shaped objects and see if I can’t increase this 10% window of a boy to 50%.

Fantasy Golf

Fantasy baseball, fantasy football… I have fantasy golf.  I was asked to join the group back in 2004 when a spot opened up.  Exit Simpson, Enter Fuller.  (insert joke here, Hickner)  There are just 4 of us and at one point we all used to work together at Golden Rule.  When GR sold off their Life insurance division to OneAmerica, Scott and Nate moved, while David and I stayed.  Then as luck would have it, I needed a job last year, and my boys came through for me and that’s how I ended up at OneAmerica.  Now David is all alone.  Don’t worry David, I’ll start sending you monthly job postings like they did to me for 4 years.

Here’s how the fantasy golf works.  First, it’s only for the 4 majors and we have to draw to see who goes first for each one.  Here’s our sophisticated random selection process.  Notice the small numbers in the corners.


Whoever gets #1 picks what tournament they want to select first for, then we each take our turn at our Major selection.  I was third and picked the PGA tournament to select first…  My chance at having Tiger as a pick will have to wait.

After that, we start picking golfers for the Major for that week.  This week is the Masters.  I’m sure there is a name for our selection method, but basically we go 1-4, then reverse and go 4-1 until we all have 5 golfers.  It’s a very selective process and no one shares their “prospectus” top 25 with each other.  We used to do it over email, but recently have been doing the live draft.  Today’s selection process was live at Hooters, hence the wetnaps in the photo. 

Here’s the crew that I got.  Mr. Phil Mickelson, Ernie “Whitey from South Africa” Els, Sergio “I hope I don’t blow up in round 2” Garcia, Luke “I sucked last year, but not again”, and Fred “I made 23 cuts and missed last year, so not again” Couples.  Basically, whichever of us has the lowest overall strokes by Sunday wins the event.  There are some special rules if your guy misses the cut or withdrawals… that usually leads to your guy getting +20 or something.  So if that happens to you, you pray it happens to everyone else so the scores aren’t drastically different.  I haven’t done too bad in my 4 year term.  Last year I finished 2nd for the season and had a finish place in each 1 through 4 spots.  I’m also 2nd place overall, so I need to step up my game this year…