Vegas Odds?

Normally, Vegas takes your money.  You’re lucky to break even and really really lucky to leave with cash in your wallet.  My buddy, we’ll call him “Pete”, went to Vegas for his yearly NCAA kickoff with old college frat bros and friends.  They go Wednesday thru Sunday.  Normally he’s balls to the wall excited… apparently I killed that with my text on Wednesday when he landed… scroll back to my Wednesday… pink slip day.  I knew “Pete” would be gone, so I text him to let him know I was safe and what was going down at work.  This sent him into a mild tailspin.  He was able to confirm, in a very short time, he was also safe and get on with his trip. 

He does have a rule to not bet on Purdue since he’s an alum, but something struck his curiousity as he sat in a sports book on the strip.  I know some things on gambling, but got an enlightening education today.  When a game is only a 1 point spread, the sports books don’t do a money line bet.  The Purdue-Washington game ended up being a 1 point spread.  Somehow… the money line bet was $240.  “Pete” noticed this and rounded up a few friends to make sure his logic wasn’t skewed by the oxygen being pumped into the casino.  Turns out, they all agreed that it was a once in a lifetime Vegas fuck up and a few got some bets in…. right before one guy was at the cage, a casino worker came up and said “take game” blah blah “off the grid”.  So, Purdue won and those that made it, were able to cash in and make some easy money.

“Pete” being the smart guy that he is, was still trying to figure out how this happened.  His logic makes since to me.  The game in Indy time was 5:40pm.  That’s 2:40 Vegas time.  Could some worker actually have accidentally typed in the game time and made a few alums alot of money????  We’ll never know!