Wheel of Fortune

I haven’t had very many vivid dreams lately, but last night I did.  I had a few, but this one seems to make the least sense.  Pat Sajak and Vanna White showed up to my condo around 3 am and let themselves in while I was upstairs sleeping… naked in my guest bedroom.  They knocked on the door and said “Hey we just wanted to stop by and say hi.”  I acted like I knew them and knew they were coming.  I said “Great, give me your cell phone numbers so I can call you later after I’m ready.”  They both gave stories as to why they didn’t have a number or even if they gave one to me, I wouldn’t be able to reach them.  So I said, “So how do I get on the show then, just go down to the studio and stand in line?  Anything special to get me in?”  Vanna says, “Nope you’ll have to wait in the hopper like everyone else.”   Guess it doesn’t pay to know to big dogs… even if it’s fake.

No clue where this came from.  Haven’t watched that show in quite some time.  Can’t relate it to food or drinking… I had steak stir fry with milk and 2 cocktails last night while watching the movie Australia.  No referece to WoF or those 2 in that movie.  Oh well.  We’ll see if I get something fun tonight. 

FYI – Australia is a phenominal movie.  For me, it ranks up there with the greats like The Patriot or Dances with Wolves.  Definitely see it in HD too.