Sabbatical 2009 – Not for now

My company annouced a 5-7% budget cut in January this year.  Everyone’s been mildly freaking out since then.  Since I’m low man on the totem pole, I told myself to expect to get sweeped up in the cuts, and if it didn’t happen, I was lucky. 

Today was the big day.  I arrived to work and found a scary old bald man sitting at our floor’s reception area where no one ever sits.  His look screamed Security because of his one piece of paper with a list and temporary work badge.  I went over to my co-workers to explain how this guy was creeping me out and to see if they’d noticed him since they sit on the other side of the floor.  They had and said that they thought one of our BAs got escorted out.  Good news for me, bad news for that lady.

We had a department meeting to get some information and luckily only 2 people from my IT division got released.  Much better than the 25 headcount last time.  So, looks as if I’m safe for now.  I had mixed feelings about this happening.  On one side, if I got let go, I could take severance, a few weeks off with pay (not 14 weeks like last time), travel again and just find a new job when I was ready!  I had a blast last year and was looking forward to potentially doing that again.  Or, I would be greatful I have a job and don’t have to go through the interviewing again even though it wasn’t so bad last time.  Guess I’ll settle in the middle and take a short trip soon to refresh myself before my next big project starts.

Back to work…