A New Meaning To Cube Decor

I happened to go to a co-workers desk today a different way than I usually do.  Look what I found sunning it’s self near a window.


Introducing… Johnson.  Yes, he has a name.  And a story.  Apparently, Cinco de Mayo 2008 got a little out of hand here.  Johnson was made to wear a sombrero.  According to a co-worker, he didn’t like it.  My source says, “It was after that humiliation he took on a noticeable droop.  An elaborate rigging system involving beads was created to harness his angle and correct his posture.”  Before the engineering and creativity…


Today, he’s tied to a stake with a string.  Not sure if that’s more humilating than the sombrero?  At least he’s erect now and is able to cast his proud shadow on the world.  (See top right corner of this picture.)