I’ve been M.I.A. from the blog for awhile because by laptop died on me last week.  I just bought a $50 mouse for my mac notebook!  I mean, just as in 2 weeks ago!  Annoying!  I took the mac to the Apple store here in town.  I do appreciate the online “call ahead seating” reservation system they have going.  Saves me time from mulling around the mall trying NOT to shop while you wait for your turn.  Once I got the Genius Bar, it took the girl about 7 minutes to tell me that it would cost me $610 to send it to Apple and they’ll fix whatever is wrong with it.  Hmmmm, let’s see.

1.  The notebook is old.

2.  The notebook was free.

3.  The notebook weighs the same as a small child.

I think I’ll just get a new one.  I weighed my options of getting a new Mac over $1000, or just going back to basics and getting a laptop for under $610.  Since I basically use it for iTunes, pictures, blogging and basic MS products, I decided on a windows based laoptop.  Ta-dah…


It’s copper!  And cute!  I went with the 14 inch screen instead of the 16.  I felt like there was too much palm room on the keyboard.  It’s wireless, with web-cam and light scribe DVD labelling.  Plus if I travel with it, it will be easier to carry and get around with.  I just got it yesterday so I have yet to do much on it.  I’ll have to spend some time loading all my accessory software (iTunes, Garmin, etc) this weekend so I can get back to it!