Prank Wars

I’ve pulled some pranks in my days.  So did my brother if I remember correctly (VHS tape across the street)!  For me, my prime time was in college.  I lived below a group of 3 guys that me and my girlfriends got to be friends with.  Our doors were always unlocked, so both apartments were at risk and you never knew when you’d get hit.  They would repeatedly turn off our hot water until we nailed a big blanket over our fuse box.  They stole our couch once (my parents came the next day and were quite confused).  A really good one they did was to open up 40 rolls of toliet paper in my roommates bedroom AND turn all of her furniture towards the walls so she couldn’t open any drawers.  We used toliet paper out of a trash bag for weeks… hey, it was college and we were poor!  Couldn’t let good TP go to waste!

My favorite one that I pulled on them had to do with their pantry.  During one party they had, I ripped off all the labels on their can goods.  Pears, beans, beets, soup… didn’t matter.  I took them all off!  Whatever they opened that day at that time, they had to eat!  It was great!  Who doesn’t like beets for breakfast?

All my pranks have been small scale, but maybe some day they’ll increase to this size…