The Bast…chelor

Where do I begin?!  I’m a huge reality TV show fan.  I prefer the ones that are adventure or competition based (here I come Amazing Race), not modeling or love shows.  However, I have routinely watched the Bachelor and have routinely been disappointed with the outcome, but for some reason, continue to watch it each season.

Last year, a group of about 10 girls got together each Monday to watch the Bachelorette with our own color commentary.  It’s quite fun because we all have our favorites and pick on each other when someone’s person does something stupid.  Last year we even played a points-based game and if your person cried or did a stupid talent, you lost 5 points.  Good thing we didn’t do that this time because we certainly didn’t have enough point categories to cover what happened this season.

Last night was the Finale.  K was the only one who wanted Molly to win.  Here she is rubbing it in our faces with her sign she made.  If this had audio, you’d hear her say “Suck it Bitches!”  Classic.  Notice Amanda… she’s so mad, she won’t even face the camera.


The girls have all been reading the message boards about this “hoax” of a show.  If you haven’t and want to, here’s a good spot to start. This guy says he has Hollywood connections and knows the scoop.  After reading it today, seems that he really does.  So the girls all had an idea of what was going to happen tonight.  I didn’t and I was livid at what happened. 

I won’t soap box on Jason and his poor choice of decision making skills (contractually, engagement, whatever).  Like RealitySteve says, we may never really know if this whole thing was planned or not.  What I will rant about is how ABC started this program for people to find true love and then makes a mockery out of an engagement for two people.  My definition of engagement is that 2 people ARE going to get married.  They aren’t taking a next step to figuring out if it will work.  That’s called dating.  I’m not a romantic sap by any stretch, but this really ticked me off.  Of course, people can change their minds.  I’d rather see that then divorce.  But the editing and marketing strategies employed by ABC lured us all down a ridiculous path for 2 months.  Hell, they announced DeAnna on show 1 and gave her 3 minutes of air time on the final show saying “I made a mistake” only to find out she was just making a statement, not asking Jason to do anything.  If they did script this whole ending, they are hearless individuals.

Bravo to ABC and their promo teams!  You got your ratings this time, but they won’t get mine next time.  I’m done with the Bachelor.  The “most dramatic ever”, the ex who makes a mistake comes back, the jilted lover twist… ain’t gonna work again.  Good news is, we’ll soon forget about Jay and Mol (Bleauh… vomit) just like we forgot about all these poor saps.