Worst Day Ever!

Ok, maybe not EVER, but nothing seemed to work in my favor today.  

Let’s talk about volleyball first.  Tonight was the semi-finals and finals.  We were missing half (3 people) of our team tonight, so we got 2 subs and felt pretty sure we’d be able to handle any team that came our way.  Our semi game was against a very strong undefeated team.  We took it to 3 games, but were victorious.  It was still a close one in the 3rd game but we rallied back from 5-11 to win at 21.  SWEET!  Bring on the next team.
Finals… I hadn’t seen the team we played before.  I went up to do the rock-paper-scissor tip off.  For those that don’t know… if you win the tip off, you choose “serve” or “side” and pick what you want to happen.  They won, and he said “You serve”.  HE CHOSE THE OPTION TO DECIDE THE SERVE.  I said, “We want this side.”  It was the side they just won on… I know game play folks.  So we are all set up ready to go and they challenge the RPS tip off!!!  What the FUCK?!  Are you kidding me?!  They gave the argument that the person they chose to do the RPS didn’t know what he was doing… ahh, on my team, you’d be cut.  Sooooo trying to be a friendly opponent, I said fine.  We switched sides and the game play commenced.  We schooled them the first game.  I think we got overconfident and the second game, they beat us by 6.  Third game….. We were down the whole time.  I was up to serve at 10-20…. game ends at 21.  We made a good effort, but came up short.  I think it ended 16-21.  $#%&^*#$^$$%^.  I really really really wanted to win.  Not for me but for my team and I really mean that.  We have progressed so much that I felt like this was our shot.  I didn’t want to talk to anyone after.  I was visibly pissed.  I barely said bye to anyone, but Kristin offered to go get drinks afterward.  Twist my arm…
We headed to our beloved Lucky’s only to notice the place was pitch black.  A little hand written sharpee marker note was on the door “Lucky’s is temporarily closed.  We will reopen soon.  Happy St. Pat’s Day.”  WTF #2?  Off to Hooters because it’s just across the parking lot.  (Kristin grabbed an application by the way.)  We get to Hooters and the Michigan v. Purdue game is on.  We are away and down 11 with 5 minutes to go.  WTF#3?  I didn’t think we had this game in the bag, but I was hoping if we were down, it was early on and rallied back.  Then I see Robbie playing and blow a gasket.  SAVE HIM.  I know 1 player can completely change the dynamic on the court, but we aren’t even to March yet.  SAVE HIM.  Oh well, guess that’s why I’m not the head coach and just a white collar worker.  Boilers lost. Boo.
In summary, all I gained tonight was a bruised ego, a $10 bar tab and a Jagermeister keychain.  My teammate Chris put things into perspective for me… He txt after the match and said “Last year semis, this year finals… it’s ours next year”.  That made that little fire in my competitive nature ignite again.  Til next Thursday… no time off to next season!

I’m jealous!

My brother is in Costa Rica playing with monkeys…  Check out his stories. 

Monkeys are one of my favorite animals and I actually know a woman that had a monkey when she was a kid.  Her father was stationed over seas and shipped them home a monkey.  It ended up with an infection and died because of them giving it baths.  Guess the baths got rid of the monkey’s natural skin defenses against illness.  Anyway, her dad shipped a new one home!  Who gets TWO monkeys?!  Not fair!  I couldn’t get my dad to buy me a trampoline as a kid!

#21 Purdue 81 #Nothing IU 67

After my race, I raced home to get ready to head up to West Lafayette for the highly anticipated Purdue vs IU basketball game.  I say “highly anticipated” lightly.  We all know IU doesn’t stand a chance this year.  I would prefer to beat them when they are actually decent so the bragging could mean more, but a win is a win.  My group headed to our beloved Harry’s for our own pre-game rituals.

Since I was hoping for a landslide victory, I expected Calf-Tat to get some great playing time towards the end of the game.  I even tried to emulate my favorite player.
Well, my boy only got 12.8 seconds and 0 shots.  Maybe next time.  The exciting part was as we were watching for Calf-Tat to go in the game, we noticed him hand-signaling with someone in front of us in the pit.  This guy comes up to us after the game and it turns out, it’s his brother.  We told him we are just fans of #55 and know he doesn’t play much but appreciate him being on the team.   I showed him my tribute to #55 and he takes a picture with my calf-tat.  Awesome!  
Any bets on how long it will take me to get this thing off now?!

Polar Bear Run 2009

Is it unpatriotic to go the bathroom while the National Anthem is playing?!  I’m downtown in Indy with a few minutes before my 5 mile race was to begin.  I always use the “facilities” before my races so I was just keeping with my normal pre-race routine.  Except this time, I was literally using the john when the National Anthem started playing.  Talk about an awkward exit from a port-a-john.  Here’s the start line.

You head south east of the city and then loop back around to run by the mighty Lucas Oil Stadium.  After that it’s almost a straight shot to the finish line.  My only complaint is that the 5k runners merge with the 5 milers at mile 4.  How unfair!  They all are crankin’ a lot faster than me because I had 2 more miles on my legs.  Oh well, my green bib was cooler than their yellow bibs!
I don’t have any cool running stats like my bro, so here’s what I can offer… I ate 30 cheerios, drank 1 glass of milk, ran 5 miles for a finishing time of 43:20.  Good enough for me on a 30 degree day.  
Oh, on my drive to the race, I saw 2 policemen carrying about 8 Samauri swords and other odd looking weapons from an apartment on Meridian.  Wish I knew more about that story!  Off to watch my Boilers beat the Loo-Loo-Loo-Loosiers!
EDIT:  The company that sponsored my race sent me some stats.  I’ll get my geeky Garmin stats working soon, but for now here’s some more numbers for you.  “There were 64 finishers in the Female 30 to 34 age group and 846 finishers in the race. Your overall finish place was 326 and your age group finish place was 8.”

#21 Purdue 72 – #5 MSU 54

That’s what I’m talking about!!!!!!!!!!  Pha–nom–in–al!  The energy at Mackey the second half was just a great as it was for the first half of the Duke game, but with a better ending!  We did great.  We looked like the team we were at the end of last year.  Let’s just carry it though to March Madness now!  (and to their home court in March)


I didn’t like Hummel starting, but I rationalized it as a mind game with MSU.  If they saw him not start, maybe they’d see us as weak and get a jump on the game.  Hummel did play a bit too much for my taste at the end of the game.  We were up by 10-15 points and 4 minutes to go…. take him out!  That is notoriously when something bad might happen. 

One of my new favorites, Bobby “Buckets” Riddell, made his signature firing shot that pumps up the student section.  Normally you have to dunk, make a big 3… something substantial.  Not with this kid.  Any shot he makes brings energy into the crowd like no other player on our team.  But, my Subway-sub-of-the-game love goes to Calf Tat, Chris Reid.  Hang in there Chris!  I feel a field goal in your future!

Interior Design by Natalee

I’m always looking for some new way to spice up my condo.  Problem is projects cost money and money doesn’t grow on trees!  I redid my downstairs bathroom on my sabbatical last year.  For a mere $400, I stripped the wallpaper, textured and painted the walls, added some new accessories and a faucet… brand new bathroom!  Here’s the finished product. 


Of course, I didn’t take a before picture but let me tell you, it was boring tan wallpaper with a leaf boarder.  How I lived with it for 5 years… I have no idea.  My next big project is the florescent lights in 3 of my rooms.  I’ve only rewired my light switches and tried to wire a fan… I’ll need to leave that job to someone else.  What next?

I’ve been trying to warm up the master bedroom and was toying with new paint or new bedspread.  It’s hard to put money down for new stuff when your old stuff is still good, but I’m just tired of it.  And speaking of tired, I’m getting old and don’t sleep well these days.  My windows face directly west and it’s a flood of sunshine bright and early.  So I combined this need for more shade with my attempt to updated the master.  I already shelled out money for expensive dual motion cellular shades when I bought the place… what could I come up with?  Before…. DSC00946.jpg



Mission accomplished for $60.  I have great deep window seat ledges in some rooms.  I didn’t want to lose that, so I opted for shower curtain rods that extend to the width you need.  I pushed them all the way back to the current shade and added chocolate textured panels that block 99% of the light.  I pinned them to a length so they pool nicely on the ledge, and presto… I got exactly what I wanted!  Too bad I don’t get to sleep in until Sunday this week!

No Hummel at Home

It was another non-Hummel game for Purdue.  But this time, we got the victory!  Purdue 61, Penn State 47.  It seemed like we hadn’t been to a home game forever, and turns out it kind of was a long time… January 31st!  With only 4 home games left, I’m starting to get sad already!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the road trips to Boiler country.  Well, except last night.  On the way there we about got washed away by a monsoon.  People were pulling over but we kept trucking in the Cavalier.  On the way home, we stopped at DQ.  Me and the car about got swept away by tornado-sized winds AND we think some rabid animal got stuck to Sara’s door because weird noises were coming from it the entire way home.  Or maybe that was what she ate from DQ.  I’m not sure.

Colorado Adventure Day 4 – Are we done yet?!

No time to rest!!!  Last day in Colorado… what haven’t we done yet?  Oh yea, hiking!  Since I’d stolen my brother away from his family for a few days, we did a family event today.  We drove through Boulder and hit Flagstaff trail.  We had a crew!  4 adults, 2 kids, 1 soon-to-be-kid (Kim’s not mine), and 2 dogs.  We headed up a trail until we got to a part that had some really large rocks to climb on.  We played with the kids and the dogs for a bit and enjoyed some scenery. 


I used to say “Rocks and trees… they all look the same”.  That was back in my prissy years when I thought this stuff was stupid.  Now I can’t get enough!  We stopped for a group photo op, then headed back to the car. 


Many many many thanks to the Fuller’s of Colorado!  Brandon, thanks for hauling us around and planning such a great trip!  Kim, thanks for letting us into your home (for the last time) and taking Brandon away for a few days!  Syd & Reagan, thanks for getting my room ready and playing games with me!  Time to start planning my fall trip… what mountain(s) should we climb this time?

Check out my brother’s story.