Hello Cougar-ville!

I’m saying good bye to year 30 of my life today.  It’s on to year 31.  I have many fond memories of my life as a 30 year old.  I don’t even hesitate to say it was the best year of my life so far.  So many adventures, new friends, traveling.  I will take a minute here to reflect on some of my highlights so if I get windy, just stop reading and we are no longer friends.  When I’m 100 and losing my mind, I’ll need this blog to remember what I used to do!!!

  • Purdue Pete delivering my birthday cake
  • Week of skiing and rejuvenation in Steamboat
  • Final Four in San Antonio
  • PR’d my mini-marathon with the help of my brother and broke my goal of under 2 hours.
  • A couple of Cubs games
  • Got downsized from my job
  • 14 week sabatical in the gosh darn middle of summer… such a shame
  • Vacationed in North Carolina
  • Turned a shade of golden brown that I’ve never seen before.  )My friends asked me to stop going out in the sun.)
  • Completed my first Sprint Triathalon and Urban Adventure Race.
  • Placed 2nd in the CCA Kickball league and learned to catch a ball without using the “twins”
  • Spent a day at a Med-Check clinic in Vegas
  • Climbed 3 14’ers in Colorado
  • Got a kickass job

Thanks to all my family and friends that made 30 so special to me.  Here’s to hoping 31 is just as fun!  We’ll kick it off right tonight with some Saki Bombs!