Here in the midwest, we are experiencing a winter storm.  I think we got over a foot of snow last night.  The cold temperatures are reeking havoc on my WFD.  What is WFD?  WFD is White Finger Disease.  Sometimes when it gets really cold outside, certain finger tips of mine turn white.  Like all the blood is just drained from them.  I like to self diagnose my aches and pains, so I chose words that best described what was happening with me.  I looked up WFD on wikipedia and got “No article title matches”.  Go figure 🙂  Anyone out there ever get this?

My friend Andy is the first person that has heard of this.  He dated someone who had the same thing happen to her.  I can remember it happening to me as far back as high school, but not nearly as often as it does now.  My bare hand is exposed for just a few minutes and boom, WFD.  Is it because I’m getting older?!  Funny part is, it’s always the same freakin’ finger tips.  Left hand, it’s the ring finger.  Right hand, it’s the pinkie, ring finger and index finger.  I end up rubbing my finger tips like I’m trying to start a fire and the circulation returns.  
Looking forward to Colorado in a week… can’t wait to see how many times it happens out there!  Guess I better get to the health food store and pick up something to help.  Oh wait, I’m stuck in my condo today.  I’ll use the Wii to keep my circulation pumping today!