Paoli Peaks

Announcement… Announcement… Kyle survived.  He did more than survive, he did awesome!

I feel sorry for guys that date me.  I put them through the ringer.  I’m a very active person.  Very.  Volleyball, running, kickball, mountain climbing, wake boarding, golf, frisbee golf…  You name it, I’ll try it.  And if you show an ounce of interest, I’ll make you try it too.  Today’s excursion:  Snow skiing.  Kyle and I have been gearing up for a trip to Colorado.  I’ve been going out to visit my brother and his family each winter for the past few years.  He and I have it down to a science.  Arrive on a Wednesday, ski a resort Thursday, do something random Friday, ski locally Saturday, fly home Sunday.  I asked Kyle if he’d like to join me.  He agreed to!

Kyle is a ski virgin.  I’ve been trying to get him to go skiing around the midwest for the past 2 months so he’d get the initial nerves out here rather than at 10,000 feet.  On top of him being a ski virgin, he doesn’t like heights.  Are you starting to see why I feel sorry for my boyfriends?  Ask him about our trip to Cedar Pointe and my requirement to sit in the front seat of every roller coaster.  Back to skiing… We were going to head to Caberfae in Michigan, but with our schedules, we just couldn’t get a weekend together up there.  So today was our last last last chance to go.  We settled for Paoli Peaks in southern Indiana.  I had never been there, so it was a good first for both of us.  

I’ve been skiing since 1997, but only hit my second attempt in 2002.  It took me some time to move from the beginner snow plow to the “S” of fancy skiing.  Kyle wanted the “S” today.  He didn’t get the “S”, but he did pick up skiing like a champ!  I was very proud!  We spent some time on the bunny hill, then when he got comfortable, he sent me off on my own to check on him later.  So I did some runs and came back and gave him some more pointers.  After that, he was ready to hit the trails!  I scoped out where the green runs were, so we headed that way.  He mastered the balance of skis, now on to the chair lift.  Remember when I said he didn’t like heights… yea… didn’t tell him about the distance between you and the ground.  Granted, it is still Indiana and these are hills, not mountains, but to someone that isn’t used to this sort of thing, it was high!  He did remarkably well.  



We did a few runs, no chair lift wipeouts, no falls.  Things were going great!  We took a break, grabbed some much needed calories in the cafeteria, drank a cocktail in the bar, and he was ready to go again.  Then the chair lift falls started.  I think he just got nervous.  Skiing is all about weight distribution.  The chair lift is the hardest part for most people because it kind of pushes you along without being gentle about it.  Once, he mistakenly stayed on the chair, then fell the next time.  After that, he was good to go again.  We did a few more runs, finished with a blue run, and we were ready for the drive home.

I’m very glad we were able to make this day happen.  It’s a great practice step to what Kyle will experience in Colorado in 10 days.  Good work today Kyle, you did fantastic!  Here are some short videos of our trip.  (1) was one of Kyle’s first attempts on the beginner slopes, (2) was after 30 minutes on the beginner slopes and (3) was on the green slope… a real run.

This is my first attempt at posting video, so I’ll get better at shooting and I’ll learn how to edit.  Until then, you get what get.