Boiler Victories

My volleyball game overlapped the Purdue basketball game again, dammit.  I listened to the first few minutes on my way to my game.  The only part of the game that made me sick was our foul problems.  We were already in the bonus 5-6 minutes into the first half!  Since I couldn’t see it, I couldn’t tell if they were sloppy fouls or the refs were calling any touch on a player.  I was able to catch the last few minutes and we looked pretty solid as a team.  I’m happy to report a Boiler basketball victory!

On the topic of refs, I do wish we would have had refs at our game last night.  Oh man the team we played was annoying!  They were the type of team that read the rule book fourteen times, quizzed each other before the season started to make sure they knew every rule of the league, then played Dungeons and Dragons until midnight in someone’s basement.  I’m sorry but they were dorks.  I know the rules.  I’ve been playing volleyball since before the Berlin Wall came down.  I call my own “fouls” when I’m in the net or carry a ball.  I don’t need the other team to do it for me.  When there isn’t a ref, etiquette says to call your own faults.  This team wanted to challenge everything.  Jumping ahead of the 10 foot line.  Ball hitting the atennea.  The score.  It seemed like every 5th play we had to stop to discuss what happened.  Totally takes the fun out of it, but makes us want to pound the ball into your face.  Which is what we did.  I’m happy to report a Boiler volleyball victory taking our team to 2-1!