U think I txt alot?

I think it started last summer when I had no job.  (Ahhhh those were the days….)  Since I wasn’t in front of a computer or by my work phone, my communication with friends and family during the day ended up on my cell phone.  I have a contract with very few daytime minutes since I’ve never needed many.  When my bill jumped from $60 to $200+, the time had come to upgrade.  I picked up unlimited texting because it was the cheapest option on a upgrade for my plan instead of increasing my minutes. 

I think the most txts I racked up one month was 1800+.  Yes, a bit ridiculous, but it averaged out to about 50+ a day.  When you have NOTHING to do but sit at the pool with a cocktail or hit golf balls all day while all your friends are working, you do get a bit bored and want some type of communication with other humans.  Well, I’ve got nothing on this chick, Emily Jennings.  41,600 in one month?!  Take your daughter’s phone away!  Put a golf club or tennis racket in her hand.  I “ran some numbers” on this and it’s she was sending 1341 a day! 

I’m happy to report, I’m down to a modest 800 per month.