5 people to meet before you die

Lots of people like to contemplate the question, “Who are the 5 people I’d like to meet before I die?”.  I am one of them.  Mine change all the time.  I am not very philosophical or political, so my list tends to have people that would make me pee my pants or cry because I have laughed so hard at them.  I have laughing spells that no one in the same room as me will ever understand.  They can last for 10 minutes.  It is the most elated (outside of you-know-what) feeling one can have without expecting it.  Recently, The Ellen Show has provided some people that, at my worst of days, would still make me laugh, rewind, and laugh again.  Here’s some samples.  These people are now on my list, thanks to Ellen.  If the first 2 do not entertain you, you might want to look at what you do find amusing…

1.  Manny – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaGWKZWB1kc (start at 2:30 in)
On the contrary, if this is true, I definitely don’t want to meet this chick…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3hhCh9t-bI&feature=dir
EDIT:  Update YouTube video of Manny.  1st one got removed.

Try and find me

Here’s an article from a friend, Tim Seffert, who recently joined Facebook against my recommendation.  Please ask Tim to be your friend if you are on Facebook.  Load up his wall with your one liners about how great last week’s episode of the Ugly Betty was or how giant that last turd was you took.  I expect then, Facebook won’t be so cool.

I agree with most of the reasons quoted in this article about why people do not use Facebook.  Most of them are my same reasons.  I do take issue with the statement the author makes about connecting on Facebook, “By being on Facebook, you’re facilitating such ties; without it, you’re missing them and making life difficult for those who went looking for you there.”  I’m making life difficult for someone looking for me and not finding me on Facebook?  Horseshit.  People talking about Facebook is making life difficult for me.  I’m tired of hearing “I read on Facebook…” or “Did you see what Sally put on my wall?”  It gives me a headache.  If someone wants to find me, they’ll just have to look a little harder and be more creative than Facebook or MySpace.  I’m not sure anyone is looking for me anyway… why would they?  I expect most people from my past probably have had voodoo dolls created in my likeness.

Some of my friends argue that my blog is just the same as Facebook, so why don’t I just sign up there?  To me, it’s totally different.  This is my blog about my thoughts.  It’s for me to share some funny experiences or stories with the world.  If people want to read my rants, fine.  If people want to comment on my posts, fine.  I don’t need to approve who’s looking at my stuff and who’s not.  I don’t want to reject a “friend request” from seeing anything I write for fear that my name would show up on a list like Billy Madison’s did and I have to call that person in 10 years to ask for forgiveness or risk being shot.

To me, it’s different and I’m sticking to my story.