Down with the Hawkeyes!

OH MY GOD!  We found the 3 point line!  It only took us 17 1/2 games.  The first half was slow for the Boilers.  Our defense was great, but our offense still didn’t have it’s rhythm.  We were only up by 7 at the half.  Too close for my comfort against Iowa.  Whatever Painter said to them in the locker room worked.  They came out the second half firing!  We made 4 3’s in a 2 minute span and kept pushing.  The Paint Crew puts up 3 point signs after every made 3, so it was nice to see a long string of 10 of them at the end of the game instead of the 2 or 3 that we’ve been seeing this year.  Keep up the shooting Boilers!  Make us proud on the road the next 2 weeks!

P.s. Purdue Pete was missing from today’s game.  If you see him, please point him in the direction of Mackey Arena because he must be lost.  Not sure how Purdue has 4 Pete’s and not one could make it to a weekend home game…

Puck Off!

With the cold keeping most people in Indianapolis indoors, I was getting cabin fever and needed to get out.  A few friends and I attended an Indiana Ice game.  I missed the “puck off” as I like to call it, but I’m not a huge hockey fan so I didn’t care that I missed a few minutes of the game.  I know nothing about hockey, but am very intrigued by the man that sits in a glass box behind each goal.  Reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… I would just watch him and wait for it to lift off and move across the arena… It didn’t.  Everyone else in the stands was watching for fights.  Anytime any player mildly checked another player, the crowd would go nuts and want a fight.  They would loudly boo at the refs when they would break up any altercation that could lead to a fight.  I knew hockey was prone to fights, but no other sport allows players to go after each other, so why should hockey be any different?  I say “Kudos” to the refs for keeping players apart.  It made my time at the game more enjoyable.