Music Mash Up

Been to a bunch of concerts this year, mostly new bands and one repeat. CS found us a Halestorm concert with opening act Lita Ford. I’ve been off the heavy music scene for awhile, so it was nice to get back to some head banging-ish.




On an unseasonably cold May evening, we settled in for some Ellie Goulding.


Giant screens are all the rage now.


K keeping me warm.


Paint me up and lets dance! Do you know this album cover?


Got to see Fitz and the Tantrums again in an intimate Bloomington, IN venue. I love seeing these guys up close. I just feed off of their energy.



Left straight from work and still had 7500 steps recorded on my Fitbit doing my best Noelle impression.

Next up was Chad’s favorite, the gorgeous Gwen.


Even from our seats you could see how incredible her body is.



We rounded out our summer back outdoors at White River for Ray Lamontange. Rumor was he didn’t have an opening act and felt he didn’t need one. Excuse me?! We sat and waited about 90 minutes for him to take the stage. He’s lost my future ticket sale if he continues down that path.



At least 3 more to concerts to go!

Ok Google

I had a belly laugh out loud moment tonight. It’s been a hot year since I can remember one of these. While watching Blacklist, Reddington uses a word that was foreign to CS and myself. Phonetically, it sounded like “Gene-u-is-tic”. My parents have become masters of “Ok Google, what’s…” I thought I would try it. Here is what Google heard and how it responded.


I see this on my screen. Show CS. Then while laughing say, “I need to get a photo of this!” To which CS responds, “Oh no. Don’t. Why would you?!” I meant a picture of my phone. He thought I meant a picture of the result of the Google search “G newest dick”. I’m impressed he thinks my brain works like that.

After a few more Google tries, CS unlocks the mystery. Survey says “Jingoistic“.

My First Kid

I don’t know when this obsession began. I love the claw machine. Maybe I’m a reincarnated alien from Toy Story. The Claaaaaaaaaaw. The “Claw” will somehow choose one of them to “go on to a better place.” My generations Calgon, I guess. During a recent spring cleaning effort I found Bessie.


Bessie was, at one time, the largest stuffed animal I had ever gotten from The Claw. She was special. With CS’ help, he said “Take a picture then walk away.”


Fine. Good bye my sweet friend. Sorry I had to choose to keep this over you.


Over-sized hot pink punching glove 1 – Bessie 0.


Mom was itching to get out of the Fort, so they opted to travel to us this year. Always a score for me. Driving is not a favorite activity of mine. We visited a new place for this trip, the Indiana Historical Society.



I couldn’t get over how gorgeous this building was. I recommend a visit. We were there to see the Festival of Trees exhibit. 50 beautifully decorated Christmas trees were spread across the 4 floors of the building. Each one adorned in a different theme by a different person or company. One of the first trees was tied to Indiana history.


I couldn’t get Chad to put on one of the suits. He kept calling them lice machines. Fine. We’ll just be stupid in other ways.


And like this!


Dad said “Chad you look stupid, bend down.”


For that comment, we made him get into the mix.


Once we got home, it was present time! We had an amazing range of gifts this year. Emoji poo pillow:


Meerkat puzzle, only took me 32 minutes by the way:


Spicy jerky:


More Kates 🙂


Flax seed gloves for my white finger disease.


And my new car starter!


Too bad I couldn’t use it for the first week it was installed. Dummies didn’t test it with my car doors locked. So every morning I tried to use it when locked, the alarm would go off. Only took 4 times to figure out it was not user error.

Man Down

Fighting off a sinus infection this weekend. So the only thing I want to do is lay on the couch and watch TV. As I catch up on my Ellen marathon, the TV makes sounds like it was eating a giant bowl of Snap Crackle Pop cereal then goes black. Son of a beech.

I jiggled the cord, very technical solution. I unplugged for a while to “reset” it, very Help Desk like. Time for Google. Google says its bad electrolytic capacitors. Ok, Google image please!

Good ones:


Bad ones:


All articles say the ends are raised up, split, or look puffy. Give me my drill! Let’s get the back off and check this out.


The electrolytic capacitors pictures above are from my TV. I think I found the culprits but it’s too late in the day to get replacement parts. Good thing I have spare TVs all over my home to sustain my laziness for the weekend. Day semi-saved. Stay tuned. <-- Get it? See what I did there!

Suck It

I drove up to Mikes Crew Car Wash to vacuum my truck. I took a bunch of change expecting old school payment. Nope, credit card. I was pissy. Instantly I was fretting not buying a handheld Dyson last year. To my wonderment, one went on sale the same day online. SOLD!


Shows my age that I am excited to get a vacuum. #TMLB


Air conditioner stopped working on Monday. Tested everything we could think of. Time for the professionals. After he runs a few tests, he says “Have you had a mouse problem before?” Yes, years ago I had a tiny mouse friend for a day. I was sitting on my couch and watched something scurry from the furnance room to the laundry room. WTF. Quickly figured out he got in through the air conditioner housing and stuffed both ends of it with steel wool. Problem solved. Until now. I figured I’d do the same thing again and seal it up better. Until I got the bill… $225 to rewire outside. Son of a rat. Plan changed.