Phone Home


ET with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra?! This is going to be amazing! I toyed with bringing my ET to sit on my lap. Then I thought, no don’t be a fool. Be classy. Then, they had their own display! Dang it!


Tons of people were taking selfies with it. I could have made some $dough$ if I brought my guy… who talks too!


I was going to sell him… maybe not now!

Meet Myrtie

Thanks to a few fundraisers, my parents have bought us some interesting gifts. A first pitch. A wheelbarrow full of beer. So, it was our time to return the favor with a gift from our Big Fun event. Meet Myrtie!


Myrtie is a 1920s Model A roadster! On a crisp October Saturday, we were treated to a ride down to Brown County to have lunch at the Artist Colony with DS, JL, and Gordo! As I planned this event for my parents, DS says that they would bring a 2nd touring car so CS and I could tag along. Our motley crew!


He even fit in the rumble seat!


It instantly felt like we were in a parade because all the cars passing by were waving and honking at us! It was hilarious!



Mom & Dad opted to ride in Tater, another 1920’s touring car. It had a roof and air conditioning. And matched Mom’s outfit perfectly!



We enjoyed the winding countryside of Brown County.


We made it to Nashville Indiana, where everyone was outside enjoying the fall afternoon. People were lining the streets. Again, parade time waving like we were part of something bigger. Had a great lunch at the Artist Colony where I learned Mom had never been to Nashville before. WTF?! With all the shopping she could do, I promised to bring her back when we could be on our own timeline. For today, we let her go in 2 stores. Ok, time to go!


Thanks Nashville, we’ll be back!

Lake Freeman

Captain Jack & his first mate have invited us to their lake house every year. This year, we finally made arrangements to spend some time on Lake Freeman. I was super excited until I got there to find this….


WTF. Not again. Is this really why you invited me there?! Of course I had to dig in when my puzzle gene took over. We didn’t get it finished, but I did get it to a place where the Labor Day crew would get it done. Hell, L started this in January! After they would drag me away from it, we got some Rummikub in! Had to teach the college kid this old school game.


We woke up to a beautiful blue sky and ready to take a boat ride! But not until my parents arrived! Always a blessing when they can join our festivities!


Great low and high bridge architecture to check out!



We had to make the tourist stop at the sand bar. Little different than I’m used to. People literally run their boats up into the sand bar. Anchors aren’t needed here!


But is a grill needed? Yes please! I don’t even like hot dogs, but the thought of a grilled dog from the boat? Count me in.


Come dinner time, we were ready for a hearty steak!


Great friends, great memories. And I’ll have this memory to laugh at forever!

Wow Me

All the hype for the eclipse today…  My team at work got glasses. We were ready to be in shock and awe!


Let’s see this.


And it was a bit anti-climatic. Didn’t get very dark. Clouds were on and off. Glad I only lost 20 minutes on this. See ya again in 7 years Mr. Eclipse.



Taking down 1 towel hook in the bathroom almost turned into a complete remodel. It started off with the wrong paint. I could not find the blue paint. Found something that kinda looked like it so I tried it. Couldn’t hurt since I was going to have to repaint some portion of the bathroom anyway! I have no idea where this hunter green color came from. Fail.


Ran over to Lowe’s to see if I could find the shade of blue to try to make the tiny repaint solution work and match the color. Paint-karma was not on my side. Got some samples and while walking away, dropped a quart on the floor of Lowe’s and it slow-motioned right up my pant leg in a wave of paint. Hello painted thigh!


Well shit. Time for a new color. CS picked a great deep gray shade to match the granite. Bye bye blue…


Hello new shower and wall color!


Regardless of the removal of 1 hook, a new bathroom shower install was already in the books. I was done with the shitty job that was installed years ago. I called Bathfitters and after a long battle, a beautiful marble surround with a fabulous Delta shower head.


Add some new lights, and this room is done. For good.


Power Tools

Least favorite activity ever: Cleaning Grout.

While researching the perfect grout cleaning recipe, I stumbled upon a video of a guy who turned his power drill into the grout blaster 3000. I was hooked!


I’ve never looked forward to cleaning grout so much in my life! Kitchen and 2 bathrooms done in under an hour.

The Year of the Blood Clot

Doing some spring cleaning and stumbled upon my old medical paperwork from 2007, AKA the Year of the Blood Clot.


In 2007, I was busy painting the entire interior of my condo. That coupled with my workout mania, led to a blood clot forming in my upper right 1st rib/clavicale. But being young and dumb, I didn’t know I had a blood clot. I just had an arm that would swell up as I worked out, then go back down. No big deal, I thought. Boy was I wrong. After a few weeks of my observation, my cousin said “GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW”. I had no idea what I was in for. I was scared literally to death. Thought I was going to die. To add to this fear, it was the Friday before Memorial Day. The hospital was empty. The doctors saw me, then sent me home with a DVD to learn how to inject myself in the stomach with blood thinners. Seriously?! I think I cried for 2 days straight. Momma came to comfort me.

The doctors assured me I would be fine, but a battery of tests were coming my way. The overly organized person I am, I started a folder and a spreadsheet. It went to every appointment with me tracking my health. Once I was calm about the blood clot not ending my life, they say “We saw spots on your lungs we want to check out.” OH SHIT. I’m dying again. I am healthy. I don’t smoke. What the hell is this about? Cancer? Well, basically everyone in the Midwest has had Histoplasmosis at some point. It makes spots on your lungs. You’d think you had a cold but in real life, you have a type of lung infection caused by inhaling fungus spores found in soil and in the droppings of bats and birds. WTF. I was told it’s just in the Midwest air. Lovely. Bring on the CT scans.


Clearly had my clothes on during that scan! But it proved I do have a heart! A soul? That’s still up for debate. So now I think I’m in the clear again. Until the day I realize it’s been 5 days since I pooped and I was getting uncomfortable. Tried pills from both ends. Nothing worked. Called the hospital and they said, come to the ER now. Son of a bitch!

Because I was off birth control, my ovaries started firing again. Firing so much a cyst formed blocking my intestine. Add that my hematologist was not properly monitoring my clotting factor levels. Normal level is 2.0-3.0, I was 7.5 INR! Signed up that day for a new hematologist.

My blood was so thin. After 2 IV bags and several restroom trips, I headed home exhausted. Many rounds of follow ups occurred that year. End result: No more birth control, get an IUD and you don’t have an genetic clotting issues. I just happened to win the fluke blood clot lottery one day in May 2007. 10 years ago.

At least I got all these cool scans of my innards. Check me out and enjoy the added music to lessen the creep factor!

If you need a

*Vascular Surgeon
*ER Doctor

I know people. Now, I need to go paint my bathroom. Not kidding.

4th of July Weather

Last 4th of July was soooo cold.


This year, we had a bit of heavy rain for 10 minutes.


But we all were prepared!


After that rainstorm shit, we got to enjoy this!


Ahh let’s relax tonight… or let’s box and I’ll taunt you with my low blow punch moves!

K sent me this AMAZING video because she knew of my love for this guy.

Whoever buys me my own Trex costume for Christmas is my new best friend. “Just sayin” Then I saw this… might have gone too far with the Trex costume on AGT.


Clearly Trex arms are not meant for pole dancing.