Paradise On The Water

A few friends and I made an extra long weekend at the lake a few days ago.  I’m still getting caught up from being gone 5 days and getting over the depression of being back.  K and I headed up Thurdsday and went straight to the Frog to avoid cooking.  We spent the night starting a puzzle and playing some games.

Friday brought most of the rest of our guests including B&Y, CS and kids.  Bruce and Y got there in plenty of time to enjoy some time on the water.  We did our usual floating then decided it was time for a boat ride.  When I tried to start the boat, it was dead.  D-E-A-D.  It didn’t budge.  Called Herbie for some tips.  We knew it was NOT truly a battery issue since he just bought a new one over Memorial Day.  A check of the switches and gauges, the court light button was activiated and must have drained the battery.  So, out came the charger, but quickly after, so did the rain!  Lots and lots of it.  You couldn’t really even see the lake it was storming so bad.  And then, the power went out.  Keep in mind, I am not up here very frequently, and neither is anyone else, so trying to find candles or flashlights proved to be quite difficult.  Add in, we were in the middle of making a casserole dinner that requires a stove.  Move to plan B, we’ll have tomorrows grill dinner tonight since that didn’t require electricity.  During the middle of all of this, CS and his offspring shows up.  We made a little party in the garage with sparklers and a citronella candle.  Once dinner was over… what to do, what to do.  Ah… let’s go visit the witch’s house!  This was a trick my parents and cousins played on me for years.  It’s a creepy doorway in a forest like mud hill.  I couldn’t get anyone to go in, but as we left, we heard a woman scream.  Perfect timing in the pitch black!  Once back at the house, we played games by bug-candlelite and a pen flashlight.  Finally the lights came on around 2 am when we were all ready for bed anyway!

Saturday was gorgeous and our final visitors for the weekend arrived, my parents.  We all took turns playing cornhole, bocce, tubbing, tanning, jet ski, turtle hunting, fishing, sky diving.  Ok, maybe not that last one, but we did it all!  Here’s proof…




The weather was so cooperative with us this weekend and we had another day of sunshine on Sunday.  We loaded up the boat and headed to the sandbar to check out the scene.  We spent time standing in a small circle talking, then a larger circle when business needed to be taken care of because that’s what you do at the sandbar.  Most of  the visitors left while K and I squeezed one more night and day on the water.

Monday brought a little rain but just enough for me to finish our puzzle then close up shop to head back to Indy.  Til next time Wawasee…


Memorial Day Wrap Up

I got Memorial Day weekend started early with a cook out with the K-monster on Thursday.  She and I started a cooking 101 class each week, so the menu was steaks and twice baked potatoes… huge twice baked potatoes.  We had a few to use up before our weekend getaway so these things turned out about the size of softballs.  And they were delicious!  Someone left a camera at my place, so they got a picture of the final product in return for random pictures I always find on my camera.

Friday had Carb Day on the menu thanks to our VIP winnings.  We met up with some people to carpool near the track and happened to park next to a SUV that was waiting for a police escort.  He seemed to think K and I were pretty cute and invited our car into the escort.  Hell ya!  We flew past everyone and every red light.  Once we got to the track, we veered off into the normal flow and let him go on his merry way, so thanks buddy!  Once at the track, we ventured around people watching and running into old friends.  The VIP left a lot to be desired, but it supplied us with quick bathrooms, a little grub, and some nice sodas.  We loaded up and headed back out for some more sun.  ZZ Top was close to playing so we found our spot and settled in for the show.  I wasn’t too impressed.  None of my pictures turned out very well either.  We had enough and called our chauffeur for a ride home.  BD showed up on cue and we headed back to my place to switch cars and continue the weekend at the main event of the holiday… the lake.

We arrived a bit after 9pm and didn’t have any of our normal duties to do since it was opening weekend of the cottage.  We settled for some Rummikub, stiff arm dancing, then hit the sack.  Saturday morning was spent putting in the pier posts, wave runner racks, and paddleboat.  Then we sunk the paddleboat, drained it, and set it afloat again.  Lesson learned… check to make sure the plugs are in.  I was in “get it done” mode and missed it.  Oh well, first time, no harm done, lesson learned.  Mom and Dad arrived and we started to get the heavy machinary in.  I did not miss the plug on the ski boat, thanks Dad!  Happy to report 1 wave runner and the boat are in the water in working condition.  2nd wave runner is on the way.  We spent the rest of the weekend spraying sunscreen, floating, playing games and hanging out.  We capped off the trip on Monday with a successful turtle hunt expedition capturing 2 of the guys, even though K-monster and BD can’t seem to grasp the concept that turtles hear voices and scram.  Since the ones we caught were too big for me to keep, we gave them to some kids playing back in the channel.  They promised to send them home before they left themselves.  Hopefully they followed my direction.  As we were packing it up, it started to pour and didn’t stop until we got home.  Perfect timing!

Chalk up a sun filled long holiday weekend in my book!

South Carolina Day 3

Do we really have to go home already?  It’s 80s here, 40s at home.  Not looking forward to getting back to reality but I guess its the paycheck that makes these things happen.  We took in some more water scenes today by taking a stroll at the pier just below the the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.  This thing is impressive from below or while driving on it.


We grabbed some food and more sun along the water at Red’s then headed back to the house to get our last moments of hanging out together.  When I think in actuality, we all took naps on different couches.  Perfect lazy Sunday.


Thanks to Chass, Josh, and little-girl-to-be Miss Evans for the hospitality.  I had a wonderful time and hope this tag-a-long wasn’t too much to handle!  Now, I’m going to thaw my feet out from 2 hours of outdoor sand volleyball in 50 degree weather. I miss your city already!

South Carolina Day 2

Since Chass had a baby shower to attend, K and I highjacked the husband’s car and headed to the beach.  It’s been quite a while since I got to play in the ocean, so I was very excited to get on some sand.




K and I walked about for a bit then headed back home to meet up with Chass for some pool time.  It was a nice lazy Saturday, complimented by some Saki and dinner.



Back to the midwest Sunday.  Boo.

South Carolina Day 1

K and I arrived at O’hare bright and early.  We had a 2 hour layover until our flight to Charleston.  We entertained ourselves at Chili’s.  It doesn’t take much for us to have fun.


I slept through the flight and arrived safely in Charleston.  K’s friend Chassity picked us up from the airport and introduced us to Fleet Landing for lunch. 


We drove through the city to get a tour of the historical Battery area.  The homes are huge and gorgeous.  We lounged back at Chassity’s for a bit then got ready to hit the town.  It was all good until Miss Prego, Chass, grabbed my hand to force it to touch her belly because the kid was moving around.  Um, no.  I don’t touch alien. 

We went to an art gallery opening that ran out of cups for wine.  WTF?  Poor planning, so we took a look at the art then headed over to Social for dinner.  The atmosphere was very trendy and the patrons appeared to be young and hip.  I did feel a bit old, but Indy, you get used to seeing crowds much older than you.  Here’s the two youngin’s I’m hanging with. 


Chass was a trooper hanging out at Squeeze with us, but was ready to call it a night.  K and I continued to bounce around the night life of Charleston then headed home.  More fun to be had Saturday and Sunday!

Labor Day of Rock

The end of the lake season… so sad.  Jake, Joe and I headed up north to meet my parents and close up the lake house for the season.  All the water toys seemed to know it was the end of the season because they stopped working.  The battery charger spent time between the boat and one of the jet skis all day Saturday.  But it was perfect weather so we didn’t mind.  I took the boys over to the Frog so they could check out Wawasee’s finest.  Right as we got there, the SS Lillypad II was coming in blarring Don’t Stop Believin’ and all the drunkards on board were singing.  Classic booze cruise entertainment.  There was a band playing inside the bar called What She Said, but we seemed to have more fun when they took a break and we could dance to the jukebox music.  Yes I said “we” and “dance”.  Joe and Jake dancing was awesome.  Should of got that on video.

Sunday we headed back to Indy for a full evening of live music.  The ribfest had booked Candlebox (and some other bands) to open for Puddle of Mudd.  Candlebox’s self titled CD is among my favorites.  They have pushed me to the finish line during many of my races.  Luckily Jake is a fan too, so we headed to Military Park to check out the show.  They only charged $5 to get in, but they stiff you on the drink tickets.  $10 for 7 tickets.  A beer was 5 tickets.  Whatever I can’t take it with me when I die. 

We made our way through the crowd to what seemed like a good spot.  I felt bad for whoever we stopped in front of because Jake is about 8 feet tall.  The crowd was an interesting mix of old hippies and young stoners.  I think I was the only one there that didn’t have a tattoo and has never smoked weed.  There was one guy high out of his mind.  It was all he could do to stand up and blink.  Besides the people watching, the show was great!  They played some of their classics and a few I didn’t know since I only have 1 of their CDs.  I’ll have to fix that with some iTunes uploads.  After their set, people started exiting to check out the festival so I thought it was a fine time to move up some more before Puddle of Mudd started. 


We got to the front to find a VIP section.  Hmm… I think I’m VIP let’s see if they do.  I walked in and a security guard asked me, “Do you have a ticket?”  I quickly answered with “Yes” even though I only had a ticket to Ribfest.  “Do you have a bracelet?”  “No”.  “Go to that guy to get your bracelet”.  Sweet!  Simple enough but while we are standing there, another concert goer is trying to get in too.  His answer to “Do you have a ticket” was “What kind of ticket?”  The security guard says, if you don’t what kind of ticket I mean, you don’t belong in here.  I started sweating it at this point thinking we were sunk.  But the bracelet guy came up and slapped one on my wrist.  Jake follows only to get stopped by the guard.  “Do you have a ticket?”  Jake’s response, “I’m with her.” The guard motions for bracelet guy and we’re in!  No proof needed!



P of M finally took the stage around 9:30pm.  I’d never laid eyes on these guys before, but didn’t want to take my eyes off of them.  There is something dead sexy about a grungy guy wielding a guitar and whipping his long hair around.  If I saw these guys on the street, I probably wouldn’t give them a 2 second thought, but on stage, I was hooked.  I knew a few songs just from listening to the radio, but learned a few new ones too.  We only stayed for about 5 songs, because we still had one more live music show to see.  Mike Kelsey, was at Birdy’s playing with my boy Bruce Barker and Dr. Kevin Morgan.  It’s rare to see all 3 of these guys jam together on one stage.


We got there right as Mike was taking a break, so I grabbed Bruce to introduce him to Jake, and while we are chatting Mike and Kevin joined in.  More VIP treatment for Jake to meet these guys.  The 3 guys did all different sets together and alone, so the crowd got a taste of Bruce’s original songs too.  They put on a great show and an awesome end to 24 hours of live music and 4 groups.

Here’s some video of the Candlebox and Puddle of Mudd sets.

Happy Birthday Tiki-Man

Mr. Bruce Dawson celebrates his birth today, but we celebrated over the weekend at, where else, the lake.  Most of my friends know I’m a planner and I do greatly appreciate it when we can stick to the plan.  This was not the case for this party.  This “chipmunk” (thanks Carla) had to replan about 27 times.  Which is fine, just took some energy.  As the host, I wanted to make sure everyone had directions, food, a nice bed to sleep in, etc.  In the end, it all worked out fine and I hope everyone had a good time. 

Bruce and I have a Tiki-man language of our own, so the theme of the party was all about the Tiki.  We had stellar luau music, souvenir cups (which I forgot to mention were souvenir, so now I have a shit-ton of tiki cups), tiki ring toss on Bruce’s head, a photo luau booth that had an unfortunate accident with a football, an inflatable 4 foot tiki, and since I couldn’t find the tiki pinata, I opted for a pink and white unicorn.  Seemed perfect for Bruce.



Here’s a recap of our birthday bash.  My small crew of Bruce, Jake and K went up first Friday afternoon.  A couple of Bruce’s friends and another crew of mine Sara, BA, Ian and Matt followed later that night.  We had a field trip that night into North Webster that provided us great memories to share the next morning.  Saturday brought a few more of Bruce’s friends and some nasty weather.  1/2 of the day was spent inside on a puzzle that we did finish, the other 1/2 outside playing games.  Ian and I made an attempt on the jet skis only to find rain on the other side of the lake that hurt like needles when trying to go through it!  Not a bright idea, but I wanted to get out on the water.  My parents also came up and guess who got fish art for his birthday?!?!  Saturday night, some folks went to the Frog, Lake Wawasee’s finest establishment.  Others stayed home and played games.  I made myself disappear for a few hours to get my peace and quiet at the lake.  Sunday ended up being semi-nice but everyone left pretty early in the morning, so my original Friday crew remained to soak in the rays we could find and take a boat ride.  Shitty weather, but still good times with friends.

Drrrka drrrka Bruce!

2009 Urban (my ass) Adventure Race

The big day finally arrived!  Last year’s Urban race was awesome so I was really looking forward to this one.  For those that don’t know, an adventure race consists of orienteering through woods, canoeing, running, and biking.  You get a series of maps, all different scales, with checkpoint locations on them.  You have to race in numerical order and get punches on a passport that proves you were at every spot.  An Urban race is on city streets and has the same concept but the passport includes tasks at each checkpoint that you have to complete in order to move on.  I call it “The Amazing Race” in one day.  Last year was my first year competing.  We cargo-netted 2 stories down and up into the White River, repelled off a building, jumped off the IUPUI 10 meter platform, ran in the storm sewers under downtown Indy, ran all the stairs at the U of I gymnasium… I could go on.  We ended up 4th in our division and finished the whole race.  We were looking to improve on that this year!

I was like a little kid at Christmas trying to sleep Friday night.  I managed to get some shut eye around 1:30am, but was up at 4:30am to head over to Kevin’s to get the tow system hooked up on my bike.  In this race, it’s legal to create a home-made tow system to use your strongest biker’s momentum to carry the rest of your team.  Last year, Kevin didn’t look like he even broke a sweat on the bike, so this year the engineer in him fashioned something out of PVC pipe, ski rope, carabiners and bungy cords.  It worked well and not so well at one point, but we’ll get to that later.  Here’s a shot of it.


The next thing we decided to better than last year was get to the park on time.  Last year, we couldn’t find the damn place and got there with about 10 mintues to spare and didn’t have time to review the maps.  We only took 1 wrong turn on our way to Southwestway Park but arrived at 6:15 to check in.  We got our maps and started studying our course.  Got all of our gear organized, including the random straw, sugar packet and quarter we were each required to have.  I spent many hours contemplating what this stuff was for.  I was not going to snort sugar off a quarter with a straw.  I couldn’t manage to suction the sugar to the quarter using the straw.  And I tried to walk and balance them on the straw.  Was very interested to see what we needed this stuff for.  Here’s the team.


Race started at 8 am and we were off to checkpoint 1.  The first 7 CPs were an orienteering section.  The instructions said, get 3 of the 6 and move on.  So we did.  We grabbed our bikes, PFDs and paddles and biked over to CP8 and found canoes waiting for us.  We had to drag the canoes down a hill into the river.  At some sections, the river wasn’t deep enough so we took turns dragging it down the shore until we got to a point we could paddle again.  Brian provided some comic relief at this point with a song that we had to repeat as he sang.

“I… wish all the ladies”

“Were holes in the road”

“Cuz if I was a dump truck”

“I’d fill’em with my load”

“I… wish all the ladies”

“Were bricks in a pile”

“Cuz if I was a mason”

“I’d lay’em all with style”


We made our way up and down the river and were in 5th place at this point.  As we were headed out to CP10, one of the race organizers said that the advanced teams were suppose to get all 6 CPs from the beginning section.  WTF?!  Then put that on the instructions!  We had to go back there around CP26 anyway, so we decided we’d talk about it then.  More checkpoints = more points overall.  We hooked up the bike tow system and headed off.  It was working well until Kevin took a turn that my tow system didn’t like.  I was hooked to Brian and it kind of flung my bike in a big swoop.  I knew we had a problem, so I just calmly said “I’m going down boys, going down.”  I did my best to land in the grass, but my knee took a pretty good scrape.  No time to waste, so just get back up and move on!  First aid will have to wait.  Did break my front brake, so had to manage without that for the remaining 30 miles of the day.  We rode up to a house and were directed to the backyard.  There were 9 clear water bottles submerged in a pool.  We had to find 3 of them before moving on.  I had brought goggles with me, so I threw those on and walked into the pool, shoes and everything.  Made quick work of it and headed out.  There was a lemonade stand next store with a sign “A QUARTER”.  Really?!  This is what the sugar/straw/quarter was for?!  Cute but boring.  We each downed a glass and got some bonus points for figuring it out.  Next we headed to the golf course for a putting challenge.  It was kind of lame.


Then we were off to another park for some more orienteering.  This time it was 2 of 4, so we got our 2 and moved on to take the lead in the race.  We found a lady standing in the middle of the road at CP18.  We were told to ride down this huge hill to the stop sign and back… twice.  WTF is urban about that?!  We completed the task and headed to Perry Meridian high school to find some volunteers at the track.  We each had to run 1/2 a lap before we could get our stamp.  Easy enough and on our way to CP20.  We arrived at a house with a nasty pond out back.  There were several inflatable canoes in the yard.  All 3 of us had to get in one and using a rope across the pond, pull ourselves to one side and back.  Brian got in, I followed and Kevin took the rear.  The rope had accumulated some scum and seaweed on it, so as we were whipping across it, shit was flying everywhere.  I looked back at Kevin and he’s just covered in a green mess.  I started to cry it was so funny.  He just did a shoulder shrug and said “Yea, f*ck it”. We knew we wouldn’t stay clean, but it was awful. 

Our next checkpoint was at a creek.  We learned that we had to take our bikes through the creek to the exit point.  WTF is urban about this?!  The creek was knee to waist high.  It was a soft foundation so you couldn’t ride through it and you’re a bit tired at this point so carrying a bike wasn’t a viable option either.  Glad I just bought a great bike 2 weeks ago only to run it thru 1/2 mile of Indy’s finest water.  A team ended up passing us at this point, so we were back to second.  The next few checkpoints were on a dirt bike trail at a levee.  We regained the lead by cutting through a backyard to return for our stamp.  Upon our return a volunteer noticed we were missing CP10 on our passport.  WHAT THE FUCK, BOYS?!  Kevin was navigator.  Brian was in charge of the passport.  A huge wave of disappointment came over all of us.  We had blown right by the CP after the canoes.  We immediately rode back over to the spot on the map, but the task was over and no volunteers were there.  Son of a… Major penalty for missing a CP.  Strangely, I wasn’t mad at anyone just sour that our great ride was not going to be a 1st place finish.  And I took over naviagation.

We biked over to CP26 to find a zip line across the river.  Jerry, one of the organizers, was still setting it up.  Geez, guys… clock is ticking.  The gear list told us to bring our own harnesses, so we’d been trudging around town with about 20 extra pounds only to find harnesses waiting for us at the zip line.  Maybe they didn’t plan on it, but just frustrating that we didn’t need to carry such a heavy load.  I snapped on the line and sailed across.  The return line was sunk down in the river so once I snapped on and got in, the pulley slid off the wire and got stuck.  I wrestled with it for a bit and ended up just walking back across the river.  Disappointing.  Since we were close to the area where CP5-7 was, we decided it was best to go get those and make up some points since we missed 10.




Well, that was a big mistake.  We had our bikes with us on a very thick vegatation trail.  We spent 40 minutes in the woods getting scratched, scraped, bitten and muddy.  You needed a machete to get through parts of it.  We didn’t find 5, 6 or 7.  Finally a clearing with a dirt road opened up in front of us.  I think Kevin wanted to call it quits at this point.  He said if he sees his truck, he’s done.  Slap-happy phase set in for me, but we motored through and headed off for Stage 2 of the course.  There is a 6 hour maximum completion time.  If you finish after that, you get penalized so I kept an eye on the time.  We had an hour left and 7 more check points to go.  These CPs were very spread out but we managed to hit 3 before heading back in.  One was moving 3 bails of hay at a horse farm, another run thru a creek, and then had to catch 2 fly balls at baseball diamond.  We rode back in with 5:54 on my watch and 43.16 miles covered.

We didn’t place in the top 3 for our division.  Results aren’t posted yet, so no idea how bad the missing CP hurt us.  Only 1 team finished the entire course, which to me says it was too long.  I think you would want a few teams to finish or why else plan that many CPs that no one is going to get to do?!  Overall this year, I hate to say, I was disappointed in the course.  It was much more on the Adventure side, than the Urban side.  Just wasn’t prepared for that.  After the race, we noticed our race tshirts had “sub” urban written on them.  Exactly!  It was not advertised that way.  The tasks at each stop were not challenging like last year.  You were through each one in about 2-3 minutes this time.  Pushing all that aside, I had a great time with my team and made some wonderful memories.  Hopefully Kevin and Brian will be back again next year because remember boys, Win Or Lose We Still Booze!  (That was our team name 🙂

Here’s some video Jessi and Sara shot while we were out on the course.  Leave it to Jessi to find room for the Glamour shot on a stick. That thing will haunt me to the day I die. Still trying to get the Google Earth map to work…

Tim and the Tim-ettes

This is a long post.  Lots to show and tell.

My friends and I had been looking forward to this weekend for a LONG time.  I heard about a White Party in Chicago last year.  A DJ from Chicago, Corey Hartmann, puts it on.  Basically, you get dressed up in white attire and spend 3 hours drinking and dancing on a boat on Lake Michigan acting like you are hot shit.  I rounded up 5 girls from Indy that wanted to go, 1 from Texas, and Tim.  He had some other friends that were interested in going, but none panned out, so he was welcome to hang with us. 

We left Indy at 9 am so we could have some free time before the main event.  The weather got better the farther north we went.  It was clear skies by the time we reached Chicago.  Trying to get some culture and not let this weekend just be a booze fest, my car load of people headed over to the Sears Tower, I mean Willis Tower, to take in some views of the city.  It was a 2 hour process to actually get to the top of building but well worth it, in my opinion.  There were some random facts on the walls while we waited… The Bop to the Top record = 13 minutes!  No plans on testing that record!  Once at the top, the visibility was excellent!  I hadn’t been up there since I was a little kid and they had just put some 4 feet deep, 7 feet long glass boxes on the side of the building that you can stand in.  I had to go check this out.  I’ve stood on the glass window a top the Palms at the Ghost bar, but this was going to be so much better.  Not sure everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did, but they let me have my fun!  We know Audrey didn’t like that part!





We headed back to the hotel for pre game sodas and to get ready.  My co-worker happened to be staying at the Conrad just across the street, so he stopped by too.  He also notified us that our hotel appeared to be on fire.  WTF?!  There were no alarms or anything!  Looks like it was the building right next to ours, but still odd that we weren’t evacuated or notified.  We all got dolled up and hopped on the trolley to Navy Pier to start our adventure. 



As you got farther down the pier, teams of people dressed in white kept popping up everywhere. 



We met up with my friend Alisha and her group of girls.  We got checked in and headed to the bar for a drink.  I kept forgetting it was open bar and kept getting my credit card out like it was going to get the bartender’s attention.  I’m an idiot.  The ship was 4 stories tall and pretty spacious even with 400 people on board.  We met up with some more Indy folks, Meg and Jerry on the ship.  We cruised around the lake and also got to watch fireworks from the Venetion festival.  It was awesome! 



The boat docked back around 11 pm and then we boarded a bunch of school buses to hit the Enclave…where I met Frodo Baggins.  This kid was about boob height and didn’t look a day over 16.  Oh well.  I turned him into my dance partner for the evening.  Whatever.  We all made it home sans strangers by 3 am.   

The morning was spent sharing stories and pictures from the night.  My best friend even used my Mino to get undercover footage of me dancing… by myself… on the boat.  Such a good friend that girl.  The one I wished I had video of… Tim swimming on the hotel floor after knocking over the cooler at 3 am.  One thing we need video of… how did I get a stamp from the Crobar (which is not even remotely close to Enclave) on my hand that none of my friends had?  It is our own Hangover movie moment.  Before we left town, we made a stop at another bar called Bull and Bear.  Tim was super dooper excited to go here.  They have taps at the table and charge you by the ounce.  Tim wanted to stick his head under it, but we managed to convince him not too.  After a few brews, it was a long day and time to head back to Indy.  But since we love Tim so much, we made a special trip to his Grandparent’s house in Merriville.




Thanks to my babysitters, Frotto, Red Fanny Pack guy!  I had a blast and hope everyone else did too.  Let’s do it again next year!


View all photos from this event.

Summer Fun

Time for the lake again!  I had only been home 4 days, but was ready for some more lake action.  We had people coming and going all weekend.  When it was all said and done, we had 21 people come thru the house.  Eph and I headed up Thursday to get ready.  Plus it was America’s birthday, so we got the best flags in the house up. 


The first wave of friends came up Friday.  Bruce, Jake, Joe, Ben, and Chris.  The usual boat rides and wave runner action ensued.  Here’s me as Captain of the Fuller Formula.  I put Bruce in the back with his timeout belt because he wouldn’t shut up about how bad his “beef curtains” hurt during boat rides.



We hung out all day then headed over to Lake Syracuse for the fireworks.  They weren’t too bad, but the real show is on Lake Wawasee the following night.  Rumor has it, it’s the 3rd best show in the state.  Unfortunately I didn’t record those, but I did get Syracuse on tape.  We finished our evening with a grand game of poker that I can’t remember who won, but I know it wasn’t me. 


Saturday brought Rick, Tim, Mitch, Amanda, Kristin, and my parents.  The weather did not want to cooperate with us this day.  Most of us stuck out the drizzle and played Boche or corn hole outside.  A few others decided to attack the 1500 piece puzzle that was inside.  The haze finally wore off towards the end of the day and we had a perfect view of the fireworks from our yard. We ended our night with a stellar game of Apples to Apples. If you are a group of degenerates like us, have a few drinks and play this game. You’ll cry its so funny. Here’s a few pics from the day and a video of our own personal fireworks show. 



Sunday was the weather we’d all been looking for.  Lots of sunshine and blue skies!  Too bad it wasn’t 1 day earlier but we made the most of it!  Even Mimi, the matriarch of the family and proud owner of the house, made a visit!  Great times and memories!  Thanks for letting us use it, Mimi!