Polar Bear Run 2009

Is it unpatriotic to go the bathroom while the National Anthem is playing?!  I’m downtown in Indy with a few minutes before my 5 mile race was to begin.  I always use the “facilities” before my races so I was just keeping with my normal pre-race routine.  Except this time, I was literally using the john when the National Anthem started playing.  Talk about an awkward exit from a port-a-john.  Here’s the start line.

You head south east of the city and then loop back around to run by the mighty Lucas Oil Stadium.  After that it’s almost a straight shot to the finish line.  My only complaint is that the 5k runners merge with the 5 milers at mile 4.  How unfair!  They all are crankin’ a lot faster than me because I had 2 more miles on my legs.  Oh well, my green bib was cooler than their yellow bibs!
I don’t have any cool running stats like my bro, so here’s what I can offer… I ate 30 cheerios, drank 1 glass of milk, ran 5 miles for a finishing time of 43:20.  Good enough for me on a 30 degree day.  
Oh, on my drive to the race, I saw 2 policemen carrying about 8 Samauri swords and other odd looking weapons from an apartment on Meridian.  Wish I knew more about that story!  Off to watch my Boilers beat the Loo-Loo-Loo-Loosiers!
EDIT:  The company that sponsored my race sent me some stats.  I’ll get my geeky Garmin stats working soon, but for now here’s some more numbers for you.  “There were 64 finishers in the Female 30 to 34 age group and 846 finishers in the race. Your overall finish place was 326 and your age group finish place was 8.”

Bop to the Top ’09

I started a tradition for myself in 2007.  As a New Year’s resolution, I vowed to participate in one community event per month.  I ran into some medical issues during the spring of 2007, but was still able to hit 8 of 12 months.  In 2008, I was 100%.  It’s something I see myself continuing as long as I can.  I have found a good set of races in Indy that I enjoy.  Some are on roads, trails, or both.  Most range from 5K – 13.1M.  Today was the first race of the 2009 season… Bop to the Top.

Strangely enough, this is my third time doing this race, but my first time participating as an employee of the building that hosts the event.  If you don’t know what Bop is, here are some stats for you:  805 steps, 515 feet tall, 37 flights of stairs.


That’s right, straight up!  I love it when I hear people that work out say “I did 340 stairs at the gym.”  I don’t care if you did do 1340 stairs, it’s not even close to actually doing it on stationary stairwells.  I tried to rope some Bop Virgins into it this year by offering homemade breakfast and Mimosas afterward.  I got 2 takers.  Kyle & Audrey Brames joined me.  They run ALOT.  More than I care too.  Hell, Kyle ran over 5 miles to the damn building this morning!  Audrey and I drove and met him there.  I think they enjoyed the idea and being at the event, but didn’t enjoy the coughing and lung pain that follows.  Here’s how we finished.  Kyle 6:42.  Natalee 7:17.  Audrey 8:04.  The winner was 3 minutes 52 seconds.  I have no desire to be that fast!  There are even people that sign up specifically to do this 3 times in 1 day.  No thank you!  I will say there a few extra seconds on my time, probably about 10, because my stupid chip didn’t register when I came across the mat. So I had to go back and cross the finish line again. Not sure if Kyle and Audrey will do it again next year, but I’m a sucker for it, so if there is anyone out there that needs talked into it, shoot me an email!  Thanks for joining me guys!


EDIT:  This is not an attractive race.  Pictures from the stairwell.