Jingle My Bell

Today was my last race of the 2009 season, the Jingle Bell run. It was a brisk 23 degrees but no winds and the sun was peeking through.  I arrived promptly at 8:08 am for the 8:15 am start time.  Just in time to find the john and get in my spot.  But when I walked up the announcer says “The start of the race has been postponed until 8:30 am.”  Ok, it’s not that bad, but I time these things for minimal cold exposure.  I got in line to go into the State Museum to stretch but there was no room at all, so I just did a U-ey and got in my spot.  This time I got in front of the 8 min mile sign thinking that wasn’t cheating too bad.  I did plan to run 8:10s.  I was trying to get proof that I am still the runner that knows what pace they can handle and get in my appropriate “corral” but missed the top of the sign.  


As usual, people were peeling off left and right starting to walk less than 1/2 mile in.  I had to do some bobbin’ and weavin’ but made it thru and  held a good pace.  Lots of young kids today representing different middle schools.  But most entertaining is that this race brings out all kinds of interesting costumes.  Trees, elves, Santas, Dick Guy in a box. 


As I was crossing the finish line, I noticed this guy cheering me on!”


I finished slightly faster than last year at 25:05 and since I was feeling pretty good after the race, I tagged on 2 extra miles around downtown before I headed home.

So this concludes my race season. I started running one community event a month back in 2007. I didn’t make 100% that year due to some medical issues, but 2008 and 2009 have both been 12 for 12. Not sure what I’ll do to up the ante next year. 2 a month? Different cities? Try to get someone to join me each run? Guess I have a few days to figure it out. Until then, 2010 starts off with Bop to the Top. Who’s with me?!

Drumstick Dash 2009

I’ve done this Broadripple race for the past 3 years and every year the participant count increases.  2 years ago it had about 5,000 people.  Last year 7,000.  I’ll be interested to see how many there are this year.  But most importantly, I was very happy to see Gerry Gobbler.  I swear I do not seek out mascots.  I just happen to be where they are at the right time for photo ops!


There was also a cardinal mascot, but other than being a bird, I’m not sure what he has to do with this holiday or race.  Lots of paticipants seem to be families spending some exercise time together on Thanksgiving.  Lots of costumes and hats.  There was a little boy in a full pilgram outfit.  A few kids in halloween type turkey suits.  But I think this takes the award for best hat.


We had great weather at 40 crisp degrees.  It spit a little mist on us for awhile, but with no wind, it was a welcome refreshing treat to cool your sweat.  I finished over a minute faster than last year at 37:15. Ok with me as I am fatter and older than 1 year ago.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Race Across The Sky

I think anyone that knows me, knows my love of Colorado. So I tried to drum up some fanfare for a movie tonight about a little city known as Leadville and the big races it produces. Kristin’s the only one that joined me probably because everyone else looked at the running time of 205 minutes!  Holy crap, but it is worth it.  This is an exclusive screening across the USA at once.  Pretty cool to think some people I’ve met in my travels out west will all be watching at the same time.

I took part in the Leadville Half Marathon this year while my Bro raced in the full marathon. In addition to those, Leadville hosts a 50 miler, a 100 miler and a 100 mile bike ride. Brandon is nuts enough to have competed in the 50 and will compete in the 100 next year. There are even crazier people that enter all 5 LT100 race events, Trail Marathon, Silver Rush 50, LT100 Mountain Bike, LT100 10K, and the LT100 Run, within a racing season and finish each within designated qualifying times and you’re get to call yourself a Leadman or Leadwoman and get a large belt buckle. 282.4 miles for that?  No thanks, I choose to live the bike race out on the big screen.

So, yes we are at a movie, but at the same time, it’s epic to be watching with others across the US.  I shed some tears, did some clapping.  Kristin looked at me in digust, “Are you crying?!”  Shut up!  I finished the evening with a loud “Ewe-ewe” responded by a single “ewe-ewe” and applauded.   This city doesn’t get what I need.  I was curious to know how many in attendence actually have been to Leadville.  We know Lance Armstrong has.  He was fresh off the tour, uniball and all, he achieved stellar competition.  And he finished on a flat tire. He’s just that awesome!

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

I had a really full weekend and didn’t have time to post my activities individually because I had so many damn activites.  It all started on Friday with a trip to see Kings of Leon.  Some friends and I rented a limo and headed up to Verizon for the show.  Limos are totally the way to go to any concert if you can arrange it.  Not having to worry about driving, parking, lines, is worth the money.  The show was great and it didn’t rain!  Definitely a great way to end an outdoor season of music for me.

Saturday, I woke up bright and early to meet my co-workers downtown to compete in the Corporate Challenge at 8am.  I organized the event for my company this year.  I had to push through my 4 hours of sleep I got, put on a smile, and participate in the 5K run, 1/2 mile run, and cornhole toss.  I did the 5K in 24 minutes and change, then the 1/2 mile in 3:13.  Mmepphh, I’ll take it after the night I had.  Strange to think my best 1/2 mile in high school was basically a minute faster.  I hung out at IUPUI until everyone was done competing and headed home.

Making a responsible decision, I chose not to attend the Notre Dame/Purdue game because I had a volunteer commitment on Sunday that I did not want to miss.  The original plan was to stay the night on campus and live it up like we were still in college.   The game was at 8 pm, so that is a long day and night of partying that could go awry.  However, on my way home from IUPUI, my buddy Jared called and said he was going to the game.  Hmmm.  If I knew that I had a ride back here after the game so I knew I wouldn’t miss my Sunday event…. twist my arm!  I made a few phone calls and had a ticket!  I met Jared at McDonald’s where we fashionably waited for our ride to the game.


Seeing Notre Dame play has always been a dream of mine.  Rudy was a high school favorite movie of mine.  I dreamt of going to Notre Dame.  My parents offered me one year at Notre Dame or 4 years at a state school.  I think I chose wisely.  So I was very excited to watch my alma mater and my wishful alma mater play in Ross-Ade.  However, the game was unfortunate.  We were in the lead and only needed to hold the Domers for 4 minutes.  We couldn’t do it.  Sara’s expression said it all.


A good time was still had by all.  Uncle Steve turned 50.


We got to smash Irishman pinatas.


And I got to see my old crew from the Deuce.


Today I attended the Pearls of Pink Model party at Nordstroms. I’m currently volunteering as the Model Chairman for the Pink Ribbon Fall Fashion Show. It’s a wonderful event where all the models are breast cancer survivors or work in the medical profession assisting breast cancer patients. It was the first time we all got to meet each other and hear everyone’s stories. I’m so excited to be part of this event and affiliated with this great organization.  We are down to our last 2 weeks before the big show.  All that I have left to do is find my outfit!

So, this is the first time I’ve sat and rested in the past few days, but it’s short lived.  Off to a cookout for the Colts game!

2009 Urban (my ass) Adventure Race

The big day finally arrived!  Last year’s Urban race was awesome so I was really looking forward to this one.  For those that don’t know, an adventure race consists of orienteering through woods, canoeing, running, and biking.  You get a series of maps, all different scales, with checkpoint locations on them.  You have to race in numerical order and get punches on a passport that proves you were at every spot.  An Urban race is on city streets and has the same concept but the passport includes tasks at each checkpoint that you have to complete in order to move on.  I call it “The Amazing Race” in one day.  Last year was my first year competing.  We cargo-netted 2 stories down and up into the White River, repelled off a building, jumped off the IUPUI 10 meter platform, ran in the storm sewers under downtown Indy, ran all the stairs at the U of I gymnasium… I could go on.  We ended up 4th in our division and finished the whole race.  We were looking to improve on that this year!

I was like a little kid at Christmas trying to sleep Friday night.  I managed to get some shut eye around 1:30am, but was up at 4:30am to head over to Kevin’s to get the tow system hooked up on my bike.  In this race, it’s legal to create a home-made tow system to use your strongest biker’s momentum to carry the rest of your team.  Last year, Kevin didn’t look like he even broke a sweat on the bike, so this year the engineer in him fashioned something out of PVC pipe, ski rope, carabiners and bungy cords.  It worked well and not so well at one point, but we’ll get to that later.  Here’s a shot of it.


The next thing we decided to better than last year was get to the park on time.  Last year, we couldn’t find the damn place and got there with about 10 mintues to spare and didn’t have time to review the maps.  We only took 1 wrong turn on our way to Southwestway Park but arrived at 6:15 to check in.  We got our maps and started studying our course.  Got all of our gear organized, including the random straw, sugar packet and quarter we were each required to have.  I spent many hours contemplating what this stuff was for.  I was not going to snort sugar off a quarter with a straw.  I couldn’t manage to suction the sugar to the quarter using the straw.  And I tried to walk and balance them on the straw.  Was very interested to see what we needed this stuff for.  Here’s the team.


Race started at 8 am and we were off to checkpoint 1.  The first 7 CPs were an orienteering section.  The instructions said, get 3 of the 6 and move on.  So we did.  We grabbed our bikes, PFDs and paddles and biked over to CP8 and found canoes waiting for us.  We had to drag the canoes down a hill into the river.  At some sections, the river wasn’t deep enough so we took turns dragging it down the shore until we got to a point we could paddle again.  Brian provided some comic relief at this point with a song that we had to repeat as he sang.

“I… wish all the ladies”

“Were holes in the road”

“Cuz if I was a dump truck”

“I’d fill’em with my load”

“I… wish all the ladies”

“Were bricks in a pile”

“Cuz if I was a mason”

“I’d lay’em all with style”


We made our way up and down the river and were in 5th place at this point.  As we were headed out to CP10, one of the race organizers said that the advanced teams were suppose to get all 6 CPs from the beginning section.  WTF?!  Then put that on the instructions!  We had to go back there around CP26 anyway, so we decided we’d talk about it then.  More checkpoints = more points overall.  We hooked up the bike tow system and headed off.  It was working well until Kevin took a turn that my tow system didn’t like.  I was hooked to Brian and it kind of flung my bike in a big swoop.  I knew we had a problem, so I just calmly said “I’m going down boys, going down.”  I did my best to land in the grass, but my knee took a pretty good scrape.  No time to waste, so just get back up and move on!  First aid will have to wait.  Did break my front brake, so had to manage without that for the remaining 30 miles of the day.  We rode up to a house and were directed to the backyard.  There were 9 clear water bottles submerged in a pool.  We had to find 3 of them before moving on.  I had brought goggles with me, so I threw those on and walked into the pool, shoes and everything.  Made quick work of it and headed out.  There was a lemonade stand next store with a sign “A QUARTER”.  Really?!  This is what the sugar/straw/quarter was for?!  Cute but boring.  We each downed a glass and got some bonus points for figuring it out.  Next we headed to the golf course for a putting challenge.  It was kind of lame.


Then we were off to another park for some more orienteering.  This time it was 2 of 4, so we got our 2 and moved on to take the lead in the race.  We found a lady standing in the middle of the road at CP18.  We were told to ride down this huge hill to the stop sign and back… twice.  WTF is urban about that?!  We completed the task and headed to Perry Meridian high school to find some volunteers at the track.  We each had to run 1/2 a lap before we could get our stamp.  Easy enough and on our way to CP20.  We arrived at a house with a nasty pond out back.  There were several inflatable canoes in the yard.  All 3 of us had to get in one and using a rope across the pond, pull ourselves to one side and back.  Brian got in, I followed and Kevin took the rear.  The rope had accumulated some scum and seaweed on it, so as we were whipping across it, shit was flying everywhere.  I looked back at Kevin and he’s just covered in a green mess.  I started to cry it was so funny.  He just did a shoulder shrug and said “Yea, f*ck it”. We knew we wouldn’t stay clean, but it was awful. 

Our next checkpoint was at a creek.  We learned that we had to take our bikes through the creek to the exit point.  WTF is urban about this?!  The creek was knee to waist high.  It was a soft foundation so you couldn’t ride through it and you’re a bit tired at this point so carrying a bike wasn’t a viable option either.  Glad I just bought a great bike 2 weeks ago only to run it thru 1/2 mile of Indy’s finest water.  A team ended up passing us at this point, so we were back to second.  The next few checkpoints were on a dirt bike trail at a levee.  We regained the lead by cutting through a backyard to return for our stamp.  Upon our return a volunteer noticed we were missing CP10 on our passport.  WHAT THE FUCK, BOYS?!  Kevin was navigator.  Brian was in charge of the passport.  A huge wave of disappointment came over all of us.  We had blown right by the CP after the canoes.  We immediately rode back over to the spot on the map, but the task was over and no volunteers were there.  Son of a… Major penalty for missing a CP.  Strangely, I wasn’t mad at anyone just sour that our great ride was not going to be a 1st place finish.  And I took over naviagation.

We biked over to CP26 to find a zip line across the river.  Jerry, one of the organizers, was still setting it up.  Geez, guys… clock is ticking.  The gear list told us to bring our own harnesses, so we’d been trudging around town with about 20 extra pounds only to find harnesses waiting for us at the zip line.  Maybe they didn’t plan on it, but just frustrating that we didn’t need to carry such a heavy load.  I snapped on the line and sailed across.  The return line was sunk down in the river so once I snapped on and got in, the pulley slid off the wire and got stuck.  I wrestled with it for a bit and ended up just walking back across the river.  Disappointing.  Since we were close to the area where CP5-7 was, we decided it was best to go get those and make up some points since we missed 10.




Well, that was a big mistake.  We had our bikes with us on a very thick vegatation trail.  We spent 40 minutes in the woods getting scratched, scraped, bitten and muddy.  You needed a machete to get through parts of it.  We didn’t find 5, 6 or 7.  Finally a clearing with a dirt road opened up in front of us.  I think Kevin wanted to call it quits at this point.  He said if he sees his truck, he’s done.  Slap-happy phase set in for me, but we motored through and headed off for Stage 2 of the course.  There is a 6 hour maximum completion time.  If you finish after that, you get penalized so I kept an eye on the time.  We had an hour left and 7 more check points to go.  These CPs were very spread out but we managed to hit 3 before heading back in.  One was moving 3 bails of hay at a horse farm, another run thru a creek, and then had to catch 2 fly balls at baseball diamond.  We rode back in with 5:54 on my watch and 43.16 miles covered.

We didn’t place in the top 3 for our division.  Results aren’t posted yet, so no idea how bad the missing CP hurt us.  Only 1 team finished the entire course, which to me says it was too long.  I think you would want a few teams to finish or why else plan that many CPs that no one is going to get to do?!  Overall this year, I hate to say, I was disappointed in the course.  It was much more on the Adventure side, than the Urban side.  Just wasn’t prepared for that.  After the race, we noticed our race tshirts had “sub” urban written on them.  Exactly!  It was not advertised that way.  The tasks at each stop were not challenging like last year.  You were through each one in about 2-3 minutes this time.  Pushing all that aside, I had a great time with my team and made some wonderful memories.  Hopefully Kevin and Brian will be back again next year because remember boys, Win Or Lose We Still Booze!  (That was our team name ūüôā

Here’s some video Jessi and Sara shot while we were out on the course.  Leave it to Jessi to find room for the Glamour shot on a stick. That thing will haunt me to the day I die. Still trying to get the Google Earth map to work…

Leadville Post-Race

After the race, we went back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the awards “ceremony”.  My brother took a tumble at one point during the race so he brought a bit of the mountain back with him.  When it was my turn to shower, it looked a kid’s sandbox in the tub!  We headed over to a gymnasium near the start line for the ceremony.  The emcee of the night was the original inventor of all these Leadville races.  This guy was funny, but I think he’s fried quite a few brain cells in his day.  Watch the video and you’ll understand.  Top 3 in each age group got a mining pan with a plaque in it.  Brandon and I didn’t come close.  But we did get our finishers mug and happily accepted them!  This video has some extra footage of the top 5 in case you want to see what killer mountain man runners look like.

After the ceremony, I was ready to live it up in Leadville!  I’ve always just passed through town from a hike or skiing, so I was anxious to see what, if any, nightlife there was.  And, there wasn’t much.  We stopped in one bar that had “Cash only” sign. Crap, I was going to buy my bro a beer but couldn’t. Brandon was ready to call it a night, so I tagged along with some fellow runners at the bar. We bar hopped, played shuffle board with some locals and listened to live music.  It was great relaxing end to a hard day.  The family packed up today and we are headed back to Longmont.  Well, it’s been fun Leadville.  Next time I see you, hopefully I’ll be passing through on my way to more leisurely Colorado sport involving snow!

Leadville Trail Marathon 2009

Leadville Race Day – Heavy Half Marathon

The time has come.¬† 15.5 miles up and down a Colorado monster.¬† From 10,000ft to 13,000 and back.¬† We woke up at 6:30 am for our 8 o’clock start time.¬† Our hotel was a few blocks from the start, so we all got dressed and headed over.¬† This race has just a few hundred runners in it, but they come in all ages, shapes and backgrounds.¬† It’s quite interesting to observe other human beings that think they should attempt this type of thing.¬† Here’s me and my brother at the start, plus my stretching coach helping me with my pre-race routine.

Leadville Trail Marathon 2009

Leadville Trail Marathon 2009

The gun went off and we were on our way.¬† The heavy-halfers and the full marathoners all start out the same, then branch off about a mile up the course.¬† Brandon ran with me the first mile, then I was off on my own.¬† I huffed and puffed my way up.¬† It was mostly walking with running when your body felt like it could.¬† My GPS was freaking out a bit during my walking spells, so¬†luckily I had written some aid station mileage on my arm so I knew where I was at.¬† I took some time to video here and there only to notice that as I was¬†getting my video in and out of my pocket, I turned my watch off.¬†¬†Shit.¬† It happened around the 1:30 mark, so now I had nothing to tell me where I was at in my goal to reaching the top in 2 hours.¬† The goal was at the top of this hill, just above the “i” in the snow.¬† You can also¬†see the dirt switchbacks we had to traverse to get to the top.

Leadville Trail Marathon 2009

Here’s a shot looking another direction.

Leadville Trail Marathon 2009

The big traverse is called Mosquito Pass.¬† On my way up, the elite marathoners started passing me.¬† I got to see Anton Krupicka pass me on his way up and down.¬† I said good job, but after the race he admitted he probably looked a bit disgruntled.¬† I agreed with him.¬† This race is brutal for anyone.¬† I made my way to the top in 2:14.¬† Took some video and left little time to rest as I was ready to start back down.¬† The descent is the most fun for me.¬† Gravity just wants to throw you down, so you have to use control and precise footing.¬† I was able to run into Brandon on my way down and his way up.¬† We stopped for a few breaths and were on separate ways.¬† Once I got down the Pass, all I could feel was happiness and was singing to my tunes and smiling at everyone.¬† People probably thought I was nuts.¬† These marathoner’s still had a long way to go and here comes some chick bouncing down like a school girl.¬† A lot of people smiled back once they saw how good of a time I was having, and I reminded them that they would be smiling once they start down too.¬† As I passed by aid station B, I got to see Kim and the kids.¬† Kim snapped this picture of me headed down.¬† I was acting like I could fly.¬† I felt like it was possible with the momentum of the hill behind me and the view in front me.¬† I was¬†having F U N!

Leadville Trail Marathon 2009

With just a few miles left, everyone is pretty spread out but I got to meet¬†3 interesting fellows on the way down.¬† One was from Mexico.¬† He didn’t speak any English but told me if I ever wanted to visit his country, he’d give me his phone number.¬† He found me at the end of the race and asked to have his picture taken with me.¬† I’m not a rock star runner, but I’ll take the “celebrity”.¬† The other guy I met was named Jim Heil.¬† He and I had been taking turns leading each other and at his final pass past me, he introduced himself.¬† He was 68 and on his 4th set of legs!¬† I assume he had some hip replacements in the past.¬† He did say I had the nicest legs on the course, so I’ll let it slide that he kicked my ass by a few minutes.¬† Another marathoner ended up passing me¬†before our big turn out of the mining area.¬† There are pink flags marking the course, but he wasn’t paying attention.¬† He started heading straight down a street when he needed to go right.¬† So I started yelling “right…Right…RIGHT!”¬† Finally he caught on, waved, and headed into town.¬†¬†His name was Nick Clark and ended up finishing 4th in the marathon race.¬† At the end, he admitted he was¬†a bit out of it and said thanks for the help.

I cruised into the finish at 3:57:06.¬† I was pleased!¬†¬†Not too shabby for a Flatlander.¬† I finished 115th out of 164 and was 15th in my F30-39 age group.¬† The winner ran it in 2:16:11!¬† I made my goal of 4 hours, but my most important goal was to have fun.¬† And I did.¬† More fun than I can describe!¬†¬†I probably could have pushed myself harder at points and cut some time off, but I’d wanted to take in every second of this race and squeeze as much fun out of it as I could.¬† Here’s me with my finishing time on the wall.

Leadville Trail Marathon 2009

Since Brandon had twice as far to go, I hung around the finish to take in the scene and people.  I was surrounded by some really talented runners.  I introduced myself to the Leadville Marathon winner, Dennis Flanagan and snagged a shot with him!  Met and got pics with runners #1 & #2 of the day, sweet!

Leadville Trail Marathon 2009

As I waited for Brandon, a quick storm rolled in and added some coolness to the otherwise hot sunny day.  It sprinkled for 30 minutes on us, but you could hear the thunder rolling in on the mountains.

Leadville Trail Marathon 2009

Brandon made it down the stretch and crossed the line at 5:55:36.

Leadville Trail Marathon 2009

In my opinion, a job well done by the Fuller Crew.¬† I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.¬† Not even the tiniest elephant in the world!¬† Sounding like a 5th grader, I think it’s so cool that my brother and I have both got to compete in a race together in our home states.¬† I will say, my state’s are easier, his are more fun!¬† Thanks for the invite Brandon!¬† I wouldn’t of wanted to share this with anyone else!¬† Thanks to Kim, Sydney, and Reagan for giving up their weekends to be with us in Leadville!¬† I sure enjoyed it and hope you all did too!

Check out Brandon’s story

Check out my video…I inadvertently had the camera on in my shorts pocket, so my battery died towards the end. Didn’t get my finish on video. Lessoned learned for the next race.

Leadville Pre-Race

We drove over to Leadville today to get settle before the big race.  This town sits at just above 10,000ft and looks like a tiny little historic burg.  It’s very peaceful up against the giant mountains. 



We walked around a bit the headed over to get our packets.  It was in the little sports shop on the main drive.  Brandon goes in first and I follow.  As I pass by Kim, she says quietly, “Tony’s here.”  OMG!  This is the Forest Gump of Colorado.  I have followed a little about this dude since my brother brought him to my attention.  The dude runs and runs.  I think Tony is my brother’s idol.  So we are standing in line with Tony right in front of us.  My brother starts up a conversation.  Tony gets his stuff and is ready to head out.  Ummm… we all know I’m not that shy and just happen to have my camera, so I politely asked for a picture.


He was really nice, shook my hand, asked my name, and was on his way.  The best comment… my brother asked him what time he wanted to run.  His answer, “Break the course record.”  Jesus.  Can’t you jusy say win?!  Pretty cool that the dude can say that though.  After our celebrity encounter, we headed over to Turquoise Lake for some water fun.  The girls were too excited and stripped down to get in their suits.  I’m old and it was quite cold to me, but the view was beautiful.



We grabbed some dinner and are ready to chill at the hotel and rest up for the real reason we are here… To not be the Last Ass Over The Pass!

Swim, Bike, Bowl?

Saturday was my June community event, the Sprint triathalon at Eagle Creek.  Since you have to get up at the butt crack of dawn for this race and have so much gear to take, I prepacked and even made a list of things that I still needed to grab in the morning like water from the fridge and my watch from the charger.  I got up, grabbed all my stuff and got to the course at 7 am.  I started empting all my stuff from the car and did a recheck to make sure I didn’t leave anything behind.  Googles and swim cap, check.  Bike and helmet, check.  Running shoes… Running shoes?… Bueller?… Bueller?  Whoopsie!!!  Oddly, I didn’t panic and just assessed the situation.  I had two options.  Option 1 – I had approximately an hour and 20 minutes before my scheduled start time.  I could try to get home and back and park and set up in time, or Option 2 – Make do with whatever shoes I had in my car because I was wearing flip flops.  Option 2 won and I wore the shoes that I wear bowling.  I keep a small sports locker in my trunk so it was either that or golf spikes.  I’ll take the bowling shoes. 


I headed to check in and get my numbers 352 tattooed on my arm. I only knew 1 other person doing the race, and I was able to run into him before we started. He said he forgot his goggles.  I told him my story and he said “You win.” Here’s my station.



Instead of starting the swim in age group waves this year, they did it in numerical order about 1-2 seconds apart.  They called 350-400 and off I went.  It was much better but you still did run into people.  I started out freestyle but my lungs weren’t liking it, so I switched to back stroke which was working really well for me.  I was making my tangent lines to the buoys to keep the distance to a minimum.  I ended up actually hitting one buoy that kind of shot me off like a right hand turn.  Took about a minute for me to figure out that I was off course and right might self back on track.  I exited the water at 12 minutes and change.  I was cool with that.  

I got through my first transition without a hitch and headed onto the 10 mile bike ride.  My problem in the bike last year was that I had mountain bike tires and didn’t know the appropriate shifting style up and down hills.  I fixed the shifting problem so I was hoping to do a little bit better this year.  Pretty uneventful ride.  Hit the transition area and set out for the 3 mile run at about one hour into the race.

I figured the run was going to suck.  I knew I did 27 minutes last year, so I figured I’ll have to settle for 10 minute miles in my bowling shoes.  So I didn’t check my watch and just ran how I was feeling.  I passed a young kid on the road and he started to pace with me.  We started chatting and found out he was going to be a Senior at Logansport High School.  I asked if he was going to try and run in college and especially at Purdue.  Kirby said yes to the running, but probably at IU because he wanted to go to med school.  I told him I’d let it slide.  He asked me if I was in school at Purdue.  Bless his little heart.  I informed him of my age and that he was a baby when I was in school.  He did the obligatory, “you don’t look like you are 31.” but it still made my day!  We were cruising with about 1/2 mile to go so I started talking up the kick to the end and that we needed to pick up the pace.  I don’t think he was happy but he went with it until the last turn.  I started striding out and was encouraging him to come with  me.  He said he couldn’t, so I kept pushing because I had it in me.  Right as I was about to the finish, here comes Kirby flying behind me.  I think he didn’t want the old maid beating him.  I crossed the line, stopped my watch and saw 1:26:29!?  WTF?!  Seriously?  I PR’d in bowling shoes?!  SWEET!

Compared to last year…

Event 2009 2008
Swim 12:20.1 11:12.3
Transition 01:43.7 0:1:39.7
Bike 0:45:33.9 0:47:12.7
Transition 01:15.9 01:07.7
Run 0:25:35.1 0:27:18.1
Finish 1:26:28.8 1:28:30.5

Maybe next year I’ll remember all my gear and have the right bike!

EDIT: Pictures courtsey of www.photoreflect.com




Holliday Park Trail Run 2009

It was time for my favorite race of the year!  Indy has a ton of street races, but very few off road ones so I always look forward to the Holliday Park Trail Run.  The course is about 3 miles from my home, so I COULD have easily been training for this, but for those that know me, I don’t train.  That is just not my style.  My friend Jared was looking for a run to compete in, so he joined me for the 5 mile trek.




And one from after… 


During the race, I was in front of Jared and trying to take some backward shots of him running.  None turned out.  I gave him the camera for at one point and he was trying to take some “art” shots.  I told him as long as “art” didn’t involve my ass, shoot away!  Turns out, the camera was on video setting and we got some great Blair Witch like video!  Thanks for running with me Jared!!  We finished in a 10:27 pace with an overall time of 52:17.  I SWEAR the race was a half mile longer than they claim.