Diavolo Date Night

Can’t head back to campus without visiting 2 of my favorite spots! Stop #1 for dinner!


Then over to Loeb Playhouse to see the recent AGT top finalist, Diavolo, perform. Clearly this student was not taught theatre manners. Come on kid, get it together!


The show was titled Passengers. Act I did not excite us. The dancing and movement was very rhythmic, but the props were not. They used large hard wood white boxes. CS says, “It’s like a office full of cubicles.” Well, they portrayed that one right with the name of Act I being “Cubicles”. Act II brought on the big structures we were waiting for. It well made up for Act I! Lots of jumps, slides, and tumbling.


The trip wouldn’t have been complete without a stop # 2 to the ole’ NC to visit my friend the Piano Man!


Where he kindly kept reminding the audience how old I was. He forgets, he ages too even though everyone around him stays the same age. 20 years and he still rocks the full room!

Friendly Wager

Whenever my HLP and I make a bet, I have to be careful with the punishment so that I’m not the one who looks silly. For the IU v PU basketball game, I told her to bring a Tervis to our viewing party. Loser has to drink out of the opposing team’s Tervis for 48 hours. Going in, I was pretty confident. During the game, not so much. It came down to the very last minute. Victory for me! Sorry Tervis, you have to endure some CC for a little bit.


Can’t Believe I’ll Say This

I’m a fan of Hoosiers.


Hoosiers meaning the state, not the University. Get it?! I was privileged to attend the preview screening of the new documentary about my great state. I must admit, I cheated on my history test about presidents. I didn’t think that info was useful in high school. History, not my thing. Only so much room in our brains for info. But tonight, I was excited to gain insight into my state’s bicentennial celebration. And I even got to hear from the historian James H. Madison himself.


I may start learning about history. Shit. I’m old.

Race Season Begins

Big 10 games were in town. I won’t complain about free tickets. I will complain about watching Rutgers v. Nebraska. Boring.


Probably the most exciting part was the halftime Big 10 baby race with each school represented. This had to violate some NCAA rule.


Best part, I love you Robbie Hummel!


As the weekend approached, it was time to put in some work. Previously.


I did a toughness pose-off with Sparty. I think he won. Coolest thing was as we were walking to the start line, Coach Izzo was walking by the Circle. I’ve seen him before. He’s quite noticeable. I elbowed CS and said “That’s Izzo.” As we passed by I said, “Hi Coach!”. He responded, “Boiler Up!” Awesome.


Least favorite part of the race. Totally kills the momentum.


I decided I needed a selfie. I’m a dork.


A look back.


Usually I recruit double digit participants to represent. My numbers are dwindling. My loyal 2016 crew.


Even the warm temps couldn’t keep WFD away. Got to use my flax seed mittens when I got home. I’m an old ass lady.


But only 6 seconds/minute slower than 2 years ago. Take it. Bonus note: 1st in my age group!!! So, let’s do it again the following week at my fav location. Previously. Hello Holliday!


Getting back into the running swagger, I was excited to race. This place just energizes me. It showed in my finish. 30 seconds/minute faster than last year. 2nd fastest pace ever for me there. Again, I’ll take it.

PU vs. Vandy

Got a 24 hour RSVP to the Purdue Vandy game courtesy of JCrew. Even Santa was there!


There’s really not a bad seat in this place.


Unless you have to sit in front of us.


These guys were clueless that we photo bombed them. They facebook/twitter/whatever the picture out and instantly got responses of “Who are the 2 chicks behind you?” They graciously sent us the evidence. But at half time, Uncle Steve came through with court side seats.


Swanigan is big.


But Haas is bigger!


Let’s make something happen this year Boilers!

Preview Day

When a potential Boilermaker says, “Can we go visit Purdue for one of my college days this year?” The answer is a resounding BOILER UP!


Purdue has created a brillant program called Preview Day. After a morning introduction, they schedule 2 break out sessions in the morning by each college at the University. An admissions director spoke and told you more details about their program, classes, credits… it was information overload in a good way. The best thing I learned at these sessions was University President, Mitch Daniels, wants 30% of Purdue students to study abroad. He has created separate funding for study abroad programs and every student we met this day, had studied aboard. Brilliant program for these Boilers.

After those sessions, they provided a free lunch at one of the cafeterias. I was not looking forward to this remembering the one year I was forced to eat at these while living in the dorms. My, how they have changed! CS was excited for the all-you-can-eat experience.


College did not look like that when I was there. I was very jealous. NOT that I want to go back. It’s just so much cooler (yep, I’m old) on campus now. They even had an Amazon store with free 1 day shipping. I had to wait a week for my Mom’s care packages.

We were left with an open afternoon to visit different spots on campus that were ready to give potential students tours. We headed to the health lab and the beautiful new PMO building. Followed that up with a dorm tour, shopping at Discount Den, dinner at Jake’s then Karma was on our side and the men’s basketball team had their opening pre-season game at home. Let’s go to Keady Court!



Funniest thing I witnessed, was this…


Really kids?! You want to steal 1 ply toilet paper. College kids are desperate to save money.

Red Storm

Met up with some friends for a Butler basketball game. Lots of new upgrades in the stadium including padded seats. Not bad for $20!

But the real reason I wanted to go to this game was to see the Legend himself, Mr. Gene Keady, consultant to Coach Lavin at St. Johns.


The Red Storm couldn’t get it together. They would pull within 6 or 8 points, then just get pummeled with a scoring run. They got some work to do. I kept my clapping to a minimum in the Bulldog house.