Mini Mini

Previously. With my epic banana fail last year, I employed a Kate Spade cross body to secure all of our necessities. Let’s race/walk/finish!


This was going to be a questionable day for us. Mama’s been dealing with some Plantar Fasciitis issue the past few months. The doctor cleared her with some heel supports. Said, “Do what you can and take the bus back if you need to.” Urg. No bus. We agreed to see how the day played out.

Even with the 2nd year of wave starts, the crowd is always inspiring to see how many people get involved in this race.


As usual, the street shows provide some great entertainment.


After mile 2, they had a special marker for the 500th mile of the history of the Mini Marathon. Mama “thought” it was the finish line. Nope, keep going.


I love seeing the type of people that compete here. So selfless and thoughtful. This guy was leading a vision impaired gentleman. Mom and I look like this several times at these races!


Around mile 4, another banner. Not yet Mom. Keep going!


As we rounded our way towards the track, I asked “How you doing Mom?” Mom, “Well, my heel knows we are doing something.” We started brainstorming our options. Quit, keep going, split up, break, and Herbie’s choice, cut the track. After a few rounds of “What do you want to do?” “What do you want to do?” Decision was, cut the track. It’s a hard hot surface. It was not worth costing the race to do something we’ve done enough times. This was her 8th! Seriously amazing.

Also meant I had time for a pic with a cow!


So with heavy hearts, we by-passed the gates and walked around the semi to join back up with the masses ready to complete this course.


We ended up over 10 miles so a solid day for us! Next year, hello 5K! New experience for both of us to share together. Mom’s getting some cortisone shots this week. Mike drop Mini. We out.

Can I Help You Find Your Bib Number?


With CS’s help, I got in early for the Mini volunteering this year. I scored a packet pick up spot! During our instructions, the leader asked for 4 people who would serve as greeters to the packet pick up area and help people as needed. Hell ya! I raised my hand first. Sounded like so much more fun than pulling bibs out of a box. CS was stationed in the Ask Me booth and got an action shot.


After awhile, a news crew shows up and plops down right where we are. They were prepping for a live spot from Anne Marie Tiernon.

As they comb the area for the perfect shot, she spies my mini bag. Asks me what’s in it and if she can borrow a few pieces. Couldn’t think of any reason to say no. She wanted the hat, shirt and the bib.

Yes, the bib with my name on it! Immediately called AM to get a live shot! Am I famous yet?! My welcoming crew with the TV star.

Boomer sighting! Can’t turn that down even if it’s a repeat.

Day To Night Time

Last year, I didn’t post about TWR because I was *perhaps* a bit bitter about being surprised by some awesome friends, even though I finished FIRST in my age group. What was I thinking?! This time, I knew there would be no age group awards. I had some nasty throat drain hacking going on all week. It was at its’ peak the morning of the race. TMI, it was like going through the vomit motions without the vomit release. Just empty heaves. Terrible. But the show must go on. So I toe’d the line and went off for a 10k at the Talk Walk Run. It was KVin’s fundrasier for Hear Indiana. I must support! At mile 2.5 I see a girl doing her own vomit show off the trail. I vowed then to make sure she was ok and finished. I stopped and made sure she had an ally. We stopped again at mile 3 of her 3.1, but she did make it to the finish. Then I had to continue for another 3.1. Urg. Great day of training for the mini šŸ™‚


Best bright spot in my day was this guy, hello Fever Freddy!


Afterward, it was a quick nap, food, shower then off to support my next friend’s fundraiser.Ā Previously.

No red carpet but the dress was worn.

Fundraising with champagne? Yes, sign us up!

Great awareness for JDRF, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Give back peeps. Everyone should donate time, talent, or treasure.

Adios Meh-he-co

Do we have to go? Tell me we don’t!


After the amazing food spread at Cirque, we passed up the buffets at the resort for some sit down dinners. First was the Brazilian like Fogo. Then my fav.


Hibachi! Who’s excited? This girl!


And theseĀ girls! They are pro-shrimp eaters!


Our waiter kept us entertained while the food cooked. His specialty, shots and napkins.


CS’s turn!


With our late reservation, we missed most of the night’s show, The Oscars. To my delight, the Madagascar mascots were still around! Then, they were drawn to the side where we were sitting. I like to think they *know* it’s me.



Next thing I know, they are all over dancing by us. I could not, not join in.




I don’t remember the pink tu-tu in the movie, but I love a character! As they start to retreat to the back, the zebra is kinda hanging out. I asked CS, who was closer to it, to ask the zebra if I could put his head on. This resort is sooo accommodating!


He even posed with me.


Oh man. Definitely a top 5 moment of the trip. After the show, we made our way to the discotheque for our last night of dancing. Dancing like idiots.


These things may or may not have happened at the disco:
* Skip around the dance floor
* Join the conga line
* Keep alcohol away from that guy
Bye Bye Iberostar. You were amazing and we will be back. Swear.



To amuse myself on the way home, I tried some origami courtesy of the Southwest magazine. Mom tried by throwing a crumpled dollar at me.


Mexico has different marriage laws. No clue how I talked CS into this one!


Love these people!


Next up: Video footage

Scooby Surprise

My friends invited us to 7th row Pacer tickets. Yes please!

I couldn’t get Boomer to come over for a picture.

But I got a pic with this guy! Shake!

Fwd: Shake

And this ‘stache.

CS and his ‘stache are taking donations to raise awareness for Movember and men’s health. Even a dollar helps if you can spare some change. Click here: to donate.

Group photo!

I love a half time performer I actually know. Turned out to be Christian Stoinev & Scooby!

From one of my favorite shows AGT! He made it to the top 12 this year! Take a look…

During half time, J decided he need to see how he measured up to the big guys on the floor.


After the half, we noticed a man. In Uggs. Blue Uggs. With sparkles. We knew he had to be “somebody”. After some quick interweb searches, it was none other than Colts player Daniel Adongo. Ah-dong-oh. Ah-maze-ing. Thanks to social media, Adongo was mildly harassed until we left the game. His lady friend wasn’t pleased, but we had fun!



Corporate Challenge Captain time again! Still can’t find the elusive female cyclist at my company, so I borrowed another bike and lined up at 7:50 for an 8 am start. I always have to ask for an early start because I have to hightail it over to volleyball right after several miles away. As I rode up, I was the first one in line! Ok by me. ISC Event chair walks up and says “First in line Natalee?”! We have known each other for almost a dozen years and he knows my dilemma each year.

Off to volleyball!


Had a pregger sub on stand by just in case I couldn’t get to the courts by the first game. Luckily the other team was late, so I made it in time!


Made it to the tournament but lost in the semi’s again. We are going to get this next year! 

Weekend 2 brought some gorgeous weather. Looking east over the IMS infield.


With the new venue, teams lost their bleacher spots. We opted for a team tent space as home base.


I manage to place other runners in the 30 age group but that left me the 10K. Urg. With my lack of exercise recently, this was not going to be fun. 8:27 pace like a turtle. But man, did my hair look nice after that race!

photo 1 (1)

How many times did I get to golf this summer? Zero. So I was the perfect candidate to do the chipping challenge for us. I nailed the bulls eye on my second shot. Except it was the bulls eye for the teams in the line to my right. I asked for half points? Nope.


I was prepared for Tug Of War, but game was on while I was out doing other events. My trusty side kick got people organized and over to represent our team. So I became the cheering/yelling section. “PUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLL!” I really enjoyed just yelling at people!


TOW tough with mascots!


Last event of the day was the newest. Pit crew challenge. Team of 4 had to change a tire on each front side of a real Indy car. NS manned the air gun while I handled the tire exchange! So fun!


Also new this year, a free cold one at the end!


Team OneAmerica turned out 4th in our division! Very pleased with the results. Crossing my fingers for some swag with the Golden Hanger award!


Can’t believe it was just 3 weeks ago that I had the privilege of attending the 2014 Agile conference. F’in amazing, awareness, eye opening, networking and learning week. My mind is still blown about how enjoyable it was! Call me a dork.

We arrived just in time on Sunday night to fireworks at Disney from the plane!


Then we met up with these sexy people in the morning to plot our way through this massive conference. There were so many breakout sessions to choose from. I would have 3-4 at a time to pick from. Having veterans with you was tremendously helpful.


My first session was an exercise in team work and role shifting. I had been through something like this before so I did my best to keep my mouth shut about what I knew was coming in round 3. “Can I get a prototype please?” No, I’ll make my own until I get one then.


After the first session, I went through my swag bag. Thought I had a tin of mints. Nope, not Mints. Scooby. The magnetic mouse. He wanted to be a Yoga mouse doing the tree pose.


Another session was about Kanban board creativity. It was great to see the brainstorming and ideas come out from a room of strangers! Ours was a video game based coin system. Another was a car wash. Spider webs.


Monday night was our reception party. Who knew we’d encounter this?!


K was not interested in the snake. I, having worked at a zoo before, was fine with a docile snake. In the wild, hell no.


He appeared to really like me too. Nuzzled right in there.


Of course, I found the lone Dummies mascot!


Then the magic happened!


I love magic acts. My Dad and I will sit and replay them on TV analyzing them to figure out how the hell they are doing it. This guy walks up to our table with a deck of cards. Bring it! And…. I knew the card he placed under the candle was my card, but I didn’t see his slight of hand in shuffling that got it there. Urg. Then came the bunnies. He placed *1 foam bunny* in my hand which I knew would turn into 2. So I said to him, “Well, I know there are 2 bunnies in there now but I don’t know how you did it!” As he went around the table, the bunnies kept mating. Blew JS’ mind!


Another slight of hand moment. Don’t leave your phone unattended around these people. Or your background photo becomes this…


Because all week, we’ve been absorbing minds that wear costumes to present in like this…


A lot of Agile is about visuals, Loved this one!


Put up my own stickie.


Midway through the week we got to be part of the conference by running a live innovation game with Sococo on our experience. It was broadcast in the exhibitor booth. It was actually quite tense for us, but after a few minutes, we got the hang of it.


JS had to get a pic of this shirt. I posed for photo op to not look obvious.


We were treated to a night at the City Walk after a long week of learning. Who knew a mariachi band would play Wrecking Ball?!


More sexy people from all over the world in our crew this week!


We had some time to kill before our return flight, so what better to do than outlet shop!


And make K do stupid shit like this!


Bye bye Agile Alliance. My brain still hurts. 


At the lake, I try not to think about work and get away. The weekend after the conference, with these smokin’ shades… I was ready to change the world!