Golf The Day Away


Another year, same start. My drives and irons were terrible the first few holes. My putter was a different story. Last year I learned the guys wanted to use my putt as a tactic to their putting accuracy. No problem, I stepped on the 1st hole to let them watch. Instead, I sunk a birdie from about 10 feet away. Then the toughest putt of the day on the 5th hole. It was breaking pretty gnarly and at least 40 feet away. Read my line boys. Whoops, sunk for birdie again! We all roared.


Used my drive off 7.


Used my drive off 8.


Then 10. Another birdie putt on 12. Guess I had relaxed from my jitters earlier in the day. I was having fun!


I thought the boys were tired of my camera ops, until I hit this beauty drive on a par 3. Closest to the pin for the time being! I had to take a pic in case it didn’t hold up. Not many women out there today, but I was sure someone would beat me.


Guess not!!! First golf award I earned on my own since my 1988 Shoaff Park Pepsi Pee-Wee Golf Campionship (Yes I still have my plaque)


Afterward we were treated to a nice meal and got our picture with the “Pastor”.


Team Boiler Balls Minus 2 didn’t win, but we had plenty of laughs.

Fogo de Chao Down

With Devour Downtown going on, it finally seemed like the right time to experience the gluttony of Fogo de Chao. I planned the first portion of the night, Glow in the Dark golf! 

Golf pic 2

I constantly felt like I was going to trip on something and fall on my face. CS racked up 4 hole-in-ones in our first 18 holes. My tickets bought us 3 rounds each, but there was no way I could last for 3 full rounds of this. After the first game, we both had a few bad scores so I said we could each pick 2 holes to redo. Better or worse, you take the new score. My score stayed the same but CS improved his by 4 shot, pushing him into the winners spot. Dumb idea by me. We played another 9 before heading over to our reservation. We were tied after 9 holes, picked 1 hole to redo, and again CS wins 2. Fail by me.

At Fogo, the meat portion of you meal is controlled by a single card with red and green sides. I mistakenly thought this was my drink coaster until the waitress informed me of what that was. I hope my mistake didn’t come across as disgraceful. I really didn’t know!


The salad bar was great and mostly filled me up. I was able to muscle down some mashed potatoes, 10 bites of filet mignon and 8 bites of chicken wrapped in bacon. I was uncomfortably full and looked like it. Clearly I will never eat here at full price of $50 a person. But there was something weirdly sexy about men in gaucho pants walking around carving meat off of skewers.

Corporate Challenge 2011

2010 Part 1 & 2010 Part 2

Yeah… I wore the Captain hat again. Sometimes I can’t say “no” to volunteering. Organized my company’s Corporate Challenge team again this year. Slow and low turnout again for sign ups. I have to figure out a better way to promote this so I don’t have to play the role of proxy participant at events I’m no good at. Speaking of… First up, cycling time trials.


I’d never raced this course before and probably hadn’t had my bike out since… oh… last year for this race. I really can’t remember the last time I rode it. So, my goal was under 4 minute mile pace. I hit that goal and finished the 6 mile course in 23:10, but didn’t score too well for my team in 93rd out of 99 places. Awesome.

2 days prior to the main event, our star runner was injured. Shit. This dude helped us rake in 600 points last year. Found a solid replacement for him hoping we’d still make a run at it. At the main event, I was scheduled to run the age group 5k and 1/2 mile in the female category. I medaled in those last year and was selfishly looking forward to some more bling. Friday night around 8pm, the night before the event, I found out that one of our other 5 mile competitors was sick. Shit. I didn’t have anyone’s cell to call as a back up. Only option, I was on deck to run the 5 mile now. Cue my own sickness episode. WTF? My stomach started turning over. And over. And over. Repeat 4 more time before I left the house at 6:30am. I was empty but walked out the door preparing to become a full fledged member of Team Shart.   

At 7:45am, I started the 5 mile slow because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Would I cramp? Would I shit myself? Would I pass out? I decided to stop worrying and just run. So half way I grabbed some water then started picking it up a bit because everything seemed to be settled down. I felt light, probably 4 pounds light actually. The scoring is cross country style so at mile 4 I decided to pick off each runner in front me until I crossed the line. 41:44, 8:20 pace. Not bad for (A) not training surprise and (B) not shitting myself.

Next event for me was golf chipping. Even though I’ve been playing golf, I suck at chipping. No females signed up for this, so we were left with me again as proxy. I rounded up my teammates and we headed over to shoot at targets about 30 yards away. With the early morning stomach issues, I didn’t think to bring my own club to use. I opted for a very lofty wedge from my teammate. Bad choice. I scored 0 points.

We had to wait awhile at the golf chipping for our turn, so right after my last chip, I jogged up to the start of the 5k at 9am with about 30 seconds to rest. I found a fellow teammate in the crowd and started out with her. After about 1 minute, I wanted this run over, so I said “Good luck, I’m going to see if I can go kill myself.” This time I ran 7:57 pace and finished in 24:40. Not sure how I did that other than determination. Preliminary results show I got 2nd in our division, so I should get some bling for that, but since I can only compete in 2 competitive events, I had to give up my shot at 1/2 mile. Darn. Some of my fellow teammates!

Chad, Joe, Stephanie,.JPG

I was very happy to be done with my running events of the day and got back to my Captain duties of getting everyone to their events, including myself for Cornhole and Frisbee toss. My team medalled in both of these last year but fell way short this year. Boo. Everyone seemed to have a great time, so it was a good reminder that this event is not just about competition but about team building with your co-workers.

Now you may think this next event was my idea, but it was not. It shows there is some brilliant mind out there with great ideas. You see, one of the events for companies to participate in is a Tug-of-war. Its very entertaining watching grown ups engage in Tug-of-war. What’s even better? Mascot tug-of-war!!!!! Getting their pre-game instructions.


There were lots of mascots at the event, and 8 of them participated in the TOW. I was front row for the action.


Blue from Butler, Firehawk, Firepup and Vincent Bear beat Chase the blue dog, the Lemurs, and Jinx.  


Had to get some photos with the winners!



And a loser but a cutie!



59.  1 better than last time, but my partner wouldn’t let me put more than a 10 on the score card.  So that 10, is more a 10ish.  1 stupid hole messed up what I thought was becoming a good scorecard.


I thought it’d be fun to strap on the GPS and see how errant my shots are in comparison to course.  After the first couple of holes, I learned to take the GPS off my bag and take it with me to the green, so some of the lines are just me walking to or away from my bag, but mostly, it’s my poor game.  I clearly only hit a couple of fairways, but I was pleased overall with how I played. 


My best shot was my drive off of 6 that ended up past the fairway just into the fringe before the creek (bottom right corner).  Even though it’s not the prettiest picture, I’ll definitely bring the GPS from now on and keep tailoring how to use it.  Hopefully by the end of the summer, my lines will improve.

Carmel Lutheran Church Youth Ministry Golf Outing 2011

Miss a day of work and play golf?  Its for the kids… alright count me in!  Team 2Scotts & 2Nates.


The event was held at Brookshire Golf Club.  Cool for me because its close by and I’d never played there before.  They held a putting contest prior to the main event.  NL stepped and showed us his stellar short game by winning the event!  Here he is acting like he knows what to look for.


The format was a scramble, so no pressure on me at all for some good drives.  We had to start on 15 way on the backside of the course.  I was really rusty the first few holes.  Lots of worm burners.  I have no problem admitting the guys were better than me, so I usually stepped up to putt first so they could read my line.  My first contribution to the team was a par putt, so the boys didn’t even have to take a stroke.  Then, my drive was used on #1.  I was very happy!


Somewhere on the front 9 we spotted this guy.  Couldn’t tell what he really was but of course, it had to be a gopher.


Which led to the conversations of which movie sequels were better or worse than their predecessor.  Caddyshack, Back to the Future, Sex and the City….  The contemplation you see on this tee box had nothing to do with golf.  Just sequels.


On #6 we got to use another of my drives!  Score!


Another time I thought I outdrove everyone but turned out I didn’t.  Then NL and I picked up my ball thinking we were using one of the Scotts, when mine was the right one to use.  So I definitely felt like I was able to contribute to the game.  We were all finished up and headed back in, when 400 yards to the clubhouse, NL breaks the cart.


Snapped the axle in half!  We really weren’t rough-driving it.  It had to have been ready to snap at any time.  We finished up our game at -4.  We were all really pleased since we didn’t even think we’d be -1.  Turned out there was a 3 way tie at -11.  We need to up our game next year.  But our team did officially buy the beer tent hostess the most beer.  We should get some kind of award for that.


I don’t need to be great at golf…  I just want to be good enough.  Good enough = more than par but less than double par.  The rain and my hectic schedule hasn’t made it easy to get to a course, let alone a driving range.  But, I finally found a break in both last week and headed over to Sunrise to shake the rust off.  I was pleasantly surprised with my play and CS was convinced I’d been playing all winter behind his back.  I hit about 5 of 9 fairways with my drives.  I had a much better handle on my chip shots too (last year they were like rockets).  At the end of the day, I shot a 60 which was excellent to me!


That one stupid 9!  I’ll keep trying!

Corporate Challenge Round 2

I didn’t quite make it a decathalon but I came close.  On Saturday I competed in 7 events for our team.  I assured everyone I was not being greedy and simply filling in when needed.  First event was the 5k age group (30-39) run.  Got my chip and headed to the start line.


I haven’t been running as much as normal.  Guess I’m bored with it and not interested as much.  Was a little worried on how I’d perform, but I finished in 24:38.  Happy with the time and managed a 3rd place finish for our division.

After that run, I had about an hour until the 1/2 mile, so I rounded up some of my Good Sport team members to start tackling our field events.  First up was golf.  Worse part of my golf game is probably the short game, so I wasn’t expecting to do well in this contest.  It’s a closest to the pin measurement.  The ground was really hard so the ball just kept rolling.  Oh well.


Here’s our team that placed 10th:


Next was the frisbee toss.  We needed a catcher, tosser and handler.  I chose handler and left the hard work up to the boys.  We caught 33 frisbees over 1 minute to land a 3rd place finish.



Team Frisbee:


By this time I was up for the 1/2 mile age group run.  They raced all divisions together, so you really don’t know how you place until the results are posted.  I started out in 6th, caught a girl at the last turn for 5th, but it appears 2 of those in front of me were in a different division, so I ended up 3rd with a time of 3:05.  Boo.


After I caught my breath, I collected our cornhole team to toss some bags.  Each person gets 4 bags and standard scoring applies.  I went up first.  Bag 1 slid off.  Bag 2 went right in the hole.  Bag 3 missed the board.  Bag 4 slid off.  I scored 3 of my team’s 10 points, but that was good enough for a 2nd place finish for our division. My form sucks.


Team Cornhole:


My final field event was the football toss.  The new format this year had you throwing 3 balls at any of 5 circle targets with varying distance.  I opted to try the closest one just to score points and get it over with. Plus we were daringly close to the sprint medley start time, which was my final running event.  I ended up short on all my tosses and left it to the boys to make some points.  Team Football placed 6th.


And the sprint medley.  It’s a 400-200-200-400 format.  I was slotted for the 2nd 200 leg.  I probably could have done the 400 but was very happy to have the smaller distance to cover.  We didn’t do so hot and ended up with a 9th place finish.  The Speedsters:


So at the end of the day, my company finished 4th out of 13 teams in our division. 2 spots better than last year, but not enough motivation for me to Team Captain this thing again. With 3 no-show participants and poor female participation, someone else can tackle the duties next year. But I do appreciate everyone that came out and enjoyed the co-worker camaraderie with me!