Ft. Wayne Weekend Celebrations

A friend Andy from high school tied the knot this weekend, so a few of us traveled up north for the big hoopla.  I was on a time crunch after my race, so as an old lady, I wore my hair in rollers as I drove up there then got ready at my parents house. 


My mom has known the Offerle family for years so she attended the wedding with me.  It was beautiful and quick. Just how a wedding should be!  The reception was at Pine Valley Country Club where I use to work during my summers home from college.  I was a “cart monkey” and got people’s clubs ready and loaded on the cart for their tee time.  I ran into the pro-shop to see what was new… the employees were.  They didn’t look a day over 17.  Oh wait, I was only 18 when I started there.  I felt old.  Went over to the reception where the adults were and got a picture with the groom.


There were quite a few people there I hadn’t seen since they graduated so it was nice time to do a bit of catching up with some of them.  A few of them were fellow runners too.  One reminded me and his wife of the time I mooned him during a cross country race.  Oops, forgot about that one.  She seemed pretty cool and I reassured her that wouldn’t happen again.  Here are some fellow Saints, Marcus and Chris.


Sunday was Father’s day, but my father wasn’t feeling the best.  He’s had a cough all week, so he stayed home while Mom and I attended mass at St. Anne’s with my Grandma, Mimi.  Talk about a sight to see.  A retirement home catholic mass.  There were more wheelchairs and walkers than prayer books.  Just FYI – I did take communion and no, my tongue did not burn off.  At the end of mass, my Mom looks at me and says “You can either take the prayer books or grab an old person.”  WTF?  I guess everyone that visits, helps out and wheels the fogies out so they can get back to their respective floors and rooms.  I chose prayer books. 

We got back to my parents to find my Dad already about done with 1 of the 2 books I bought him.  Maybe the second will last until Thursday. We had a nice lunch and then I headed back to Indy.  It was a long weekend, but great memories of it all!



Kleeman and the BoDeans

My buddy Scott Kleeman turned the big 4-0 this week.  His friends planned a surprise party for him in Broadripple.  In true Jessi fashion, she made Kleeman faces on a stick.  My 30th birthday face on a stick still haunts me to this day, so good luck with that Scott.  They had Scott sit on stage and give him a roast from all of his friends and a special message from his Mom.  It was hilarious and I did catch it on tape.  It’s about 30 minutes long, so be prepared.

I had found out earlier in the day that the BoDeans were playing at the Vogue.  I hadn’t seen the BoDeans for 10 years… WOW… 10 years.  I was in college, and my great friend Bruce Barker surprised me with a road trip to Indy to see them.  His friend and talented musician, Mike Kelsey, was opening up for them.  It was a great time, so I left the birthday bash and headed to the concert for some more memories.  I was a bit late, but I was able to catch their most famous song Closer to Free and my favorite, Naked.  As I observed the crowd, I noticed everyone seemed to be about 15-20 older than me.  Oh well, I danced like a fool and had a great time.  Here’s some video from the concert.  I think I was 3 seconds from getting busted when I put the camera away.  Phew.


Too Much Fun in Too Little Time

Why aren’t weekends longer?!  This was one of my few weekends where I was able to head up to Wawasee for some R&R.  Bruce and I were itching to get out, so we left early Friday to make the trek up there.  You would have thought we were providing food and drink for 20 people!  We had it all!  We set the radio on random and took off.  Very appropriate during a train crossing, a Kenny Rogers song came on.  For some reason, this just cracked us up which was a great precursor to how the whole weekend would be… hilarious!

We arrived about 5 pm and I was so excited, we had to do everything right then and there!  The sun was shining and the water was calling my name.  First order of business was to get our suits on and get the boat uncovered for a ride around the lake.  Bruce was expecting a nice smooth ride, we don’t do slow in the Fuller family.  It was a 35 mph cruise around the lake finished by about a 50 mph run down the bay.  One thing about this lake.  People like to race you.  A boat was doing the “do you wanna go?” cruise right next to me followed by eye contact, but I wanted no part in it.  I have childhood memories of my father yelling at me to hold on to the bottom post of the seat because he’s gotta show this guy who’s faster.  So I did put the throttle down a bit but turned away from the guy and headed to the sandbar.  The water was crystal clear this year.  I’ve never seen it this great in my 31 years up there.

We headed back to the house to take a paddleboat ride.  Bruce was very interested in my turtle hunting skills.  We saw maybe 3 turtles, but it was fairly late in the evening for turtles to be sunning themselves.  No chance of catching anything so we headed back to the house only to run into a sea otter (a.k.a Muskrat) that we thought was a stick.  Bruce wanted to catch that.  Ahhhh no, I don’t think so.  We did catch a new pool cup for Bruce.



Next order of business was to uncover the jet skis and take off.  By this time it was about 8 pm and the water was like glass.  We hit the throttle and cruised around a bit then headed in.  We needed to eat!  We spent the evening playing games and doing a puzzle.  If you’ve ever played Taboo, you know you have to get creative on the clues.  “What sound does a pig make?”  Bruce says “Oink”.  “What do you put in your mouth if you want fresh breath?”  Bruce says “a mint… Ointment!”  This word will provide us many laughs for years to come.


Saturday came and the party people showed up… Herb and Carole.  We played cornhole for hours, ate some lunch, played arts & crafts with a dead fish…. Huh?!  My mom saw this article about pressing fish with paint on rice paper and calling it art.  Well my mother felt she was an artist and we all must get in on the action.  Mind you, she found the construction paper, we all did the rest of the work and got bossed around by the artist.  On today’s turtle hunt, I picked up 2 turtles and a pretty good size dead fish.  Dad got the spray paint out and we made a few attempts at this so called “art” project.  After studying the article a bit, I figured out that artist used RUBBER fish to make theirs.  Geez.  We made do with our dead one.  Herb figured out “You don’t bring the fish to the paper, you bring the paper to the fish!”.  The funny part of this is we were all trying to apply some logic to figure out how to get the damn fish imprint on the paper.  Here’s Carole with her “art”.



And say hello to my little friend.


This is George.  He’s spending 3 weeks at my place before I take him back home to Wawasee.  He’s so cute you can’t stand it!  We finished up Saturday night at the Frog followed by Rummy and Clue at the house.  Bruce kicked my ass at Rummy, but I beat him at “silent” Clue.  Here are Bruce’s friends that he made this weekend.


We wrapped up Sunday with a float in the water and a few rounds of Would You Rather… Disgusting yet intriguing game.  Thanks to everyone for making it a great weekend.  Looking forward to doing it again ASAP!

Birth Control at the Children’s Museum

Our Children’s Museum offers free entry on the first Thursday of the month during the summer.  K and I thought it sounded like good idea after work.  We knew there would be a ton of kids there, but didn’t expect what we actually ran into.  It was insane!  I love children on leashes.  I could watch them for hours!  Anyway, seemed like quite a few exhibits were being exchanged out or worked on, so K and I made our way through what was left open.  Here’s K and her beaver from the It’s Wild section.


We checked out the Chihuly sculpture.  His work is will always be a favorite of mine and one of the reasons I love the Bellagio check-in lobby.



At the Oceans exhibit, I learned a new hand signal for K when we are out at the bars and some douche-bag is hitting on her.


Next we made our way to the Indy Car exhibit.  When we got there, there were about 3 kids in line so we thought we’d just sneak a seat real quick.  Well one kid took FOREVER steering the fake car and quite a crowd and line started to show up.  The kids apparently didn’t think WE wanted to get in the car too, so they all keep trying to cut.  I snagged someone else’s kid and was pushing him thru the line so I didn’t look ridiculous telling kids the line was behind me.  So it was my turn and this kid tried to go and I said “um, sorry.  I’m going next.”  Me, my capri pants and high heels climbed up those stairs and sat in the car.  When K took her turn, I was standing next to one parent and I said “Hey, adults want to have fun too!”



Next was the Egyptian room.  I asked K if I make a mummy of me when I die, would she put my mummy coffin in her house.  She said no.  I thought we were friends?!  Here’s what I’d look like minus the coffin and bandages.


We tried to pick up some men while we were there, but neither one of them would come home with us.  Here’s mine…


Here’s K’s


We finished up with the Dino exhibit and headed out.  Something fun and free to do.  Plus a sign on the way out showed why so many families took up this offer.  It would be $50 for a family of 4 to even enter that place normally.  It’s well worth it when everything is open and will be really great when they get the new expansion done.  See ya next time!


Adult Games

I headed downtown for some live music with friends.  We ended our night at Jillian’s to hear Blaine’s ladyfriend sing with her band.  They are called Good Karma and were really good.  Check them out if they hit your local bar sometime.  We played a ton of games, but I will report that I was victorious at Daytona 500 and air hockey.  Pop a shot and skeeball, not so much.  We ended our evening at the GeneMachine.  Then, of course, to make it a competition out of it, we had to survey the bar to see who’s kid was cuter.  Sara thinks she one.  I think I won.  You can decide but I’m not telling you who is who. 


After all of our games, we each got new boat cups for the summer.  And here’s some video too.  It’s hard to drive and film at the same time.  Women drivers I swear…




I had the lucky pleasure of happening upon a ticket to the Elton John, Billy Joel concert last night.  Since the event was downtown and I work downtown, I did my best attempt at the “city life” that I could.  I found out that my building has showers, so I packed a bag to accommodate my schedule from after work to after party. 

I went to work for my routine 8 hour day, then changed to take a quick run on the canal so I could get my workout in.  The canal was full of runners so it was nice change of scenery from the cars I’m usually staring at on 86th street.  After the run, I ventured into my building’s basement to find the locker room.  It was straight out of a scary movie.  There were a few after-hours workers milling around downstairs, so I thought it best to shower in sports bra and boy shorts in case I needed to make a clean getaway.  Luckily one was not needed.  I prettied myself up and met some friends for drinks before the big show.


Elton and Billy played a few sets together in the beginning to get the crowd going.  Elton’s on the left, Billy on the right.  Then they each took their separate turns.  I was a bit disappointed from Elton’s set.  I’d seen him before and it felt like he played a lot of looooong sloooooow songs that I wasn’t too familiar with.  Oh well, bring out Billy that’s why I came anyway!  Billy was great!  I even got to hear my favorite songs of his… We Didn’t Start the Fire. (Which I used to know every word to that song.  I was a bit off this time.)  The boys did a few more sets together… they did the fake we-are-done routine then came out for a few more.  The acoustics in Conseco suck, but it was still a great time!  I was chatting it up with the couple next me most of the evening and Chris goes “How funny is it that we sit next to people you know!”  I said… nope, don’t know them, just made some new friends tonight!


After the show, Chris was going to drive me back to my car since I walked from work.  Problem was, we couldn’t get into his work garage because his badge was in his truck.  I spied a narrow opening between the garage and a fence.  With a shimmy and a deep breath, I was through.  Here’s Chris at the entry point.


Thanks for thinking of me Chris!  Hope to return the favor someday!  I had a blast!! 

Here’s some video of the event.  I tried to do the pointy thing, but it’s hard in the dark in the nose bleed seats.  there’s a big section on the We Didn’t Start the Fire song, but I tried to give this clip a little of some big songs.

Impromptu Pool Party

Some friends wanted to sit outside and enjoy the sun during lunch yesterday.  Amanda said Abeulos, I heard Margaritas… count me in.  We grabbed a table outside on the patio and unforunately had to witness the death of a poor little birdie.  Then a stupid lady kicked it with her Sunday church shoes about 5 times until it rolled into the mulch.  Grab a leaf and do the right thing woman!  R.I.P. Little buddy.

We got done eating and weren’t done with the sun yet so we wanted to continue the party but our community pool wasn’t open.  Creativity set in… with a baby pool, some deep breaths and a hose, our Sunday Funday was complete!



My Top 10 List

A friend recently challenged me to come up with the top 10 “Things I want in my life” list. Of course my first attempt at this is completely comical, but I am also a thought-provoking-individual, so I’ll do my best to integrate the 2.  Drum roll please… Here is the top 10 list of things I want in my life. I want…

10.  A tiny real elephant that fits in my pocket

Every elephant I see is named Peanut and I have a tiny plastic one protecting the entrance to my home.  Not joking.  Check my door frame next time you are over.  I think it stems from the only book I remember reading as a child, The Saggy Baggy Elephant.  Poor little Sooki didn’t fit in the jungle and it took him some time to find other elephants like him and become a confident elephant in his own skin.  I want one to keep in my pocket everyday to pull out, feed him a peanut, hear him roar, and make me smile like a little kid.  The only elephants that creep me out are in Dumbo, yes Dumbo.  Remember Dumbo getting drunk and seeing pink dancing elephants… I can’t watch that to this day.

9.  A unicorn

Simple explanation.  Do they exist or not?  If I had one, the mystery would be solved.

8.  People to come to my funeral

I don’t have a clue or belief as to what the after-life is like, but man would it suck if you can look down, or up, from wherever you are and no one’s at your funeral.  Guess you didn’t make a grand impression on anyone during your lifetime.

7.  A money tree

As I kid I wanted to swim through money like Scrooge McDuck.  These days, I don’t crave ungodly amounts of wealth.  I am a productive person and like to earn a living, but it’d be nice to be able to have a little extra anytime you needed it.

6.  5% body fat and perky 36Cs forever

Some days you just don’t feel like working out, so it’d be nice to know you didn’t have to.

5.  The ability to fly

Not in a plane, but like Superman.  I have dreams where I fly and it’s so damn fun I want to do it for real when I wake up.  Good thing I don’t sleep walk or I might jump out a window one day and not realize it.  If that happens, please refer back to #8.

4.  The Amazing Race experience

I love this show.  Love it Love it Love it.  Getting to realize what I love so much about it, has been a journey.  I used to think I was just about the travel or the cool stuff they did.  It’s not.  I figured out it’s about the challenge of being presented with something that you otherwise wouldn’t attempt yourself.  Challenging yourself to push beyond what you think you are capable of.  I use my monthly community events as a band-aid to the way this show makes me feel.  If anyone out there wants to audition… I’m all aboard!

3.  A blooper reel of all the stupid stuff I’ve done or seen in my life

This would include events like

  • Marching around my neighborhood as a kid in a trash bag holding an American flag.
  • Hiding under my bed because I broke my record player needle AGAIN and thinking my parents would eventually stop looking for me.
  • While running, I fell on 86th street during 5 o’clock traffic but tried not to scrape myself up and ended up in a push up position in the grass.
  • The time I fell in a bush and Kristin had to help me out.
  • The time my mother peed on a closed toliet lid while we were planning her father’s funeral and she was yelling at me for paper towels.
  • Putting up 2 fists to a lady at the Buffett concert because she knocked my pineapple and shark hat off my head.  Like it was in the way or something.  It was only 14 inches tall.
  • Walking home from the bars in college with a 4 foot orange cone on my head while my friend had a domed trash can lid on his and was shouting Space Ball quotes.
  • Bruising my ribs by going so fast up a wave at the Lake and thinking my life was over because I was going to hit a big orange buoy.

2.  To be able to give the gift of self-awareness

If I could only figure out how to physically wrap this up and put a bow on it… self-awareness.  My life was enriched about 2 years ago when I found out I had a blood clot.  I thought I was in control of my life and was doing all the things I needed to do and be, but ended up figuring out, I didn’t have a clue to who I really was as a person and what kinds of things motivate me to always be the best person that I can be for myself, my partner, my family and my friends.  I don’t think I can wrap up a blood clot and give it to someone.

1.  To never lose the ability to try to find happiness at every corner

I like being happy.  Of course you are saying “Who doesn’t?!”.  But it takes a whole lotta gusto to really seek true and utter happiness in your life.  I know it can’t happen all the time, that’s just not realistic.  But I think everyone is in control of their own happiness.  Simple example, I don’t watch the news anymore.  It’s filled with violence and crime and does nothing to add any value to my day.  I think that once a person finds out what happiness means to them, a gigantic light bulb goes on and the heavy weight we’ve been carrying with us for years, all the time we spend worrying and complaining about things, start to consume less of who you are.  At least they do for me.

There you have it.  The top 10 things I want in my life.  If you are up for it, challenge yourself with this exercise.  Be creative.  I could easily of rattled off a 6-carat diamond ring or $8.9 million dollar house in Hawaii.  But thinking deeper into the reason why something popped in your head to be on this list, what really makes you smile…  If I had a tiny elephant, I wouldn’t trade him for a lifetime supply of Jack!  (Can we make the list 11 things?  I forgot one…).