False Advertising

The Children’s Museum opened up a King Tut exhibit since K and I went 2 months ago.  It was free entry again, so we set off after work to check it out.  First thing I saw though… mascot.  Gotta get a pic.


We got up to the 2nd floor only to find a ticket line.  I tracked down a worker to see what the story was.  $15 for adults?!  You’ve got to be kidding me!  Hang a damn sign on the giant 30 foot Egyptian cat out front!  Neither one of us were THAT into seeing the exhibit, so we opted for the gift shop and all the other exhibits that were closed when we were here before.  There was a small free Egypt section that we checked out.  We patiently waited our turn for some camera ops.  Here’s K and her Sphinx-ter.


Here’s me trying to figure out where my ass is going.


Then K let me touch her beaver.


Check out our postcard memory of the event. Mama Carole is coming in town this weekend and mentioned seeing this exhibit. Yea, not so much.

GT 5.0

I gave up looking for the A-hole that stole my Trek.  Time to upgrade the Mt. Fury Roadster for a real bike.  Mt. Fury was a bit rough to ride.  It always felt like it was too small for me.  Even with the seat way up, then the handbars never felt right.  Drum roll please… My GT Transeo 5.0!


This purchase started about 2 weeks ago when my friend, Mr. Tim Brewer, took me to Town Park Trails.  His bike is wicked awesome.  He talked about this great local bike shop, Indy Cycle Specialist, that always served him well and suggested I check it out.  I had not done any homework yet, so Tim graciously offered to take me there and help me pick one out.  Sweet!  I got my list of requirements together and with the ISC salescrew and Tim we were in and out in 30 minutes.  It’s kind of a hybrid mountain and comfort bike.  So it will work good on the road and trails.  Took it for a ride tonight and couldn’t be happier with my new toy!  Everything felt like it fit.  And to risk any chance of theft or weather-wear, GT’s going to be stored inside.  Thanks for the help Tim!  Hope to return the favor some day!

Tim and the Tim-ettes

This is a long post.  Lots to show and tell.

My friends and I had been looking forward to this weekend for a LONG time.  I heard about a White Party in Chicago last year.  A DJ from Chicago, Corey Hartmann, puts it on.  Basically, you get dressed up in white attire and spend 3 hours drinking and dancing on a boat on Lake Michigan acting like you are hot shit.  I rounded up 5 girls from Indy that wanted to go, 1 from Texas, and Tim.  He had some other friends that were interested in going, but none panned out, so he was welcome to hang with us. 

We left Indy at 9 am so we could have some free time before the main event.  The weather got better the farther north we went.  It was clear skies by the time we reached Chicago.  Trying to get some culture and not let this weekend just be a booze fest, my car load of people headed over to the Sears Tower, I mean Willis Tower, to take in some views of the city.  It was a 2 hour process to actually get to the top of building but well worth it, in my opinion.  There were some random facts on the walls while we waited… The Bop to the Top record = 13 minutes!  No plans on testing that record!  Once at the top, the visibility was excellent!  I hadn’t been up there since I was a little kid and they had just put some 4 feet deep, 7 feet long glass boxes on the side of the building that you can stand in.  I had to go check this out.  I’ve stood on the glass window a top the Palms at the Ghost bar, but this was going to be so much better.  Not sure everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did, but they let me have my fun!  We know Audrey didn’t like that part!





We headed back to the hotel for pre game sodas and to get ready.  My co-worker happened to be staying at the Conrad just across the street, so he stopped by too.  He also notified us that our hotel appeared to be on fire.  WTF?!  There were no alarms or anything!  Looks like it was the building right next to ours, but still odd that we weren’t evacuated or notified.  We all got dolled up and hopped on the trolley to Navy Pier to start our adventure. 



As you got farther down the pier, teams of people dressed in white kept popping up everywhere. 



We met up with my friend Alisha and her group of girls.  We got checked in and headed to the bar for a drink.  I kept forgetting it was open bar and kept getting my credit card out like it was going to get the bartender’s attention.  I’m an idiot.  The ship was 4 stories tall and pretty spacious even with 400 people on board.  We met up with some more Indy folks, Meg and Jerry on the ship.  We cruised around the lake and also got to watch fireworks from the Venetion festival.  It was awesome! 



The boat docked back around 11 pm and then we boarded a bunch of school buses to hit the Enclave…where I met Frodo Baggins.  This kid was about boob height and didn’t look a day over 16.  Oh well.  I turned him into my dance partner for the evening.  Whatever.  We all made it home sans strangers by 3 am.   

The morning was spent sharing stories and pictures from the night.  My best friend even used my Mino to get undercover footage of me dancing… by myself… on the boat.  Such a good friend that girl.  The one I wished I had video of… Tim swimming on the hotel floor after knocking over the cooler at 3 am.  One thing we need video of… how did I get a stamp from the Crobar (which is not even remotely close to Enclave) on my hand that none of my friends had?  It is our own Hangover movie moment.  Before we left town, we made a stop at another bar called Bull and Bear.  Tim was super dooper excited to go here.  They have taps at the table and charge you by the ounce.  Tim wanted to stick his head under it, but we managed to convince him not too.  After a few brews, it was a long day and time to head back to Indy.  But since we love Tim so much, we made a special trip to his Grandparent’s house in Merriville.




Thanks to my babysitters, Frotto, Red Fanny Pack guy!  I had a blast and hope everyone else did too.  Let’s do it again next year!


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GDC – My Turn to Pick

A group of friends, ladies only, have a Girls Dinner Club.  I joined up last year to make the monthly restuarant outing.  There are about 12 girls in it, but with busy schedules, you usually get 6-10 at a time.  Each month, we rotate picking a restaurant.  It has to be a non-chain and somewhere we haven’t eaten at before.  You can see how this can get tricky as time goes on.  But we are resourceful and manage to find new little eateries all over town.  We usually go the first Wednesday of the month, but with golfing and the holiday schedule, we moved it to last night.  And, this month it was my pick.  My selection…. Mangia in Carmel.

I’ve eaten there in years past, but haven’t been back in awhile.  I was quite excited as I remembered always having a great time and having great Italian food.  So with this trip, those 2 items were true to expectations, but something else failed.  The service.  Mangia server ID #22, you disappointed me.  I got one of their chicken specials and practically licked my bowl clean. And I would have done it, but I was having a hard time finding a beverage. The service was just poor. I think it was just our lady. I saw other servers moving about checking on tables but our seemed to disappear for 15 minutes at a time… Order Jack n Diet. 15 minutes, I get a Diet. I can live with her not hearing me right, but 15 more minutes, then it comes. No, sorry. You mess up, you fix it ASAP to help your tip. That drink went dry, so I asked for another and a water. 15 later… just ridiculous. You have 6 women all drinking and conversing… expolit the shit outta that! She didn’t seem to care. We were apparantely on her time table for the evening and just had to deal with it. Forget about refilling the bread basket too.  I asked for our checks right as she started to clear the table.  This seemed to take 20 minutes.  Time passes…we all get our wallets out to get ready, time passes… we all get our credit cards out, time passes… Enter waitress. She got a 10% tip from me. Sorry, can’t reward that level of service.  Go for the food sometime, but avoid the waitress with the dark curly hair.

Food: A+

Mangia: B+ (for hiring the lazy POS)

Server ID #22: F

Adios Amigos

Well… that’s fitting for one of the three friends that are leaving our fine city of Indianapolis.  Chris, a.k.a. Hoops, is headed to Austin Texas.  My Bop to the Top’ers, Bachelorette buddy, Broadripple friends, Audrey and Kyle are headed back to Jasper.  Boo!  Since I couldn’t make the official “Chris is outta here” party, I made my own!  We had a great mix of friends from both groups of exilers.  Great food, drinks, and company at Broadripple Steak House.


And since Matt offered to take the picture, here’s one of him too!


Chris, you know I’ll be down to visit!  Audrey and Kyle… well… ok, only if you buy me a Keith Jackson and a $1 lotto ticket from Jasper.  Will miss you all!!!!

No Point in Staying Home

A whole week since my last post?!  Just busy I guess.  Volleyball, movies, golf, kickball.  Friday rolls around… I have only spent one weekend in Indy since summer started, so no reason to stay in town and make it two!  I headed to Jasper, Indiana with my girlfriend K for a family friendly weekend.  We rolled out of town after work to make the 2.5 hour drive.  I was playing my usual sign alphabet game and what-does-that-cloud-look-like contest to pass the time when something caught my eye.  A camel.  Yes, a camel.  K says it was an elk farm and assured me they tend to have a humped back.  “No. I saw 2 humps.”, I said as I Pictionary-ed it with my finger.  K is stuck on it being an elk.  I have back up with Jessi agreeing that just because K is from Jasper, doesn’t make her an expert.  (Jessi is aware of my mystery interstate animal sightings as we both saw a “penguin” on a trip to Chicago, but that’s another story.)

We got into town around dinner and hit the Mill House for some grub.  We stopped by one of her old classmates and then we hooked up with Audrey and Kyle who also happened to be in town.  We had some drinks at Headquarters, one of the two bars the town has.  I’m not a big gambler, but I spied some scratch off tickets behind the counter.  I had $2 bucks on me, so I got 2.  K’s was a loser, but mine was a winner!


These 2 tickets led to an hour of fun and a series of purchases involving 19 total scratch offs!! 


I was up $15 at one point, but in the end had $4 to spend or save.  Would I either double my initial investment and stop or spend it on more tickets???  NO DEAL was the vote.  Spent that $4 and we lost.  Saturday, we headed over to Patoka Lake to meet up with the family.


The weather wasn’t the greatest, so we hung out a bit, then headed over with K’s mom and cousin to see the Marengo Cave.  I have never done anything like this before and it was awesome!  I will say it had this weird “is this fake?” Disney vibe because it’s seems so unreal that 2 kids 100+ years ago just stumbled upon this.  We were 200 feet below ground at some points.  During the tour, there were spots that you could touch the top and at others, you could drive 5 semis side-by-side down the corridors.  I tried to take some video too, but it really doesn’t do it justice.  I recommend doing this if you ever have a hour to spare while down south.






We finished up with some souvenirs from the shop and headed back to the lake.  More people had showed up at this point, so I think we had about 30 people.  I played a game of Scrabble (and was victorious) and some Euchre (not victorious).  We finished with some smores by the fire and headed off to bed.  It was a great time.  Thanks to K for letting me be an honorary Fischer for the weekend!

Boobie Mafia

A couple of years ago, some girlfriends decided to take golf lessons at Saddlebrook each summer.  I never joined because I wasn’t really into golf until my sabbatical last year.  I practiced and played a lot in the Summer of Natalee.  I have a minor background in the basics of the game, after all, I was the 1988 Pepsi Pee Wee Golf Champion. And yes, I still have the plaque.  I figured it was time to have a real professional tell me how to make my game better.  Basically, I’m a double par kinda girl.  Wouldn’t mind taking that down to a double bogey, so I joined the Boobie Mafia for some lessons.  I did not come up with the name, my equally corrupt friends did.  However this year, the mafia has some pecs in it too.  Here’s the crew with our Pro. 


I can make pretty good contact with the ball, but at times, feel like I pull up and top the shot.  The pro gave me 2 tips.  (1) Stand closer to the ball.  This is weird but managable.  I feel like I’m suffocating the “twins” a bit, but I’ll have to make do.  (2) I turn my shoulders down and towards the ball about 6 inches from where I really should.  This one will be a bit harder to control.  Tonight I got 2 more tips on putting and my short game.  We went on to the course and played about 6 holes.  I had double bogey’d 1 & 2.  Lost it on 3-5.  Double bogey’d 6.  I call it a good day!  I’m bring my B- game this year!

EDIT:  By the looks of it, none of us are going on tour anytime soon.

So Bad But So Fun

I did not come up with this.  Bruce has invented a new “skill” to try.  Try not using your hands.  At anything.  He and I played paraplegic Would You Rather for about 20 minutes one day.  2 grown adults tried to get cards out of a box without using our fingers.  And we were sober.  I spied a Silver Strike bowling game and immediately thought this would be perfect chance to apply my newly learned skill.  K joined in like a champ!

Summer Fun

Time for the lake again!  I had only been home 4 days, but was ready for some more lake action.  We had people coming and going all weekend.  When it was all said and done, we had 21 people come thru the house.  Eph and I headed up Thursday to get ready.  Plus it was America’s birthday, so we got the best flags in the house up. 


The first wave of friends came up Friday.  Bruce, Jake, Joe, Ben, and Chris.  The usual boat rides and wave runner action ensued.  Here’s me as Captain of the Fuller Formula.  I put Bruce in the back with his timeout belt because he wouldn’t shut up about how bad his “beef curtains” hurt during boat rides.



We hung out all day then headed over to Lake Syracuse for the fireworks.  They weren’t too bad, but the real show is on Lake Wawasee the following night.  Rumor has it, it’s the 3rd best show in the state.  Unfortunately I didn’t record those, but I did get Syracuse on tape.  We finished our evening with a grand game of poker that I can’t remember who won, but I know it wasn’t me. 


Saturday brought Rick, Tim, Mitch, Amanda, Kristin, and my parents.  The weather did not want to cooperate with us this day.  Most of us stuck out the drizzle and played Boche or corn hole outside.  A few others decided to attack the 1500 piece puzzle that was inside.  The haze finally wore off towards the end of the day and we had a perfect view of the fireworks from our yard. We ended our night with a stellar game of Apples to Apples. If you are a group of degenerates like us, have a few drinks and play this game. You’ll cry its so funny. Here’s a few pics from the day and a video of our own personal fireworks show. 



Sunday was the weather we’d all been looking for.  Lots of sunshine and blue skies!  Too bad it wasn’t 1 day earlier but we made the most of it!  Even Mimi, the matriarch of the family and proud owner of the house, made a visit!  Great times and memories!  Thanks for letting us use it, Mimi! 

George Goes Home

The day had finally come.  George had to go home.  It’s been a good 3 weeks of fun, but I do admit I was tired of catching moths and digging up worms for this little dude.  And I think he was tired of living in a glass house too.  I will say, from my previous turtle experiences, this guy had no fear.  He wasn’t shy.  He had gusto and didn’t care.  I figured he’d jump into the lake when I released him.  Yea… not so much…

Backpeddle?  A turtle that backpeddles from the water.  Good lord.  Well, we got on with our weekend of fun that included puzzles, cards, boche ball… you name it.  We had fun.  Except when Ephraim and I tried to finish a brand new puzzle that was missing 1 piece.  EXTREMELY frustrating.  But, I got a little cardio in too.  And yes, first try… I was up and running.  This is about 10 minutes long, but at least listen to it for Bruce’s stupid commentary and watch me face plant the lake a few times.  Note to self… don’t give Bruce the camera again.  (Wait… haven’t I said that before?)