I Touched Greatness

I invited a few friends to the Colts pre-season game.  So we all met up and headed downtown to the massive Lucas Oil Stadium.  My cousin offered us his seats, so we found our way and they were fantastic!  The roof and north side window were open.


Here’s my crew.  Tim, Joe and Shawn.


3/4’s of us were enjoying watching our fellow Boiler, Curtis Painter #7, try to make something of his first NFL QB showing.  He didn’t do anything to write home about.  Bummer.  We were having a great time anyway, and Tim ended up getting a text from our friends that were in a suite… a OneAmerica suite?!  What?!  I had to check this out.  I know I’m still low on the totem pole, but geez, now I really have something to strive for.  We went up to meet Danielle and Kevin in the suite.  Turns out Kevin works for OneAmerica too.  As we are walking in, the clouds parted and the angels sang…. the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy was in the suite.  These 2 dudes were walking it around and letting people take pictures with it.  We all jumped at the chance.



When the 2 dudes looked at Tim… they didn’t approve, so Tim got his picture with the next best silver thing in the suite.


Just kidding, Tim got a photo op with it too.  What are the chances that you get to see the trophy, let alone hold it?!  It was great.  Ranks above me meeting the Heishman trophy, picture circa 1999.  I’ll have to find and scan that one.  Now I just need to find the Commissioner’s Trophy and the Stanley Cup!

Bowl Mania 2009

After a stellar 4-8 season, my team didn’t make it to a bowl game this year.  And since I wasn’t too impressed with Big 10 football this year, I wasn’t all that excited for the bowl games.  But of course, you give me the chance to excel at any type of sports betting (outside of a bookie), I’m in.  So I joined 3 pools.  2 free, 1 paid.  I used the same outcomes in each league as I am lazy and didn’t want to track multiple sheets.  Turns out I didn’t do too shabby.  I didn’t give much love to the Big 10, only picking Iowa as a winner.  I did pick 18 of 34 games.  13 of my top 17 points came in for me, but missing Alabama and Texas Tech really screwed me.  My final rankings were: 

  • 1st out of 14 – Friends League
  • 5th out of 85 – My “Dad’s” (aka Mr. Dan Dakich) League thru 1070thefan.com
  • 11th out of 65 – Co-Worker League

To bad the only thing I won in the friends league is an imaginary championship belt, the first place prize for smack talk, and bragging rights to a bunch of dudes for the next 11 months.  Bring on March Madness now!