I had some really exciting opportunities come through work. First was getting to hear Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri share his insights and experience on team work and how it relates on and off the field.


This guy is so cool! (I sound so old.) He’s a living legend that will be in the Hall of Fame someday. He just took the Most Consecutive Field Goal record to 43 and he’s the oldest player in the league at 43! He was very humble and grateful for what life has afforded him.

Next, it was time for some women empowerment. I’m totally going to name drop because the speakers I had access to are globally recognized power-house women. I kicked off my morning at the 2016 Indiana Conference for Women listening to Arianna Huffington speak on the importance of sleep and how it has shaped her career. An area I definitely recognize I can do better in.


After a breakout session, our lunch panel consisted of Moira Forbes, yes like the magazine. Jessica Herrin of Stella and Dot fame. Along with Miki Agrawal who is revolutionizing women’s hygiene.


Miki has been racking up the awards lately, 2015 Social Entrepreneur of the Year at World Technology Summit and her Company THINX was named Time Magazine’s Best New Inventions of 2015. And I’m pretty sure she’s in her 20s.


I left with a head full of concepts, a heart full of passion, and a bag full of books that will soon be read.


I can do anything I put my mind to.

End Zone

CS scored some sweet seats for the Colts v Texans game. 4th row end zone!


Got to see Hasselbeck up close.



After a gaggle of kid cheerleaders took over halftime, Vinatieri and McAfee going to practice.


McAfee can boot the ball!


Stayed until the end hoping they’d pull out a victory but it wasn’t in the cards. Let’s hope there is a wild card for us.


As I sit here getting ready to watch the big QB showdown, I remembered that I had a post about last week’s playoff game! I went thanks to my HLP!


Thank gosh she’s a ticket snob like me. She bought great seats! Except the people in our real seats weren’t fun to sit next to so we moved over to the another section that had a row of empty seats. They were pissy about how much we paid vs. them. 

2 minutes to kick off…

Bronco Birthday – Day 3 of 3

Before heading to the Mile High city, we took in one last view of the mountains.


I like uniqueness in places I visit, so Hotel Monaco in the heart of downtown Denver, would be our resting place for the night. It had a Bronco cowboy theme in each room which was fitting for our last and best adventure of the trip. 


We were getting ready for the ride of CS’s life! It was bucket list time. CS was finally going to get to experience his birthday present. What better way to arrive at our destination then by pedicab! Even in the color CS loves to see!


Welcome to Mile High Stadium! Opening night of Sunday NFL!


When planning this trip, I wavered back and forth on what level of tickets to get. When it came time, I said we’re going big. Level 1 Row 32 behind the Bronco bench, 30 yard line. View from our seats…





The view was so worth the cost! And if you didn’t like that view, you could watch on the largest screen I have ever seen.



Or a smaller one on the side.


One happy guy watching his long time favorite Bronco’s in action against our own home city, Indianapolis Colts.


CS was decked out in Bronco gear. I stayed neutral in gray. And rooted for Offense! There were some Colts fans spread out around us. It was fun chatting with them at half time. Our half time show was some lame frisbee dogs who didn’t manage to get off the field while the players were returning for the 2nd half.


We hung around after the game to soak up the environment and let CS relish in the moment. Clever way to clean up all those Gatorade cups!


Happy b-day CS! Not sure how we’ll top this for 43!?


Decision Dilemma

My bestie won tickets to a Pacer suite the same night we had a wedding to attend. Then, she got invited to another party. Then, I got invited to a dinner party out of town. And THEN her and I both were offered Colts play-off tickets against the Chiefs. Holy hell. All same day. Urg. How do we work this out?!

After juggling a few ideas, we denied the Colts tickets. Timing was not right, couldn’t miss the nuptials.


Then with more juggling, it was decided that CS and I should hit the Pacer suite to take in the game.



Seemed like this guy also had a similar dilemma. Root for all the teams!


No matter where we sit, this guy has the best seat in the house!



Boilermaker Tailgate @ the Circle

Mayor Ballard proclaimed 08/30/2013 was Boilermaker Tailgate day! I headed the few blocks from work with fellow alum to check out the sea of black and gold @ the Circle.


The event was a super-sized pep rally sponsored by the Boiler Business Exchange of Indianapolis to send off the football team as it headed to Cincinnati for the season opener the following day (not a good outcome FYI). The Tailgate included past players from football and basketball, along with the entire current football team, first-year head coach Darrell Hazell, cheerleaders, pep band, Purdue Pete, and the Boilermaker Special. But my favorite guest was Mr. Robbie Hummel!


To which I yelled without pause “I LOVE YOU ROBBIE HUMMEL!” Finally, the football team arrived atop the Monument steps then came down to greet the fans.


NL said he was going in for the handshake with the new coach. I barely got the video ready but got the money shot!

The real man of the hour sweating it out with us…


It’s been over 5 years since we had our pic together. I felt it was time.

Glory Days

K wanted to relive her college days. So we went to this…


I was skeptical. These guys were at their prime when I was in *cough* college. Then, the doors didn’t open til 9 pm. I, apparently showed my age when I said, “Oh my god, what time do they even start?”


I was very curious. What kind of crowd? What covers would they do? Turns out, it was a fabulous evening! 99% of the crowd was 30+. 99% of the crowd was age appropriately dressed. Men in cardigans and oxford cloth button ups. Ladies in fitted pants with heels or boots. No one was wasted. No one spilled a drink on me. And they did covers of songs that are popular now like Fun, Mumford and Sons, Train, etc. For $5, I’ll go back every time they are here. 

So tonight, I really showed my age while watching the NFL playoffs and timing myself finishing puzzle #1 in 2h 30m 14s. 


I know how to rock a weekend!


SBV = Super Bowl Village or Super Bowl Visits or Super Bowl Volunteer or Super Bowl Vantastic (Ok, that was corny.)

WOW. When I learned the city I lived in was hosting a Super Bowl, I had no idea what it really meant and how involved I would really be. 


My Super Bowl experiences included:

  • Super Bowl Village and NFL Experience with my parents
  • Lunch in Super Bowl Village with my co-workers
  • Zip Line Trip with my co-workers
  • Fan Jam with my bests
  • SBV = Super Bowl Volunteer at The Huddle on Saturday and Sunday

All of it was great in its own way. The first part of my experience was being a spectator. I was able to enjoy just being in the mix of the crowd, having fun and taking in the sights. The last part was from the other side. Volunteering and selling NFL product. Last time I could reference “working retail” would have to be at age 16 working at the grocery store. Didn’t have to do much product convincing there, just ring it up. This was different but I was ready. Tell me what to do, and I’ll make it happen.  I got placed in the neutral Super Bowl coats section. My job, sell coats. Done. By Sunday I was told we had 350ish coats on racks. I left at 5pm with 60ish coats left on the rack. It was fun. Anyone eyeing a coat, I talked to. Some bought, some didn’t but I did thoroughly enjoy meeting so many different people from all over this country. Everyone was extremely friendly and good spirited. I have come up with my Top 5 behind-the-scenes-volunteering highlights:

5. Some free Nike swag

4. Holding a newborn baby while a guy tried on a jacket and then bought it for $200.00 (He was trying to try the jacket on while holding the baby. He looked more awkward doing that than I did holding the newborn.)

3. At 10:30am, seeing a guy walk about the Huddle (old downtown Nordstrom store) holding a square 24 can case of Bud Light under his arm, drinking because he can

2. Free parking = Getting to park in my company’s parking lot both days even though I was told they would be “sold” and I basically had no access to them

1. Introducing myself to Sean Payton (because he cares who I am) – He was shopping at the Huddle with his family not making a scene, so I didn’t want to either. I walked up, introduced myself, was extended the handshake (which was received) and said I enjoyed watching his team’s season, made the Magnificent Brees connection, then wished him that my city would treat his family well and hoped he’d enjoy his time here.

My Super Bowl experience was Super Awesome (again, corny. sorry.)

1/3 Over

Since I plan to live to be 100 years old, today marks the time when my life is officially one-third over. Welcome to 34. K wished me well with this gem of a card… 


She also sent it to my Mother, who responded with “This was a family secret.”

Speaking of, the parents came down over the weekend to celebrate. Since we won’t likely be this close to any Super Bowl action again, we hit the streets downtown to take in the sights.

Fwd: 18 pictures for you

Monument Circle was closed off and lined with Indy cars painted like each NFL team. Couldn’t tell if they were in any particular order but if they were, I’m betting the Colts car was last.

Fwd: 18 pictures for you

I found the one I was looking for…

Fwd: 18 pictures for you

There are banners every where you look including a 33 story tall one on the side of the JW. They aren’t even finished with it. You can see the guys trying to finish the word “Super Bowl” just to the right of the “X”.

Fwd: 18 pictures for you

After lunch we decided to duck inside to the NFL experience and see what they had. It is really geared toward kids, but it kept us from the cold. The had several kicking, punting, catching areas netted off inside the Convention Center. It was a massive spread. Some adults would line up to see if they could hit a 40 yard field goal. They also had player statues that you could stand up in for a photo op. Every team’s player was #12. Not sure why but a quick Google search points to the 12th man of the team being the fans. Of course, I found the Saints.

Fwd: 18 pictures for you

Dad spied this guy for me! The kids kept calling him a turkey and his handler was getting pretty pissed off and kept yelling “PEACOCK. IT’S A PEACOCK.”

Fwd: 18 pictures for you

They had a locker room area with a team’s most popular player jersey staged like it was his real locker. Mom wanted in on the Tebowing craze.

Fwd: 18 pictures for you

As we left, St. John’s church had a catchy sign that said “If you think the zip line was a thrill, step inside and see what Jesus has to offer.” Dad likes architecture, so we stepped inside to find the greatest photo op I have ever seen.

Fwd: 18 pictures for you

Whoever at St. John’s had this idea, well done! And Mom got to meet the Pope, kinda.

Fwd: 18 pictures for you

Final order of business was for Dad to certify the zip line brackets for my ride coming up! He said they were correct and I should be safe to sail down Capital in a few days! I love you both, thanks for visiting with me!