Arts & Crafts Time

Since I don’t have any projects needed at my place, I turned my crafty side else where. Getting some inspiration from Pinterest, I asked PS if she wanted a pin board for her room above her desk. She said yes, so I got the supplies.


I didn’t have a step by step plan, but I had worked it out in my head on what I thought we needed to do to make a 1/2 cork board 1/2 pin board. PS wanted more cork, so only needed to make an easy cut to make the length fit. She spray glued the material (which was a pre-cut quilt square) to the cardboard that came with the frame. Then spray glued a piece of cork down. Hot glued the elastic straps on to the cork and backside of the board. Spray glued another piece of cork on top, and Volia.


Not bad for a first attempt. I could have gotten a bit straighter with the elastic, but not too shabby for $25!

Halloween Candy

For the first time ever, I got to give out Halloween candy to the kiddos! But of course, CS and I had to dress up too! He has a new found crush on Domo, a character from Japan. Give the man 20 minutes and he came up with this!


I recycled a previous Minnie Mouse costume but enhanced it with official Mouse gloves and yellow heels!


The yellow heels started as patent leather red ones, very stripper-esque, but didn’t look nearly as bad in another color. One of our tricker-treaters said we were “the coolest adults” for dressing up. We ended up running out of candy and had to post a sign. Saw lots of cute costumes and some without. The with-outs are not getting candy from me next year! Best costume was on a kid about 2 years old. His parents dressed him up like Chucky from Child’s Play and had a voicebox from a Chucky doll inside his shirt on repeat! I wanted to take a picture with him for my Mom (We love that movie) but opted not to thinking that would creep the parents out. Later CS said Halloween probably would have been the best night to ask strangers to allow that. Doh.

Concrete Jungle

Back when I had a dog, my backyard was immaculate. I use the “backyard” term loosely. Its a 4×8 foot section of grass at the end of my patio. I’ve used about every means possible to keep this area maintained… Hand trimmer, hired grass cutter, personal weedeater. I didn’t have a reason to keep it up so it was slowly becoming a jungle of weeds. My Mom tried to get me to keep it up by giving me 3 rose bushes to plant. I killed a cactus once. Plants are not my thing, but to please my Mommy I planted them. She would ask “How are your roses doing?” I didn’t know, I never looked at them or went out there. “You aren’t pruning them?” No. I didn’t want them in the first place, told you that. So she would end up cutting them down each time she would visit.

Well, she doesn’t have to do that anymore. I finally found a guy who would concrete the patch in. He even said “That area sounds small. You just tired of messing with it?” YES! First call was to Mom… “Hey, you want some rose bushes? I don’t need them anymore.” She was not interested, but I found them a good home before the work began. Here’s what it looked like with the roses.


I also realized the separated trash area was useless. It only housed spider webs and old rocks, so I decided it had to come down too.


With my hacksaw, I cut down the 2 attaching planks and the post. Felt like a real man. Sans fence and roses…


A couple of weeks later (I thought he forgot about me), the concrete guys came and prepped the area for pouring.


The very next day I got my brand new patio!


By doing this, I would say I increased my patio space by 30%. My hammock always fit in the space, but now it won’t look so overwhelming and I have practically zero maintenance out there!


It wasn’t the most exciting game to watch, but I had fun making my jersey for our outdoor showing of the Colts v. Saints led by 2 Boilermaker QBs!



I took my Manning jersey and turned it into a Painter jersey with some crafty tape, foam, and hot glue since this city (or any for that matter) doesn’t make Painter jerseys. One of my fellow alums clearly had a better night than the other during the game, but the outcome was what we all expected. Maximus hosted on his patio, including a heating lamp, freshly scented air enhancers, and scrumptious hors d’oeuvres. Makes me want a projection screen for my patio! 


Out With The Old

….In with the new.  That was the theme for my weekend.

My microwave went out in January.  I’m  not sure how old it was because it came from my parents remodel of their new home a few years ago.  I remembered it being fairly easy to install, but the issue this time was I would be going with stainless steel to keep up with the times.  So I’ve been watching prices until I found one around $200.  Old…




Now I can have popcorn again!  I made sure the new one was the same main dimensions as the old.  The wall plate fit perfectly.  I had to drill new holes in the cabinet for the upper bolts and power cord.  Which is probably why they recommend you have 2 people helping with the install.  But of course, I think I am superwoman, so I tackled it myself.  At one point I was holding up the mircowave with my knees while my sissy ass drill battery died on me while the microwave was already on the wall plate.  Only took an hour overall, but I’ll be requesting some manly tools for Christmas this year.

Since I went to the Sears warehouse on the westside, I decided to hit some stores I rarely get to.  While shopping, I found a new art piece that I thought would fit well in my entry way and tie in well with my new bookcases.  Old…   




After I grabbed this oriental piece, I turned into the next aisle and just about shat myself.  There was this HUGE canvas painting I had to have.  When I say huge, I mean 5 ft x 6 ft.  It was exactly the same colors as my pillows on the couch.  It was going to be perfect and I just needed to figure out where it would fit and how the hell I was going to get it home.  I originally planned for it in the dining room, but once I measured, it was way too large.  I’ve been looking for a new piece in there and since I love the painting my parents got me for my birthday that was in my living room, I decided it could go in the dining and the new monster could go in the living room.  Old…




To get the monster home, I returned to the store, employed the truck of DJWeave and brought some duct tape to tie it down.  New…  


I freaking love it!  Only bad part is that I sit with it to my back, so guess I’ll just have to walk in and out of my room more often to enjoy it!

All Done

I never have been 100% happy with the living room layout in my condo.  Couches were all quick purchases needed for seating.  TV was a box-type big screen. Tables were never anything fancy, just functional.  I practically eat at the coffee table every day because God forbid I eat like an adult in my dining room with no TV.  When the TV went out earlier this year, it wasn’t worth the cost to fix it with the low prices of flat screens these days.  So after the new TV purchase, I started designing the room I always wanted.






I picked last Saturday to be the day to start.  Already had hit quite a few stores during shopping trips with Mom, but Kittle’s Outlet hadn’t been visited yet.  And after 10 minutes there, I found my couch.  In my price range.  WTF.  I was not expecting that.  Hopeful that I would, but it seemed too easy and I was skeptical of my own feelings.  Salesclerk said they could hold it until close so I could go home and measure.  Called both Mom and Dad to talk through it trying to uncover anything that I was missing about why I shouldn’t drop some coin on this couch. 

So I told myself to hit a few more stores just in case and while I’m walking down the first aisle of my second store, I stop dead in my tracks.  They had the exact bookcases I had designed for myself nearly 5 years ago.  WTF.  I took my sketches to a few people to try to have them built and no one was interested.  Guess the times just needed to catch up to my idea!  Quickly purchased 2 and was on my way to the next stop.  While at Target looking for a rug, which I found and under my budget price, they had small mirror-top end tables on clearance.  2 please.  Told myself that was enough for the day.  My car was full and my debit card was empty.  Got home to put some masking tape on the floor and confirm it was all going to work.

I hadn’t seen any media centers that I really liked, so I switched that search to the internet.  Ended up finding a piece on Craigslist from a guy that gets leftovers from Best Buy.  This one had 2 small scratches in the top.  I planned on having a piece of glass cut for the top anyway, so now I’ll just touch it up, get smoke-colored glass and enjoy my $120 media center!  The result that fell into place in 48 hours:





My furniture delivery yesterday happened to coincide with my brother’s family yearly holiday trip.  Their flight was a Tuesday late night arrival so they opted to crash with me instead of making the trek north.  Little did they know the chaos that they were in for.  I secretly was happy to be able to use my brother to move the existing furniture.  Delivery was scheduled for the afternoon, so I woke up early to go pick up my bookcases and get started before B’s family was up.  As I was putting bookcase 1 together, Kittle’s calls and they are running early.  HOURS early and will be at my place in 10 minutes.  WTF.  Well, B and I made quick work of emptying the couches and chair from the room.  I think he was still asleep when we moved it.  Everything else was already out.  New couches in & back to the bookcase assembly with some minor delays from Kayla who found a seat perfect for her size.


Since Reagan was just staring at the TV, I put her to work on covering the wood holes.  No free room and board here!


Need to get some more accent pieces and finally get new artwork for the walls, but the hard part is over!  What did I do with my old furniture, you ask?  Physically, its stacked in my dining room.  Virtually, its all on Craigslist at bargain basement prices just trying to move it by 2011.  If you are interested in loveseat, chair, ottoman, fake tree… you know how to reach me.

Art Class 201

Family Dollar make me holla!!!  Seriously, this place has some bargains!  On a recent trip to the lake, a few tolietries were needed so I stopped off at Family Dollar in North Webster to grab the supplies.  Little did I know how much stuff there would be for me to buy!  Rugs, pictures, lotion, iPod stereo, the list goes on.  I happened upon 2 pieces of art work with open frames that were Asian inspired.  I’ve been wanting to paint and redo the art work in the master bedroom but hadn’t found anything I thought was good enough.  These were the first pieces I saw in months that made me step back and think about how they’d look.  Problem was I need 3.  I went to find a clerk to see if all the stuff in the store was out on shelves.  He said that for those pieces, yes they were all out.  But… there was another Family Dollar in Syracuse that we could try!  Excellent idea Sir!  Went ahead and bought the 2 hoping I’d find another.

While at the Syracuse Family Dollar I found art work that I liked better!  I told K to go to the car immediately and get the other pieces.  I’m returning them and buying these!  These = 12 $3 wooden tiles that have leaf/twig patterns carved into them.  They had highlighted sections of silver and gold, so I instantly knew they were perfect for my champagne color bedspread and nickel hardware.  While I was so excited for this purchase, I moseyed around the store some more only to stumble upon more art that I literally pictured 3 years ago but could never manage to find.  A large ceramic spoon and fork to hang in my kitchen for $8!  Problem was they had roosters on them.  Way too country, but I saw through the gaudy and knew I could make these into what I needed and wanted.  Here’s what I bought…


After a $5 can of white spray paint and $5 can bottle of shellac…


The space is next to cabinets that open, so I couldn’t have anything to deep and the wall space is narrow so I couldn’t have anything to wide either.  So so so happy to have found these and be done with looking for them everywhere I go. My mom can stop looking now too! 
Once that tiny artsy job was completed I moved to the heavy duty task of the bedroom.  Not only have I wanted new art, I wanted a new paint job.  The first time I painted every single room in my condo I went too light.  So the second go round, I’ve always picked the middle or the darkest shade on the color swatch.  I liked to call the old color of the master bedroom Pale Pee Pee Yellow.  Not good.  Basic and boring.  The art work that I had up were pieces that I had painted to match the previous bedspread.  It all was just ok, color family related and liveable.  Here’s a look.


After a trip to Lowe’s, I ended up with Mocha Syrup as my new color.  A wonderful warm cozy brown.  I was suppose to paint this weekend, but after a change of plans, I was left to take Monday off from work to get the job done.  Happy to report that after a total of 12 hours, the boom boom room is complete!


Valspar makes a great paint that took 1 major coat then some touch ups.  I still have some white edging to do around the doors and on the closet doors, but the majority of the work is done and my furniture is back in order.  Without the extra gallon of paint I bought, the transformation cost under $100 and it feels like a totally different space now.

I already have a new idea for the canvases, so stay tuned for Art Class 301.  It’s an idea that is stolen from a magazine, but each person can really add their own creative touch.  I guess I’ll let my 2 charity events, 3 volleyball leagues, work, life, sleeping, eating slow down a bit for I tax myself out on another project.

Gun Time

I admit I haven’t kept my patio in top shape in the past few months.  Priorities, what can I say!  Mom bought me 3 rose bushes that I am happy to report are flowering, but that doesn’t make it all pretty.  I’m debating removing all the grass since it serves no purpose for me, but until then, it was time to tackle the dirty concrete.


Less than 1 minute of using the power washer, it showed how much my patio needed this! You can see in the pic above, the left side was already wet, but the right was not. After a little work, this was uncovered.


It only took about an hour, but this will last so much longer!

Master This

My master bath remodel all started back in January with 2-$20 pictures that I found while shopping with my Mom. I was drawn to the deep blue background and instantly had a vision of how I can change my master bath to a more cozy environment. I found it very drab with the tan walls, white floor, white shower, white cabinet… blah blah blah.

Here’s a look at the old stuff. The ceiling was the awful drop fluorescent lights under plastic panels. I had some idea of what I was going to demo seeing as I had the kitchen redone a while back, but I was ready to tackle this on my own.


The counter top was a built-in sink and always had a crack in it but I lived with it because it wasn’t worth the money until I could really do something that fit what I wanted.  It was also an offset sink, so you had to special order at $300-400.  You can barely see the rug, but it was about the only thing I actually liked in the bathroom. All my wall fixtures were silver and I had to test 2 blues to make sure I got the shade just right.



So, I started to work.  First came the ceiling.  Had to pry off the metal frame supporting the panels, take down the fluorescents and patch.  Since they were just wires through the ceiling again, my Dad showed me how to install junction boxes the last time he was in town and it was much easier than I had expected.  Lesson learned – Get plastic ones, not metal.  Much easier to drill through.  I needed to texture the ceiling since it was just drywall. This was a chore. Not fun putting goop overhead standing on a chair, but I managed. It doesn’t match the stomp above the tub, but they aren’t on the same level anyway, so I think it looks fine.  The pictures had bronze frames, so that became the secondary color in the room.  Here are my boobie lights.


Next was to texture and paint the walls and ceiling.  I did a wider texture than on the downstairs bathroom, but same technique.  I went on a rug spree one night finding 4 different ones to try.  This ended up the winner with a small brown one I put down when actually showering.


I reorganized the items on the shelves and bought some oil rubbed bronze spray paint to change out the towel bars and toliet paper holder. Much better deal at $6 than $60 for new fixtures.



Then came the counter top, faucet and sink. I fell in love with the faucet as soon as I saw it. It was the perfect blue/bronze combo I needed. I had picked out a rectangle white vessel sink to go with it. Next came the counter top shopping. I figured I’d go a step above the hardware store countertops and shoot for granite. I know it’s a bit more expensive, but might as well upgrade $100 from the custom one I was doomed to order anyway. After 6 trips to granite yards, I found the perfect stone at the perfect price. Once I saw how beautiful it was, I did not want to cover it with a big white sink. Luckily for me, and to my surprise, the faucet I ordered actually came with its own matching blue glass sink! La piece de resistance!


A photo attempt at the finished product.


I think the bill will come out to be close to $1k and 5 gallons of my sweat.  But it is worth it to enjoy walking into there each morning and start my day out with color and style.  Mama, your quaint Indy B&B awaits you next weekend!

P.s. – If anyone is looking for a brand new white vessel sink, I’ll make you a helluva deal.

Long Weekend

With my training schedule dedicated (ha) to Bop, I didn’t have anything planned for my Friday  night, so I tackled my new home improvement project of the upstairs bathroom.  I have an idea of a spa like environment for my tiny little “master” bathroom.  New texture, paint, lights, counter… you name it, I can imagine it.  I’ll leave the final pictures to later.

Meanwhile, Purdue had a home game where I got to converse with a fav man of mine.


And maybe not one of my fav people, but still a person that I do respect, The General.


I really didn’t get to talk to him, but he’s got good street cred in my book even though our students were yelling “Guard the chairs”.

I started on my demo and remodel, but was pleasantly interrupted by my parents wanting to celebrate my birthday with me this weekend.  We spent time going over photos and stories, but more importantly, Mom and I tried to spend some money at Midland Antiques and Crafts, but couldn’t.  It certainly had a lot to offer, but we didn’t see anything worth buying.  We all finished our visit together with cake and myself learning how to install a junction box in my ceiling.  Totally stuff 31…I mean 32 year old women do.

Thanks to my Dad teaching me new home improvement techniques.  Thanks to them both for spending the day with me!

Click here to watch the video of us making a video that probably only we will laugh at.