Tool Organization

My brain never stops trying to organize every aspect of my life. When CS asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for him to help me at something I knew he’d be able to make happen. In my laundry room, I have open wall space around a mounted shelving unit. Over the years, I’ve put random hooks to hold stuff, then moved them, leaving me with scarred walls that could provide some much needed storage. Then I had a tool bag that the tools ripped the pockets because of how I stored the screwdrivers and pliers. It was time to upgrade! I explained I wanted a pegboard environment so I could move things around as I increased my tool box and wanted things easily accessible instead of digging in a box. Also, was tired of my nails, screws, etc in tupperware. I wanted a drawer system. He planned, shopped, then went to work. Started with pieces of this….


CS had to build frames for each side so that the hangers would actually go through the pegboard. This is why I never tried this myself! He cut an angle piece for the left and put up a full one on the right. As soon as he showed me them, I dreamed of making them fashionable instead of just utilitarian. A quick trip to Wally world and $6 worth of contact paper left us with this beautiful result! Left side:

Right side:

Next came the pegboard accessories. CS got a variety of hangers that allowed me to organize all my tools visually to put those I used most at my finder tips! It helped me clean up my shelving bins too!

I am over joyed with the final result! CS delivered exactly what I wanted. Kudos to his engineering skills! I am running out of things to organize at my place. Call me. I’ll go into withdrawal soon.

My Oasis


I was recently inspired by a (sing it) “Save Big Money At Menards” ad. This picture appealed to me. 


No idea why this spoke to me, a person with a black thumb. It just did. So I got online to study the architecture of it. Woah! Way too big for my space. I knew I had to make my own dimensions. I tried to use Excel to plot it out. Wasn’t working. Tried to use a whiteboard next. Wasn’t working. Screw it. I’d have to wing it. And wing it we did. I had the overall size planned, but no clue about the number of bricks I’d need. Instead of using 3 different sized bricks, CS spotted 8″ and 12″ bricks that would be easier to navigate. Perfect, one less variable. I started guesstimating. 4 here, but 7 there, then 3 up, and 2 over. Ok. I wanted 60 medium bricks and 90 large. Now let’s accessorize.

I happened upon this moon chair and bright pillow to enhance the area.


Got my first outdoor couch and spruced up the fire pit.


Over a few days, CS and I went to work building the new planter. The trick was incorporating a garden area using a pre-built patio box. If I’m going to try a green thumb, might as well go all out. 


Once it was built and ready, I asked Mom to be my plant advisor. We went to Habig’s after the Mini and consulted with their staff. My requests were:

  1. No maintenance
  2. Really, no maintenance
  3. No dead heading
  4. Full sun exposure
  5. No bee/insect attractions.

Our result was lots of perennials, with some sprigs of annuals.



Still have the garden to do. Not sure how I feel about my new project. This may go terribly bad or I may host a farmer’s market next year. At least I remembered to water it today! Break-in-the-patio-party coming soon!

More Snow Please

After the Midwest snowmageddon and Michigan trip, it was time for some Colorado snow! A blizzard hit Indy the day we were suppose to leave, which resulted in me having my first airport-run-to-the-gate experience. We checked our bags and sped walk to security. I quickly asked each person in the security line in front of us “Excuse me, we have a flight leaving in 20 minutes, can we move in front of you?” Everyone graciously stepped aside and made it to the gate with our boarding group up next. Then we sat at the gate for over an hour waiting on water and clean shitters. WTF. Our lateness and the plane delay resulted in our ski equipment not making it to Denver with us. Lord, how does this work?! A nice SW lady offered to have the luggage delivered to us when it arrived. Thank you lady!

In all my travels to CO, we’ve always gotten there without problems. Not this trip. The drive there took 5 hours instead of 2. We barely went 10 MPH once we hit the mountains. They were only letting so many cars through the tunnels at a time. Guys were hopping out of their cars, like this guy, to relieve themselves. I was jealous.


So without equipment for our first day, we opted for play time at the cabin. I finally got to see the tepee!


CS fit better once inside.


Our view, not shabby at all.


As we were out playing, I recognized how well the snow was packing as I fired snowballs at the girls. I decided it was time to build my first and biggest snowman of my life. Sydney was on board and started rolling a ball for the head. I took the bottom portion. I kept rolling. And rolling. And rolling. Syd kept asking “Is this head big enough yet?” Nope. Keep rolling. Mine got so heavy I couldn’t budge it anymore. “CHAD!” He helped us with the last 5 feet of rolling and our snowman found his resting place. I started work on the middle section. “CHAD!” needed him to lift it! And put the head on since this thing was way taller than any of us girls!


Since our skis still hadn’t arrived, it was a perfect time to get out the ole’ snowboard and attempt to not injure my tailbone again! CS was ready to test his 1985 skateboarding skills. Proof that he got the hang of it!


Snowboard maps are not as smooth as ski maps. Our trek around Ski Cooper.


Prior to my trip, my sister-in-law sent me a picture of a birdhouse made out of corks. I was intrigued. YouTubed a video and sent her a supplies list minus the corks. I knew a restaurant that could help me out and we used every single one! So fun playing with hot glue and 8 to 10 year old girls! Our masterpiece…




Spent the next day at our fav spot, Copper Mountain. The amazing Fuller skiing trio!


CS and I had our skis back so we were all on track to stay together. Except, someone (Reagan) was a speed demon and Brandon had to keep up with her. (At her/my fastest, our speed was 37.4 MPH!) I kept taking Syd in and out of the trees while Chad sloped beside us. Then… where’s B and Reagan? Texts were exchanged and we had lunch separately as we were on different ends of the mountain! Then at the end, we found B & Reagan, but then lost CS. Didn’t matter in the end since we all got to ski our butts off!


Since the wind kept us from going up Green Mountain on our last day as planned, the Fuller shopping habit had to be satisfied. The littlest booger joined us giving Mom and Dad a break from some madness!


Always sad to leave, Always looking to come back!

DIY Jewelry

Might be the easiest DIY I’ve ever done. And cheap!


Here’s how it goes together…

  1. Spray glue 1 inch batting to the pegboard.
  2. Layout fabric and staple over the sides to cover the pegboard edges.
  3. Poke a hole through the batting and fabric with an awl. 
  4. Insert knob through the opening and tighten the screw.
  5. Hang jewelry!!!


I added wire to the back and its hanging in my closet on the back wall. Also had CS cut a prong off one of the long pulls so I can put my rings on it. (It’s the 4th one in the picture.) In total this cost under $50! The knobs are 80% of the cost so you can skimp on those if your budget needs tightened. Plus, Lowe’s will cut the pegboard to size for you! Thanks to K for the idea! We made hers last week and when we got done, I had to make myself one.


Variation of DIY. Do It Yourself 4 Others. I was commissioned to do my first texture treatment at a friend’s house. No one needs white walls like this.



I went with a large sweeping troll. Found the perfect mirror to match.


After we looked at the mirror, we didn’t like the way the lights hit it. Solution? Turn the fixture upside down. Love the simple route. Add some towels for depth.


And a fitting vase with the same colors as the wall and mirror. Done!


For Christmas, my Colorado family got me a nifty Kinkajou. Not a rainforest mammal, a glass cutter. My first attempts for a friend’s birthday gift.


My gift came with the cup ends that you stick through the neck of the bottle. I’m not great at keeping the cutter level. I’ll get better with practice. I told everyone I need to write to the inventor and tell him to build the 3.0 version with a level built-in. BAM, where’s my finder’s fee?!

Magnetize It


The cork boards weren’t cutting it. It was functional, but it wasn’t connecting with my organizational OCD spirit. Then, I saw a DIY on TV that seemed to hit the nail on the head! With some power tools on loan, it was spray glue, wood framing, fabric and a sheet of galvanized metal. 


Cut the sheet to your desired size. Add fabric. Attach frame. Voila!


A custom made magnet board! One day when I have a home office I’m making a huge one of these! Love it! And I saw a show today that painted a magnet wall in a kitchen. Watch out next home… I’m coming with loads of ideas!

Bring Me My Throne

When your toilets say June 3, 1964… it’s time to update.

Fwd: Poop date

I couldn’t put my butt on something almost 50 years old anymore. With my trusty sidekick, we tackled the bowel bowls. I went from squatty round ones…


…to slick tall elongated ones. 



Talk about flushing money down the toilet. A lawn chair and some PVC pipe could do the trick.


As adults, you don’t get mail that is fun. Unless you order something for yourself then, at least like I do, you are tracking it from warehouse to your door like it’s a million dollars. This week, I got fun mail from my favorite niece! (Favorite because she has now sent me something… hint to the other 2…)


Arts and crafts straight from Colorado. Bracelet is made of rubber bands! I need to buy some of this…


…and show her how it was done in the 80s!

Doors to My Personal Hell

Most frustrating DIY project I’ve done to date. Totally didn’t go as I expected in labor or duration. CS expected the duration.

I’ve been living without closet doors for months since the new floors went in earlier in the year. No doors was better than the bi-fold metal doors that were there. Finally the budget was approved for my custom doors! Start of construction… 


I ordered primed white doors with frosted glass. Took 3 weeks to get in. During those 3 weeks, I played out the installation in my head. The door frames had never been drilled or carved into. This seemed like a very quick and simple install since we didn’t have to match up any hinges to anything pre-existing. The frames measured 48 x 80, exact size of the doors I ordered. Figured after setting the hinges back, we’d have a nice snug fit. Man, I was terribly wrong. 

The doors were primed white, so I set up triage on my patio to get them painted.



Looked like a wounded door center. I wanted to make sure nothing scratched the glass, so I left the plastic covers on them that were used in the priming process. Get the doors upstairs and… too long. I could handle this. Solution was to use a circular saw and get a 1/2 inch off all of them. Now we could get the hinges up. Except one minute the door was level, then 5 minutes later is wasn’t. Start the shimming process. Urg. I knew this was a possibility to happen, so I was still calm and ready for the next step. Which was to drill the holes for the handles. As I go to shut the doors, neither pair shuts. WTF. They run into each other. They were just level!? It would have taken too long to sand them down and that is not a guarantee that you have a steady hand. I didn’t want to mess with the hinges anymore. I asked CS what the next step was. Plane the wood. Huh? Once he described it, I knew what he was talking about. I didn’t have the tool. And I was done for the day. Patience was exhausted.

Off to Home Depot the following week! I’m the proud new owner of a power wood planer. Probably have to rent it out to people to get it’s value out of it. So, we are back on to completing the project. We drill the holes for the handles and the wood at the back of the doors starts splitting like a pair of pantyhose. COME ON! And the handles weren’t level. I was frustrated. Back to the store to buy some wood powder?! Never used that before either but the clerk recommended it. Shit gets as hard as wood pretty fast. Don’t spill it if you use it. Much better than the wood putty crap.

So now, I was at my final step. Taking off the plastic film covering the glass. As I started peeling from a corner, my bedroom suddenly looked like a snow globe. All the primer was flaking off like pencil shavings. COME THE F’ ON! My options were to litter my bedroom with paint shavings or take the doors off and do it outside. Sumbitch. If the doors had a face, I would have punched them in it. Doors came off and outside they went. Took me hours to get this film off. It came off in tiny strips near the frame leaving scraps of plastic and paint. 2 people have since told me I was suppose to heat up the plastic with a hair dryer and it would have come right off. WELL, why didn’t the clerk and Menards or the directions tell me that?! (’cause I always read directions)

Final product:


I’m super satisfied with the end result. They are gorgeous! I would do it all over again… but not the same way. I’ll hire a professional while I sit downstairs and watch TV.