Jersey Boys

Weekend catch up time.  Weather wasn’t the greatest, so not much to report.  Mama and her long time friend Pamela came to visit me Saturday.  We had been planning this outing for months, so I was glad the time finally came.  After seeing Wicked last year, coincidentally on this same weekend, Mom learned the Jersey Boys was on the list for 2010 and started planning.  The 2 ladies drove from their respective home towns and met up at my place before the show.  We shared some pictures and stories.  It was fun to see my Mom with one of her best girlfriends for over 40 years!!!  I had met Pamela when I was little, but yeah, don’t remember that one.

Off we went to grab some lunch at the Barking Dog Cafe.  I had heard great things about the place, but can’t say I was that impressed.  I thought it was going to be more upscale then it came across in person.  Our meals were ok, but I probably won’t go back.  The server was 15 and I think it might have been his 2nd day.  Pamela was ready for the show and a cocktail, so I knew we were going to get along great!

We quickly parked in the lot next to the Murat, excuse me, Old National Center (boring) trying to beat the humidity.  Found the bathrooms, the bar, and our seats a few minutes to show time.  I wasn’t sure what this musical would be like or about, but I had a great time at Wicked, so I was excited to try this experience again. 

The Jersey Boys told the story of the Four Season, among the approximately 10 other names they were called over the years.  It was interesting how they put the timeline together.  Talked about the ladies, the crime, the different members of the group.  I happened to know quite a few of the songs, but had no clue they were from that group.  Then Beggin’ came on, and I was stunned.  I’ve been jammin’ to the Madcon version for months, only to find out these guys did it first?!  I did show my age… young age, that is at one point.  They had a screen that was playing old TV clips of the band and showed this old guy introducing them on a television program.  I didn’t know who he was, so I asked “Is that Bob Hope?”  Pamela about died because it was Ed Sullivan but I had no clue.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures because my camera battery was dead, no juice at all.  Other than that, it was a great day with my Mom and her friend.  I certainly have picked up the musical bug now and we’ll probably make it a tradition to see at least one a year.  Better get to researching the next one!

Locks of Love

2 years in the making, finally happened last night.  I wanted to do this back in 2008 but as I was training for the triathalon, my hair was getting damaged from the pool, so I cut it off a few inches shy of the 10 inch Locks of Love requirement.  After feeling bad that it just gets dumped in the trash, I vowed to donate as soon as it was long enough.

Last night, a few of us made the trip to Fantastic Sams for the big event.  Fantastic Sams is affliated with Locks, so they helped me mail my ponytails to the company.  Before…




It will take a little getting used to, more so regarding how to style it not the length.  Believe it or not, this is not the shortest my hair has ever been either.  I owe that to the world’s worst hair cut in 2000 where I ended up getting more women’s phone numbers than men’s for a few months.

Hope my hair makes a nice piece for a little kid out there!

Family Practice

Had an impromptu visit from the parents this weekend.  Mom was fishing around on Friday to see what plans I had.  I asked, “Do you want to know?” or “Are you asking to come down?”  She had talked Dad into some flea market in Ohio, but when I mentioned attending practice at the track, it was a done deal.  Usually just Mom comes to shop or do whatever we do, so it was nice to have Herbie included for the festivies.


We hit the track and went straight to the garages to see what chaos was there.  Well, there was none.  I expected lots of activity but at the time we where there, lots of cars were on the track waiting for their turn to go across the bricks.  We did get to see a few cars being worked on and one guy signing autographs but no clue who he was.  They were just starting to get some practice laps in so we made our way to some seats by the pagoda and ended up in front of Danica’s pit.


Mom says this picture explains why she has to always have her umbrella… it’s what the lady racers, like Danica, do.


Guess it’s better than her looking like this lady we saw when we left the track!


We watched the cars run for about an hour then headed over to my company’s hospitality area for our free lunch.  We arrived just as the speaker was getting done and the place started to clear out.  Perfect!  We grabbed our box lunch that included a ham sandwich, 2 pieces of fried chicken, a horrible brownie and an apple.  I need to describe the lunch to set up this next part of our day. 

Our entertainment while we ate our meals was a table full of what seemed to be a mostly drunk family of 7 adults with a young kid.  Since the lunch festivies were over, the helpers were offering the left over lunch boxes to anyone that wanted them.  The kid runs up and grabs a few.  They looked like healthy eaters, so we were pretty sure they can get a few extras down.  Next, the kid and a few adults proceeded to make SEVERAL trips to get SEVERAL more boxes.  They probably had 8 boxes per person by the time we left.  Who needs that much fried chicken at the race track and how the hell did they think it would keep cold the rest of the day?  The only dilemma they seemed to recognize was how the hell were they going to carry them.  Solution, ask the helpers for a trash bag.  Voila…


It started sprinkling a bit at this point, so we called it a day.  But not before I found a boyfriend.


And not before K and I caused some trouble.


Earth Day 2010

Headed over to the Earth Day Festival today at White River Park.  I will say I was quite impressed with the turn out from vendors and the community.  Right away, I was handed a reusable Wal-mart bag.  I love these things!  I typically have 2-3 canvas/reusable bags in my trunk for groceries or Sams visits.  Today , I scored 6 more!!  Everyone was giving them away and I really liked it.  It’s nice to get something for free that you will use instead of a company spending money on something to promote themselves that you end up throwing out.  It is in honor of Earth Day, so I think they made a wise choice.

And leave it to me to find the a mascot at the event.  The only smokey treat I’ll support!


So today I vow to turn off more lights in my house. Shut off water when I’m not really using it. And learn how I can bring recycling to my doorstep and maybe my community.

Cin City

A group of us traveled to Cincinnati to celebrate Timmah’s birthday.  It was a surprise trip that minorly got ruined when he saw his buddy wearing Cubs gear walking into the Rock Bottom we were all meeting at.  Oh well, at least he still didn’t know who all was coming.  Here’s most of us enjoying the time in the sun. 



K found a boyfriend on the way out and Drew approved!


After the game, we hailed a cab and headed to Hofbrauhaus in Newport. Holy shit this place was crazy. I really felt like I was in a different world. Just a big open room of picnic tables and overflowing beer steins. It was madness. Drew and I decided it looked like good place for some Trust Fall action.  He got quite a few people really good.  Some even caught him and knew exactly what we were up to.  At one point, a bouncer came over and I was sure we were getting kicked out.  Nope, he just asked him not to do it in the main walkway.  The bday boy with his beer beeches at the Hof.



After Hof, we headed to Cadillac Ranch for some grub since all the Hof had was kraut balls and pretzals. We wrangled a big table with the help of the hostess only to get kicked out an hour later for a bachelorette party that already had a large table and was moving to the other side of the restaurant to our big table. Really, pinkies? I had enough and headed back to the hotel to rest up for the most awesome Peguin Parade the next day.

Sunday brought a visit to the Newport Aquarium. We had a bit of diffculty finding this place because everytime we asked where the Aquarium was, people answered “Newport”. Well no shit Sherlock, how do we get there?! Guess we didn’t phrase our question correctly. We got there in time to catch the Penguin Parade just as they opened. Maybe K and I had built this massive display in our heads, but this was just absolutely disappointing. Not only did the penguins not walk out on their own, they were in little clear tubes riding on a cart! It almost looked inhumane. I video’d it, but not sure it’s worth posting other then the disappointment on our faces. I got over it real fast with some pictures of the aquarium mascots!



I saw George’s long lost cousin.


They didn’t have a lot of photo ops, so we made our own!



The shark tank was probably the coolest thing they had. You could see if from all different sides, even above. You could walk through a tunnel and this dude swam over.


Also, it was Sweet Pea the shark’s birthday so they had decorations everywhere, a cake in tanks and a banner in the lobby.  To which K said, “Certainly someone did not name their child Sweet Pea.”  She figured it out.  Overall, a great trip with friends!

Super Duper Weekend

Even though Mother Nature dumped snow all over our city, my friends and I managed to get out and find fun things to do!  Friday was game night where I am becoming accustomed to losing at Rummikub and I’m not likin’ it.  Saturday, a bunch of went to see some movies at the State Museum.  They were offering a BOGO deal on 3 different movies.  First up was the 3D Under the Sea. I had called in a special favor to my parents to ship me their Avatar glasses that had a hard frame, but they didn’t end up working right so we went with the museum’s free offer of oversized 3D glasses.


We all had lines on our faces for an hour after the show, but it didn’t matter because the movie was great!  I’ve never watched a full 3D movie before and now I want to see EVERY movie in 3D!  I felt like I was in the ocean the whole time!  One scene had sea snakes that swam out at you and it did creep me out a bit, but the playful sea lions at the end made you think you could reach up and pet them.  Our free additional movie was either Louis and Clark or Mummies.  We went with mummies, but can’t say it was that great.  It was about recovering DNA and how tombs are found.  Oh well, off to our next adventure… Ice skating!

We hit the Pan Am plaza with 33 minutes left to skate.  The guy at the counter seemed very concerned that we were only going to get 33 minutes of skating, but I reassured him that the level of ice skating this crew was at, 33 minutes was plenty.  A few of us laced up and were out trying to show off our skills.  A few wipe outs happened, none by me thank you very much!  I did manage to do a 360 on purpose a few times, but they were so slow it wasn’t impressive.  K and I tried to do a round robin thing like you do on roller skates, but it didn’t even come close to working.  We opted for this instead.


The weekend wrapped up with a few visits to Super Bowl parties and a great victory for the New Orleans Saints!  It was hard for me to watch the game.  I didn’t clap or cheer at all in the first quarter.  Really didn’t want to root for or against anyone at that point.  Then once the Saints started to turn it around, I was all over it.  I’m very pleased with the outcome and think the Saints played a better game in the end.  I’m very proud that Purdue gets to claim a Superbowl quarterback champion in Mr. Drew Brees!

And to top off the whole great weekend, I was chosen at random for completing the Drumstick Dash survey months ago, and received my prize in the mail today.  Looks like I have my hat for next year!


Happy Veteran’s Day

Doing my part to support our country and the men and women that protect it, I participated in the Indianapolis Veteran’s Day parade.  My company, OneAmerica, sponsors the Spirit of America flag.  This isn’t just any old flag.  It’s a big ole’ flag!  30 feet wide by 70 feet long to be exact.  It requires 45 people to manuever this thing through our downtown city streets.  And when I say “requires” I mean you wear the flag.  You are literally in the flag. They have cut out 45 tank top-like holes that you stand in and the flag rests on your shoulders.  I did this last year and had a blast waving at the crowd and hearing people think how cool the flag was.  So, I got to be a veteran at this years Veteran’s Day parade!



Race Across The Sky

I think anyone that knows me, knows my love of Colorado. So I tried to drum up some fanfare for a movie tonight about a little city known as Leadville and the big races it produces. Kristin’s the only one that joined me probably because everyone else looked at the running time of 205 minutes!  Holy crap, but it is worth it.  This is an exclusive screening across the USA at once.  Pretty cool to think some people I’ve met in my travels out west will all be watching at the same time.

I took part in the Leadville Half Marathon this year while my Bro raced in the full marathon. In addition to those, Leadville hosts a 50 miler, a 100 miler and a 100 mile bike ride. Brandon is nuts enough to have competed in the 50 and will compete in the 100 next year. There are even crazier people that enter all 5 LT100 race events, Trail Marathon, Silver Rush 50, LT100 Mountain Bike, LT100 10K, and the LT100 Run, within a racing season and finish each within designated qualifying times and you’re get to call yourself a Leadman or Leadwoman and get a large belt buckle. 282.4 miles for that?  No thanks, I choose to live the bike race out on the big screen.

So, yes we are at a movie, but at the same time, it’s epic to be watching with others across the US.  I shed some tears, did some clapping.  Kristin looked at me in digust, “Are you crying?!”  Shut up!  I finished the evening with a loud “Ewe-ewe” responded by a single “ewe-ewe” and applauded.   This city doesn’t get what I need.  I was curious to know how many in attendence actually have been to Leadville.  We know Lance Armstrong has.  He was fresh off the tour, uniball and all, he achieved stellar competition.  And he finished on a flat tire. He’s just that awesome!

Pearls of Pink

How fantastic of an event!  I became affiliated with Pink Ribbon Connection 3 years ago as a volunteer.  I stepped up my commitment to the foundation this year and became a chairman of the Nordstrom Fashion Show, Pearls of Pink.  I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but I loved every minute of this role.  All of the models are breast cancer survivors or work in the medical profession of supporting breast cancer patients.  It is such a wonderful and moving event.  I held back tears quite a few time during the show.  Every single person that has a role in this experience is extraordinary. 

The Pink Ribbon Connection offers breast cancer support to survivors and families and, also, provides community awareness about this critical disease.  Nordstrom’s flew in representatives from New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago to put on this fundraiser.  I have very little real connection to this cause, but I do get my knack of volunteerism from my lovely mother Carole, who drove down from Fort Wayne with her best friend to support me and my charity.


Thank you to my Mom and Betty for supporting this event.  A huge thanks to all the volunteers who help put the show on.  And a gigantic appreciation to all those that spent their hard earned money to attend this fashion show and keep raising awareness for breast cancer research.  I will gladly fill this role again next year and look forward to working with so many wonderful people and survivors.  Here’s video of the lovely fashion show and models.

If anyone needs a pink “Lance” type bracelet to support October’s cause, shoot me an email and I’ll get you one.