My Good Deed For The Day

I try to volunteer when my schedule can afford it.  (Note to self:  Make more time to help others) Today, I collected donations for the Pink Ribbon Connection at the Women’s Big 10 basketball tournament.  In exchange for a donation, you got a pink ribbon pin or a pink rubber bracelet.  However, people were very interested in my pink polo shirt… I offered it to a few people for $500 bucks but no one was willing to pay that much.  Oh well, I tried.

They had been promoting the day for quite some time and even gave out pink t-shirts to the girls that attended a basketball clinic during the week.  As luck would have it, Purdue made it to today’s rounds, so on top of feeling good for volunteering, I got to watch my first Women’s game this year.  It was pretty cool to see all the pink shirts in the stands and on the benches.  Purdue even wore pink shoe laces.  And the referee’s had pink whistles.  Here’s a shot from the game.


We were able to raise about $700 which is pretty good for walk-up donations in 2 hours.  The foundation also got a portion of ticket sales so hopefully they were able to raise a few grand for breast cancer research.  Everyone at Pink Ribbon was very nice and thankful that they had volunteers to help.  They have already slated me for a position on their Fall Fashion Show committee!  Since leaving Golden Rule, I’ve had little opportunity to do these types of things, so I’m excited to see what new opportunities I can find!

Fuller for President ’09

For the past 2 years, I served on my homeowners association board.  If you own a home or condo, I highly recommend you at least attend your Board’s meetings.  They can be quite entertaining but also very informative to know where your dues are going.  You listen to your neighbor bitch about someone not picking up their dog shit in the community yard or someone complain that the mulch on the tree beds are too high.  It’s amazing the things people notice!  Some days I drive out of here and there could be a elephant in the road and I might not notice because I always have a gazillion things going on in my head.  

I first served as a board member, then we shuffled positions because our President left, so I became the Secretary.  I did monthly meeting minutes and kept up our community’s website.  Tonight was our annual meeting and my term was up.  Our President and Treasurer terms were also up.  You can serve for 2 terms for 2 years each.  After that you must take a break.  Who would want to do this for more than the maximum?!  Tonight, I was appointed as the President.  I was really unsure at first when I was presented with the idea.  Did I really want to assume the head position for a community that is quite old and has lots of people that like to give their opinion?  I answered the question by remembering something my brother told me once.  He had jury duty.  No one wants jury duty.  But once he got there and saw some of the other individuals that were asked to be part of the jury, he wanted to sit on that jury.  
Therefore, I want to be President.  I will do my best to represent the needs of Canterbury Condominiums in a financially responsible manner while maintaining all the physical maintenance needs our community has.
And since this is a free gig, I’ll be hosting a fund raising dinner to offset any costs, mental or physical, that I might endure during my tenure.  Cash, checks, or bottles of Jack Daniels will be accepted.