How Busy Is Too Busy?

When I say I book up 2 weeks in advance, I really mean it.  It’s gotten a little better lately… it’s about a week now.  But this weekend was jam packed.  I’ll just give you my Saturday rundown.  My girlfriend Amanda is getting her fitness class certification at LifeStyle.  You have to “Team Teach” before they set you off on your own.  I’ve been attending BodyPump sporadically for a few months and luckily that’s the one Amanda is going to be teaching.  Her parents were in town this weekend, and wanted to share in her experience.  4 of us that used to attend classes at our old gym got together and went to class.  Here’s a look at what it is.

Video to be posted soon…

It’s an hour long, all body parts with whatever weight you choose.  Apparently my weight isn’t heavy enough as Amanda kept pointing out things I shouldn’t be able to do if my bar was at the right weight for me… guess twirling the bar like a baton in between sets, doesn’t cut it.  (Just kidding!)  Thanks coach.  I’ll try better next time! 

After class, I got home to get some breakfast down, change and head to Purdue.  Only 2 more home games, left… got to make them all.  We played Ohio State.  They beat us earlier in the year on their court.  They were shooting a whopping 60% that game!  That’s unheard of!  Hopefully they wouldn’t do that today.  We did our pre-game ritual at Harry’s and my friend Shawn had the audacity to bring a Buckeye to the game.  I sat them both in the Time-Out chairs.  


The Boilers only had a 6 point lead at the half but we came out strong in the 2nd and THE Retarded State couldn’t hold on.  Chalk up a victory for us!  I had to poke fun of course.


After the game it was time to race home to shower and change, AGAIN, for a birthday party out in Castleton.  Usually I’m selfish and sleep in the car on the way home from games to get some quick energy before my next event, but it was only me and Jessi and the car and I wanted to keep her company.  I got home, and shut my eyes for maybe 6 minutes and started the process all over again.   

My moving stats are 150 miles, 18 hours, 6 locations, 3 outfits, lots of cocktails.

St. Elmo’s Fire

Kyle’s birthday dinner took us all over the city but it started off at St. Elmo’s Steakhouse.  For those that know me, I don’t do seafood.  But I am trying to branch out and since we were at the place that’s famous for shrimp cocktail… I tried it.  Guess what? I didn’t like it.  You can officially check shrimp off my list of menu options.  At St. Elmo’s its basically all horseradish and a drop of ketchup for color. Here’s Kyle enjoying his.

Next we went to Nickey Blaines for cocktails, followed by Binkley’s for dessert. We were stuffed by the time the night was over. Good thing we had a chauffeur all night, so we were able to relax and just enjoy the evening.

Enjoy it while it lasts!

Today is Kyle’s last birthday in his 20’s…. a tear slowly rolls down his cheek… In honor of this monumental occassion, we are having 3 birthday parties.  One his friends planned, one his family planned, and one tonight for just us that I’ve planned.  I used to have week long birthday celebrations for myself, so I can’t complain about spreading this out over 3 days.  Hell I think last year I had a birthday month if not more!  (I miss you Steamboat!)  So, cheers to Kyle turning one year older and one year closer to the best age bracket in the world… 30+.  Happy Birthday Kyle!