The Gift That Finally Gave

For about 9 weeks, K and I have been trying to use the birthday gift she got me this year.  I think we had to reschedule our appointments at least 3 times due to our busy lives.  We tried to schedule it during my birthday, after my birthday, around her birthday, but finally it was settled today.  We got massages and facials in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! I managed to find a single green shirt in my closet to wear to work. But no green compared to the color of the canal.


We headed to Mango bay for our relaxation session. The massage was up first. I was pretty sore from my Tuesday workout, so I was ready for a good rub down. My lady probably could have dug in a bit harder, but it still felt wonderful. Guess I prefer the hardcore sports therapy type sessions now. The eucalyptus was kinda overwhelming but I just kept trying to relax, which can prove difficult for me at times. She was even telling me she could tell I wasn’t. So with the help of the melodic-typical spa tunes she was playing, it reminded me of Avatar so I started imagining myself as an Avatar running through the woods. It was playful, then just made me laugh, not relax. On the second try I was contemplating what would be peaceful to watch with this music playing. I came up with a panda eating bamboo. That actually worked.

After the massage we got facials for 30 minutes. I have never had one before, but I felt so refreshed afterward, I think it needs to become a standard appointment in my monthly routine. Maybe with wrinkle cream AND facials, I’ll trick mother nature on my age.

Return of the Pig

We celebrated K’s birthday last week with a few (16) friends.  We stopped by Northside Social to check out the swanky new digs.  This place was previously a biker bar that wasn’t the cleanest.  They basically gutted the place and started over and I have to say, it’s pretty nice.  There are a lot more tables for dinner than I had expected.  The menu looked a bit foo-foo, but I’m sure we’ll try it at least once before giving it our Zagat guide rating. We made our way to Binkley’s to meet up with the majority of our group and celebrate K’s birthday in style.

Another Day Another Year

I think I’ve eaten Cheerios 92% of mornings since I’ve been born and always have a box at my desk at work.  This did not go unnoticed by my co-workes so my birthday celebration this year started on Friday with a Cheerios-themed pitch in at work.  JC slaved for hours making me Cheerio (minus the Rice Krispie) treats and they were delicious!


Saturday I had my favorite ham and cheese for lunch, followed by one of the best steaks on the planet.  Devour Downtown is going on, so I figured if my friends are going to spend some coin on a nice dinner, we might as well go to the place our city is known for, St. Elmo’s.  We were escorted into the basement to find our table in one of their private rooms.  I’d like to say that’s just how I roll, but maybe they knew to sit our bunch away from the other patrons. 


After dinner, some of us met up with a new crew and completed our night with drinks in Broadripple.  Thanks to all my friends and family for the birthday treats, meals, cards, texts, drinks, and presents!  Everything is greatly appreciated and I feel very lucky to have such wonderful people to share my days with. 

I’m off to see if Purdue’s basketball team can put a cherry on this birthday weekend with a win against Penn State!

Bye 2009, Hello 2010

With a commitment to be in West Lafayette on New Years Day for a big game, a group of us decided we might as well just make a weekend out of it.  Me and my date booked a room at the Union, got ready, then headed to Harry’s for our first stop out on the big town.


Next we headed to the Neon Cactus where my good buddy Bruce Barker got us a table right next to himself and Dr. Kevin Morgan on bass.  Bruce plays piano at a sing-a-long bar that you are guaranteed to have a great time at. 




Bruce and Kevin put on a great show as always!  We sang until we lost our voices but headed home at a reasonable hour to rest up for our real reason for being in town.  I exchanged K for Carlos as my date and headed over to Harry’s for round 2.


We let a West Virginia alum tag along with us, also known as BA. He made his way to an open section to show his school spirt. Notice the one WV fan right of center.


He even went to the student section at one point, but after some heckling, headed back to his rightful seat.  Purdue showed up big time for this #4 v #6 match up and never took their foot off the gas. We looked awesome. And BA took the loss pretty well, but had to drown his sorrows back at Harry’s before returning home.

Lots of good times and memories for this New Year already!  Looking forward to everything 2010 has to offer me!

Christmas Vacation

Since my company was open on Christmas Eve, they offered us “Festive Day”.  I took that as “Sorry-you-have-to-work-today-we-will-try-to-act-like-we-care” Day.  I dubbed it Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.  Bill kinda got the idea.  We’ll try for more participants next year.


I headed to the parents house on Christmas Day for our usual celebration with my brother’s family. This was my first time seeing my newest niece Kayla.  I am still not a baby person, but I was taken by her cuteness, until she started crying then couldn’t get away fast enough.  She was very good most of the time just hanging out sucking on her knuckles or yours if you were close enough.  Here we are in our matching hats.


Everyone enjoyed lunch and some Christmas songs by Reagan and Sydney that they had learned from their Christian based schools.  After Sydney’s performance about Baby Jesus’s birthday my Mom announces that her little girl will now sing a song for the group.  I started singing “99 bottles of beer on the wall… 99 bottles of beer”.  I thought my Dad was going to choke he was laughing so hard.

We opened some presents and I got the one thing I’ve been dying to see.  I saved all my community event cotton t-shirts for the past 2 years and had my mom put them together as a quilt.  It’s awesome and will certainly be used!  I already have a whole other tub full of more shirts, so I’ll have to come up with something new for those.  We all laid around for a bit before it was time to head to my cousin’s house for a reunion with my Mom’s side of the family. 



The day after Christmas was low key and the Fuller ladies just played with the girls and their new toys. Next time I’ll see them, we’ll be swooshing down some slopes in Colorado.


Butter Me Cookies

What else to do on a Monday?  Hang out with Bruce, make some cookies, have some sodas, play some games.  Oh, and give him his Christmas present, but we’ll get to that later.  I headed over to learn that we needed to run to the store because he didn’t have enough butter for the chocolate chip cookies.  I cook.  I don’t bake so the ingredients were foreign to me.  We get back and start mixing.  Bruce had already added the first 3 ingredients including the butter, so I started reading the rest of the measurements to him.  The dough was quite air-y and light.  We tested a few trays and couldn’t get the cookies to be thick.  They just flattened out.  We tried large tall dollups.  Tried tiny baby ones.  Nothing worked.  And this was the second batch of dough he had tried.  I went back to the ingredients list.  We needed 1 cup of butter.  Bruce had misread the 1 stick = 1/2 cup and used 4 sticks of butter!  No wonder these things were delicious and slid right off the pan! 

We put the dough away and got on to the real event of the evening Galaga and Joust.  Bruce kicked my arse but I was able to wrangle a victory here or there.  But my real victory was giving Bruce the greatest Christmas present he could ever wish for.  I think his faces proves how awesome it was.

One note to catch up on.  Purdue played a game called basketball over the weekend.  Not exciting.  Not a #4 seed performance in my opinion, but a win none the less.  And some stellar headgear.  My group walked over from the Hyatt in the snowy weather.  Erica didn’t want to get her hair wet, and my hard hat didn’t need to get soaked, so we improvised with what the hotel had to offer.


I hope we trounce on SIU Edwardsville tonight. Sister Sue came all this way to see them, let’s not let her down!

Two Time Champs

We did it again!  Testespikes were victorious in the CCA Thursday Intermediate volleyball league tonight.  The tournament started last week.  We were still having trouble locking down our 2nd girl, so it ended up with 4 guys and me.  The rules say you must have 1 girl playing to 3 guys.  We asked the other team if they cared if we played as we were, of course, they were douches and said no.  I really don’t think I would make another team do that if presented with the same situation.  I’m there to win but also to let everyone play.  It’s still recreational and not the Olympics, but whatever.  So we played 4 on 6 and took them to 3 games and schooled them in the end.  Props to Tim who kept yelling “Yeah Team Four!!”  It was a very satisfying victory.

Tonight was the double header for the semis to finals.  Our original 2nd girl was able to play, so we were roster tested and ready to go.  Our first opponents were pretty good.  They were hitting middle while my team is used to blocking sides, but we made it work.  We lost the first game ONLY because we let 1 server get 2 good runs on us to catch back up.  We refocused for the last 2 and were on to the finals.  Our final opponents were our rule-book-reading team.  They really didn’t seem too excited about the match and we easily won in 2.  The victory felt so great, we even did a team pyramid!


And Tim needed to get his grade school sport photo taken.  Also available in a picture button.


We went out for a celebratory cocktail afterwards, where my team said it was a good thing we won or maybe I wouldn’t have talked to them until next session and for sure wouldn’t have agreed to go for a drink.  Guess those nights I was pissed with our losses and left with only a “bye” got noticed.  I’ll try to get a better losing attitude next session team, I promise… or we can just win them all.  That’d probably be easier!

On a side note… Happy 30th to my girl Amanda!  You don’t look a day over 29!


Soldier Stan

Things have been pretty serious at work.  We upgraded our record keeping system a week ago and everyone is burnt out and stressed.  I thought we needed a little pick me up and since we were celebrating my boss’s birthday today, she was the lucky recipent of some office fun.  Introducing Soldier Stan!


Stan stands a proud 8 feet tall and lights up.  He welcomed her to her cube with a birthday poem as she arrived to work.  It was attracting quite a bit of attention and the fan that is used to keep Stan inflated isn’t the quietest thing.  So after some visits from co-workers, Stan died.  RIP Stan.

photo 2

Happy Veteran’s Day

Doing my part to support our country and the men and women that protect it, I participated in the Indianapolis Veteran’s Day parade.  My company, OneAmerica, sponsors the Spirit of America flag.  This isn’t just any old flag.  It’s a big ole’ flag!  30 feet wide by 70 feet long to be exact.  It requires 45 people to manuever this thing through our downtown city streets.  And when I say “requires” I mean you wear the flag.  You are literally in the flag. They have cut out 45 tank top-like holes that you stand in and the flag rests on your shoulders.  I did this last year and had a blast waving at the crowd and hearing people think how cool the flag was.  So, I got to be a veteran at this years Veteran’s Day parade!