Got a text from Mom Friday… “What are you doing this weekend…” That usually means she is fishing for something to do. A quick phone call later, carving pumpkins would be on my Sunday agenda. I was not sure how serious she was about this. Then she shows up with 2 massive pumpkins, a carving set, and a book of cut outs! This was happening!


She wanted me to put the seeds in my mouth. Hell no. That’s gross. I had gloves to handle that stuff. She just dove in with her bare hand!


For the first pumpkin, we picked a bat scene. Taped our stencil to the surface and started jabbing knives in this melon. It was quite therapeutic! Our finished product:


The 2nd one we did was a “Til death” scene that doubled as a skull. Very intricate and this pumpkin had some girth to it. It was not easy. Especially when it came to the eye holes. We were joking on how much faster we could have been with a Dremel, which led me to get the drill. Here comes our eye holes!


After some fine tuning, we were done. Great day of 2 grown women playing with pumpkins, knives and power tools! The boys supervised, a.k.a. CS watched football & Herb took a nap.


There was a great debate on who got to keep which one. Mom decided, CS & I represented the couple in the skull, she went home with the bat. Ours with light!


Maybe this can be my side gig for 2016! Great memories with those I love!