The Other Side

I’ve been wanting to try out the volunteer side of racing and the perfect opportunity finally came up! My company’s sponsored 15K training run was this past weekend. Of course, just when it got freakin’ cold again. We arrived at 7 am to set up the station. I had 2 layers of pants, 2 layers of tops, a TNF long jacket, hat and gloves. I could have used more. Knowing how cold it was we weren’t expecting a lot of activity at our tables until the walkers showed up. Me in action…


I admittedly got a little emotional when runners would say thank you. I do that during my races because I do want to thank people for getting up early, warm or cold, and doing this little thing to support runners. It’s nice knowing strangers share the passion for the sport. Interesting part of our station was most volunteers weren’t runners. They just give back. Amazing.

On a side note, listening to non-runners give runners words of encouragement was quite interesting. Things I, as a runner, do not find encouraging:

1. “You are doing great!” –> How the F do you know that?! I’ve been running by myself this whole time, you don’t know me!

2. “You are almost there!” –> No, no I’m not. I’m almost there when I can see the finish line. See it, not sense it.

3. “Only X more miles to go!” –> X representing a ridiculous amount of miles OVER what you are really completing. Humor and facts don’t mix at this point in the race.

4. “Ice cold beer!” –> Who do you think I am? JT?