Corporate Challenge 2013


Corporate Challenge time! Like usual, no ladies signed up for the cycling event so I was left to represent that role on our team. This year, I changed it up by borrowing a friend, and fellow co-worker’s, road bike. He’s a serious cyclist. The thing barely weighed 4 pounds and had clip ins for pedals. I couldn’t find clips my size so I figured, oh well, my gym shoes will do. Then I didn’t want to adjust the seat to mess up his settings, so I stretched myself about 2 inches longer to reach it. I paid for that mistake the rest of the weekend, but was 3 minutes faster than last year to the finish!

After cycling, it was off to the volleyball courts for some sand play. Are those the same shirts as last year?!  


No. These shirts were a fiasco. Last year’s safety yellow color was a huge hit with the team and we really stood out at the event. This year, I stayed with the bright color and ordered safety orange. Placed the order, then I get a call, “We don’t have enough product in safety orange.” How about safety green? “Yes we have plenty of that.” 2 weeks later I open the box and pull and audible “You have GOT to be kidding me!” According to the company, safety yellow and safety green are one in the same. I highly disagree! But there was nothing I could do now. Samples will be delivered next year before any order is placed. Lesson learned.

Back to volleyball. Not sure why I am dancing with an overbite in this picture, must have just done something awesome.


We won our pool play bracket but lost in the tournament to Lilly. Urg… I was not happy. I know we can win this thing, prob need to change up players.

A week later came the track and field events. After some late week dropouts, I had to rearrange positions and lucky me… I got to do the 10K run. Can you feel my excitement in this picture?


I knew one of our male runners was 99% likely to win the whole event. I didn’t want my slow ass to negate his hard work, so I pushed myself on this one. I had done a 10K 2 weeks prior to gauge my speed. I ran it at an 8:28 pace. I wanted to push 8 flat this time. Which I’m proud to say I did!

Next up was the Tug of War. Broken record… no females signed up, so I recruited 2 of my fellow runners for our team. We weren’t big, but we are competitive! Getting ready… 




My quads hurt for 4 days afterward. It wasn’t until I saw this picture I knew why. I thought it was the run, but good lord I got low and planted my feet. We only survived one TOW match, then lost on our 2nd time up. Participated in the golf chipping challenge. Didn’t do well. There has to be a better female golfer at my company… just need to find her!

One event I haven’t done before was the Obstacle course. My leg of the course included dreaded burpees, a balance beam and some hurdles.




The final event of the day was another new event for me, the sprint medley relay. Seems odd I’d do a 10K and a 200M sprint in the same day, but when you’re the captain, you fill in where needed! I even went to Play It Again Sports to get some spikes. I hadn’t worn spikes in 17 years! Brought back memories of my ’93 1600M State appearance at this very same track. Grunting it out down the back stretch.


Wore the Garmin GPS everywhere I went, from the parking lot to the track and back. Covered almost 10 miles that morning!


  • Tom Coburn

    cool. I have a Garmin GPS also, but found it to be useless to me since the model I have is not accessible mobilly, so I use a GPS app for iphone instead which works as well for me. I tend to find GPS technology not accurate enough here in town, like ohio & capitol tells me I’m at new york and senate, so its about a block or two off for me