Glory Days

K wanted to relive her college days. So we went to this…


I was skeptical. These guys were at their prime when I was in *cough* college. Then, the doors didn’t open til 9 pm. I, apparently showed my age when I said, “Oh my god, what time do they even start?”


I was very curious. What kind of crowd? What covers would they do? Turns out, it was a fabulous evening! 99% of the crowd was 30+. 99% of the crowd was age appropriately dressed. Men in cardigans and oxford cloth button ups. Ladies in fitted pants with heels or boots. No one was wasted. No one spilled a drink on me. And they did covers of songs that are popular now like Fun, Mumford and Sons, Train, etc. For $5, I’ll go back every time they are here. 

So tonight, I really showed my age while watching the NFL playoffs and timing myself finishing puzzle #1 in 2h 30m 14s. 


I know how to rock a weekend!

  • pittbrownie

    My good friends would put me out of my misery if I ever posted a concert review like that.

  • Joe’s one of my clients. Cool dude.

  • nataleejean

    Don’t lie. You don’t have friends.

  • nataleejean

    Mike’s cuter. Get him as a client then I’ll be impressed.

  • hehe