Concrete Jungle

Back when I had a dog, my backyard was immaculate. I use the “backyard” term loosely. Its a 4×8 foot section of grass at the end of my patio. I’ve used about every means possible to keep this area maintained… Hand trimmer, hired grass cutter, personal weedeater. I didn’t have a reason to keep it up so it was slowly becoming a jungle of weeds. My Mom tried to get me to keep it up by giving me 3 rose bushes to plant. I killed a cactus once. Plants are not my thing, but to please my Mommy I planted them. She would ask “How are your roses doing?” I didn’t know, I never looked at them or went out there. “You aren’t pruning them?” No. I didn’t want them in the first place, told you that. So she would end up cutting them down each time she would visit.

Well, she doesn’t have to do that anymore. I finally found a guy who would concrete the patch in. He even said “That area sounds small. You just tired of messing with it?” YES! First call was to Mom… “Hey, you want some rose bushes? I don’t need them anymore.” She was not interested, but I found them a good home before the work began. Here’s what it looked like with the roses.


I also realized the separated trash area was useless. It only housed spider webs and old rocks, so I decided it had to come down too.


With my hacksaw, I cut down the 2 attaching planks and the post. Felt like a real man. Sans fence and roses…


A couple of weeks later (I thought he forgot about me), the concrete guys came and prepped the area for pouring.


The very next day I got my brand new patio!


By doing this, I would say I increased my patio space by 30%. My hammock always fit in the space, but now it won’t look so overwhelming and I have practically zero maintenance out there!