Master This

My master bath remodel all started back in January with 2-$20 pictures that I found while shopping with my Mom. I was drawn to the deep blue background and instantly had a vision of how I can change my master bath to a more cozy environment. I found it very drab with the tan walls, white floor, white shower, white cabinet… blah blah blah.

Here’s a look at the old stuff. The ceiling was the awful drop fluorescent lights under plastic panels. I had some idea of what I was going to demo seeing as I had the kitchen redone a while back, but I was ready to tackle this on my own.


The counter top was a built-in sink and always had a crack in it but I lived with it because it wasn’t worth the money until I could really do something that fit what I wanted.  It was also an offset sink, so you had to special order at $300-400.  You can barely see the rug, but it was about the only thing I actually liked in the bathroom. All my wall fixtures were silver and I had to test 2 blues to make sure I got the shade just right.



So, I started to work.  First came the ceiling.  Had to pry off the metal frame supporting the panels, take down the fluorescents and patch.  Since they were just wires through the ceiling again, my Dad showed me how to install junction boxes the last time he was in town and it was much easier than I had expected.  Lesson learned – Get plastic ones, not metal.  Much easier to drill through.  I needed to texture the ceiling since it was just drywall. This was a chore. Not fun putting goop overhead standing on a chair, but I managed. It doesn’t match the stomp above the tub, but they aren’t on the same level anyway, so I think it looks fine.  The pictures had bronze frames, so that became the secondary color in the room.  Here are my boobie lights.


Next was to texture and paint the walls and ceiling.  I did a wider texture than on the downstairs bathroom, but same technique.  I went on a rug spree one night finding 4 different ones to try.  This ended up the winner with a small brown one I put down when actually showering.


I reorganized the items on the shelves and bought some oil rubbed bronze spray paint to change out the towel bars and toliet paper holder. Much better deal at $6 than $60 for new fixtures.



Then came the counter top, faucet and sink. I fell in love with the faucet as soon as I saw it. It was the perfect blue/bronze combo I needed. I had picked out a rectangle white vessel sink to go with it. Next came the counter top shopping. I figured I’d go a step above the hardware store countertops and shoot for granite. I know it’s a bit more expensive, but might as well upgrade $100 from the custom one I was doomed to order anyway. After 6 trips to granite yards, I found the perfect stone at the perfect price. Once I saw how beautiful it was, I did not want to cover it with a big white sink. Luckily for me, and to my surprise, the faucet I ordered actually came with its own matching blue glass sink! La piece de resistance!


A photo attempt at the finished product.


I think the bill will come out to be close to $1k and 5 gallons of my sweat.  But it is worth it to enjoy walking into there each morning and start my day out with color and style.  Mama, your quaint Indy B&B awaits you next weekend!

P.s. – If anyone is looking for a brand new white vessel sink, I’ll make you a helluva deal.

  • Herb Fuller

    Where and the “HELL” do you brush your teeth and spit; don’t tell me that blue punch bowl. Just kidding!!!!!! That really looks nice and I believe that it is a joy to get up in the morning and get ready in those new surroundings.
    PS: Where’s the matching toilet seat cover?

  • Carole Fuller

    WOW… Natalee you have managed to create a space that looks like a spa! Something that you might find in luxury hotel suite. I am looking forward to my upcoming reservation. You did a great job!

  • Oh the toliet seat cover… Mom and I need SOMETHING to shop for next weekend!

  • Let’s hope I don’t find something I like better at the Decorator Showhouse or we are back to square one! Your master bath is next, sorry Dad!

  • P-funk

    Looks great. Lucky for you I have 2 bathrooms to remodel this year. Come on over and bring Carole. Ha ha!
    Oh I’ll need your art expertise soon too! I need some stuff on my walls!

  • If you promise to rub her feet like the pedicure ladies do at the nail salon, we’ll be right over after the mini!

  • Geralyn Starr

    The new sink is awesome…I love the color combo of blue and brown too!

  • Thanks! Helping my mom remodel hers now whether she likes it or not!

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